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PLEASE READ THIS FIRST BEFORE YOU READ THE NOVEL, PLEASE!! Warning: This story contains the main character getting Ntr, Netori, Cockold, rape, Swing, yaoi, Yuri, futanari, sharing, Incest, and even more. So, read it if you like Ntr stories. ANOTHER WARNING- This NOVEL contains the most morally denigrated story that even I couldn't read. PLEASE READ IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. ALSO DON'T TAKE THIS STORY SERIOUSLY, PLEASE!! Mc likes slut girls, boys, and femboy/traps. Girls and boys who like to fuck around a lot, girls and boys who fuck with other men behind his back, and girls and boys who cheat on him. Mc is really a morally degenerated person. He even fuck and likes to watch his children fuck each other. He doesn't even leave his mother, father, brother, and sisters. He shares his harem with others. He likes swinging sex a lot too. He even sometimes takes dick in his big ass. Tag: pedo, loli, lolicon, big breasts, big ass, big dicks, milf, incest, family sex, orgy, swinging, sharing, netori, Ntr, cuckold, yaoi, yuri, futanari, daughter, grandchildren, grandma, brother, friends, sex friends, cuckold friend, moral degenerate, etc. A lot of sex and mega harem building. Disclaimer: Don't take this story seriously. This story is made of fiction. This story is for fulfilling your hidden desires. Read this story at your own risk.

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12 Chs

My first day at Tomo's House

In "Line" app


[ Shio : Tomo, I am coming to your house right now.

Tomo : Really, Onii-chan! Yay! I will wait for you then.

Shio : Okay.

Tomo : By the way, Onii-chan...

Shio : Hmm?

Tomo : My penis became like yesterday when I was thinking about what we did in the park.

Shio : Really! Could you send me a photo of it now?

Tomo : Yes, here...

Shio : Tomo...

Tomo : Y-Yes?

Shio : Your penis has become dick now. Meaning your penis has matured. You should call it dick from now on.

Tomo : Dick? Is that a good thing?

Shio : Yes, now you can shoot white sperm like me.

Tomo : What! Really!

Shio : Yes.

Tomo : Yay! Hooray!

Shio : Wait for me. I am almost near your place.

Tomo : Okay, Onii-chan.]

After ending the message, I exit the Line app and walk towards my destination.


After 5 minutes a message comes on my phone on the Line.

I unlocked my phone to find, that Roku was the one who sent me a message.

[Ruka : Here is a video of mine masturbating just like you asked master~ ❤️💋



Shio : Good job, I will reward you later.]

Before leaving Ruka's place I told him to send me a masturbating video of him.

Anyway, I should walk faster or I will be late on my first day.


In front of Tomo's house...

I ring the doorbell.

"Who is this?"

A voice asks for my identity from the intercom and I know from the voice who this is. 

'Aunt Aisha, it's me, Shio.'

"Oh, Shio-kun, wait I am opening the door."

The door opens and Tomo's mom, Aisha-san stands there looking at me with a gentle smile. She is wearing a top tank and shorts. My eyes travel to her cleavage, which shows her big white melons. I think it is bigger than Mio's. It is so huge that It looks like it will spill out of her top tank and her thick thighs look so tempting.

Glup...Watching her lewd body I gulped my saliva unkownly.

"Thank you for coming. Please, come inside Shio-kun."

'Eh! Y-Yes. Ah! No, it's my pleasure.'

After coming to my senses I follow her inside to the living room.

"Please, sit here Shio-kun. I will go and make some tea for you."

'Yes, aunt. Thank you.'

Smiling gently at me she left to the kitchen leaving me alone in the living room. I sit down on the sofa and look around.

Well, the inside of the house looks normal. They don't look that poor or rich either.

While I was looking around like that Tomo comes the living room from the stairs. When he saw me he came running towards me and hugged me. 

"Onii-chan! hehehe~"

Right then Tomo's mom comes with the tea and some cockies on a plate. 

"Ara~ara~ Tomo has become very close to you, Shio-kun. Looks like he likes you very much."

'Haha...Looks like it."

I pad Tomo on the head and he hugs me more tightly.


While drinking the tea I was talking with Aisha-san about how many days a week can I teach Tomo, etc topics like that.

After finishing our talks I went upstairs with Tomo to his room. 

Inside Tomo's room, there is a bed on the right side and a study table with his books beside it with a chair. 

Entering his room, I sat down beside the study table on the bed and Tomo sat on the chair in front of the table facing me. 

"Onii-chan, are we going to do it right away?"

Between Tomo's legs on his crotch, a tent can be seen, his face is red and he is rubbing his legs together while looking at me. He is breathing heavily. 

'Clam down, Tomo. We have to finish studying first then we will do whatever you want.'

"What!? But I wanted to do it right away."

'I know, I know, I also want to do it right away. But you see we have to study too. Hmm, how about this? We will study for a bit then we will do it, Okay?'


'Come on don't look so down. If you study diligently we can do it quickly you know.'



"Then let's study, Onii-chan. I am fired up now."

'Hahaha, Okay."

By the way, Tomo is in the 6th grade elementary school. I also learned from his mother that he is the class president of his class. 


'Tomo, You read from this page to this page. I am going to the toilet, Okay?'

"Okay, Onii-chan."

Leaving Tomo's room I head downstairs to find no one there. 

Hm, where is Aisha-san? I wanted to ask where is the toilet. Oh, no, it will leek! I have to find the toilet fast. Where is it? Where is it? Ah, found it.

I quickly opened the door without knocking and it was my biggest mistake. After opening the door I went inside the toilet without looking inside. In a hurry, I unzipped my pants because of the pressure and took out my dick.

I grab my dick and look in front to aim at the toilet bowl but the thing I saw made me shocked. 

In the toilet is Aisha-san sitting on the closed toilet bowl lit and her lower body/her pussy and thighs are exposed. Her left hand's fingers are inside her pussy and her other hand is on her breast. Looks like she was pinching her nipple and fingering her pussy, she was masturbating inside the toilet.

Seeing me she comes to her senses and her face becomes deep red in shame. 

"That, t-that, I...I..."

Seeing her like that something invoked in me. My dick which was normal a minute ago became hard.

"W-What's wrong S-Shio-kun? Why are y-you suddenly coming towards me like t-that?"

To be continued...