45 3.3 Second Small Star – Outsiders


First Floor.

10 minutes before the rest come out of the private room where the others are. After Lin Xia prepared all things he needed by the bar's counter, Meng Anya sat in front of the camera wearing a bewildered emotion within those crimson orbs of his.

Ever since he went to that private room, Meng Anya had this familiar feeling of someone's piercing gaze. This gaze gives him a feeling of extreme obsession. It didn't just make Meng Anya feel nostalgic but made him unconsciously yearn for it. At first he chose to ignore it but in fact he only took a silent stand only for a moment to think through it. As if he thought of something, Meng Anya suddenly asked his system for help.

Meng Anya said to his system, 'Exe can you show me the scene inside that hidden room?'

[I can. A moment host, let me pull up the surveillance for it. Here it is, Host.]

Meng Anya with the help of his system was able to see the scene inside the hidden compartment. He can see two men resting inside but his eyes only wonder on one person.

The man's obsidian hair was combed messy with his chiseled handsome face. His silver irises narrowed into a squint and his thin lips pulled horizontally without expression. He looked charmingly evil but extremely handsome with a hint of dangerous sense.

Feeling that aura of death and blood, he always felt towards his husband's former bodies, Meng Anya knew this man was his. Of course he didn't need any proof, as long as he said this man is that person then no one could refute him. As he never saw wrong when seeing through at someone's identity. Which is why he decided to tease his man.

After completing his revenge for the original, Meng Anya prepares to leave the place with his aide, Lin Xia, following him from behind. Even though he found his man, Meng Anya currently has no interaction with him nor did the original do. He could only take his leave ignoring his yearning for his love in his heart.

The shadow guards that were tasked to protect him while hiding from the eyes of others had dispersed without his orders. Behind them is a chaos that is full of raging desire and lust, the mixing scent of alcohol, drug and sex, as well as humans who fell in state of feral beasts whose current mindset is only to mate. This chaotic scene was streamed live online especially mentioned the parents and acquaintances of the youngsters opposite their screens.

Ignoring the scene of hell he created himself behind him, Meng Anya took one look back at the position where the hidden room is. Staring straight at that supposed to be a wall when it was a one sided mirror which allowed those on the opposite side to see the event outside the compartment. Leaving a fleeting mischievous smile at someone inside the room as if he was sure that someone from there was looking at him. Only then, he left the bar and entered the car called over by Lin Xia to bring them home. Within the hidden room, two figures saw Meng Anya looking their way and felt surprise in their hearts.

The room was especially made with a special mirror which allows one to see what's outside but not what's inside. It's a one way mirror. People inside the hidden room can see what's beyond the window on their side. But it's supposed to be impossible for someone outside the room to see through the secret room.

Which is why when Meng Anya's gaze met theirs at that split moment, they knew that the little devil knew about the existence of the hidden compartment and that someone was looking at him. That playful smile at the end gave them chills climbing up on their backs. Those crimson orbs gave them a feeling of being exposed and it made them uncomfortable.

Gulp~ The man who has chocolate hair couldn't helped, but swallow his saliva when he saw Meng Anya peering at their room and giving them a playful smirk. He had bewildering thoughts at how that little devil knew about their secret room. He then twists his neck to look at the other man's figure wanting to see his expression.

"B-Boss...? D-Did he knew...?" asked the brown haired man to the other man inside the room. This man with hazelnut dyed hair is none other than Ye Baiyu. The Second Male Lead of the world. He is also the right hand man of the Underworld's Lord.

Ye Baiyu asked, but heard no answer. Moving his head to look at his big boss. Behind him, a dangerous man with obsidian hair and a pair of silver eyes which glints with cruelty and madness. This man doesn't just feel dangerous, he is also perilous in true sense. His strong physique gave him the figure of strength while his grim expression made others feel he had killed before. There is an air of aloofness and indifference within those sharp looking eyes. As if nothing alive is worthy to enter his line of sight.

He is the Lord of Underworld, Mo Yijun. Someone who rules the dark side of the society.

But this man's sharp and treacherous gaze slightly softens as his silvery irises landed on Meng Anya's figure the moment he entered his line of sight. Only when Meng Anya left the premise of the store did his gaze resume to its original emotionless eyes. As if those who have seen his gaze mellowed is nothing but a hallucination others thought they've suffered too.

In his silence no one but him knew what he really felt. In his heart, Mo Yijun wanted to capture that seductive incubus at that moment, but he felt that he couldn't be so forceful as the little devil would escape his grasp.

So for now he could only let his little prey to leave, as he still needs to prepare the bait that will allow him to capture that playful and smart little imp.

Wanting to prepare things in accordance with his plans, Mo Yijun wanted to take his leave. "Baiyu, clean those things up! And get me everything about that man." he ordered before taking his leave.

Saluted unconsciously by instinct. "Yes, Boss!!" replied Ye Baiyu while noticing his big boss uplifted crotch before he left. He was shocked out of his mind but unable to show his real reaction on his face. While in his mind: Damn! Did the boss fall for that little incubus!? What a fucking dangerous pairing!?

Meanwhile, inside the black sedan which came to drive them home, Young Master Meng had his eyes looking out the window's car. His lips were upturned into a smile filled with ecstasy while rubbing his chest unconsciously. This habit whenever his heartbeat had gone beyond normal. This is usually only an event that happens whenever his eyes and his man's eyes meet at the first moment. As if sparks were exchanged between them, a certain feeling of satisfaction and yearning ascended within their hearts.

Few moments ago, when he asked his system's help to see the owner of that heated gaze falling on him. He noticed a perfectly sculpted charmingly evil man. His aura felt dangerous and the eyes directed at him were filled with desire and possessiveness. That man wanted to possess him. Put him in a cage and hide him from everyone's eyes except his. This extreme obsession.

That man gave him a very familiar feeling. It was something he knows the best and it was something he wanted more than anything. That man must be his beloved. He couldn't stop his heart from beating so fast as he felt his presence. Meng Anya was extremely happy to see him this fast.

'Exe, who was that man in that hidden room?' Asked Meng Anya to his system.

[He is this world's Villain. The Lord of Underworld and owner of that bar, Mo Yijun. Host, that man has your husband's soul. He must have followed you here as well but… Exe couldn't explain how he is able to do that? Moreover, that man beside him has a familiar soul too. The same as this side of yours as well. Their souls are something Exe saw before.]

'Hm~ what do you mean?'

[This side of yours, named Lin Xia, has the same soul as your former subordinate Hei Yu and that man who serves the body of your husband has the same soul of your former friend, Yue Wuya from the last world. But they are not considered as outsiders of this world. Like Host, the world's heavenly laws accept them as the original, but also unlike the host who is able to OOC, their movements were all according to the original script of the world. That is before the host took over the original's vessel and met them. As for how they can be here. Exe has some conjectures, but I need to ask first if I can tell Host. If the Host wishes to know then I must leave for a while to ask my superior. But hosts have nothing to worry even if Exe is not here. Host can still access the system mall.]

The corner of Meng Anya's lips slightly upturned when he heard his system's explanation which instantly disappeared in a second. Anya didn't say a word of contradiction the whole time.

'Thought I have my own guesses, but I want the whole story. Go ahead and ask your superior. How long will you be away, Exe?'

[Exe doesn't know but I will try my best to return as soon as possible, Host.]

'Go ahead.'

After his system left to check things regarding those other outsider souls like his, Anya blinked his eyes revealing a pair of lazy scarlet irises. Slightly yawning as if he was very tired. His rosy cheeks returned to normal as he sobers from the intoxication caused by wine. Even when he felt an observing gaze from the smiling man in front of him, Meng Anya just ignored this gaze as it was something the owner didn't even dare to hide.

Slowly closing his eyes once again, "What is the name of the owner of that bar?" Meng Anya asked the man before him.

With a business smile on his face, "He said that his name is Ye Baiyu, my lord." Replied Lin Xia to his young master's question.

Upon hearing his aide's answer, "Is it a man with hazelnut hair and a silly expression?" asked Anya casually,

With a slight surprise on face Lin Xia answered, "You knew the gentleman, my lord?"

A smirk appeared by the corner of his lips, "Hm~ you must have not met the real one then. The one you've met must be quite a silly man as well." Said Meng Anya.

When heard what his young master just said, the amiable smile on his face disappeared, "That man isn't the owner?" asked Lin Xia.

"He is not. If I'm not wrong that bar should under the name of the Underworld's Lord. I don't remember his name being called Ye Baiyu. Did his silly antics blur your sight? Heh~" replied Meng Anya while the expression on the man before him turned dark as he couldn't believe that someone was able to lie in his presence.

Lin Xia's face turned cold at the thought that a silly man like that is able to make him feel that he is worthy of someone being considered as boss. Someone whose authority is above. Thinking of this made Lin Xia unhappy.

"Don't worry you'll meet him soon enough. As his master will most likely look for me in these following days~" said Meng Anya.

As if understanding that hiding his real personality in front of the young man is useless, Lin Xia removed all façade as his aide from before. Instead decided to treat this languid looking beautiful man as someone who had hidden his true face to others while treating others as fools in his mind.

"My Lord, how much can this Xia tell your father about what happened today?" asked Lin Xia.

Meng Anya, "Hm? You may tell him everything. My dad might get angry, but if you tell him that you were only following my orders then he will understand. Don't worry I'm the one who will get scolded. He is quite overprotective because I'm his only remaining family he has." No matter how blind this original Meng Anya is, according to his memories, that old man is still quite a character.

"What about the second young master?" asked Lin Xia.

At this moment Meng Anya moved his gaze from the car window and looked at Lin Xia with a devilish smile on his face.

"You shouldn't care much about the little one. He can play as much as he wants since his days are numbered. Xia, wake me up when he gets back home." Meng Xia said before taking his nap.

"As you wish my lord~" Lin Xia replied with a small smile, but this smile is different from before. It was one that came from his true self unlike his usual fake business smile.


Meng Mansion.

Meanwhile one of the shadow guard leaders received a report from one of his comrades ahead of time to inform his master, the Head of Meng Clan, Meng Huang, about what happened. Upon hearing the details of his subordinate's report, especially about his beloved son almost getting gangbang under the orders of that illegitimate son of unknown origins.

This overprotective old man almost blew up in anger. The only reason that Meng Huang accepted Meng Lan to his Clan is because of his DNA being similar to his but his bloodline did not directly come from him though without doubt that Meng Lan is a Meng. This is the only reason why he allowed Meng Lan to live in his mansion. Allowing others to think of him as his illegitimate son while under the eyes of the laws, Meng Lan is nothing more than an adopted son for his blood being a Meng.

Meng Huang showed his anger when he was informed of the news. To him what is the most important has never been his company, not even himself, but only his little son, Meng Anya. Anyone who dares to harm his darling son doesn't need to exist.

"Are you saying that your young master only made those trashes fuck themselves and didn't took their lives for trying to harm him!?" Meng Huang said.

"Yes, Master. The young master didn't even ask any question as if he already knew who is behind all that."

In his anger Meng Huang spoke, "That damn bastard thing (Meng Lan) you dared to harm my baby boy! Watch this old man teach you a lesson!!"

"The Young Master had also said that Master must leave Meng Lan to him and Master should focus on watching his back."

Upon knowing the meaning behind that message from his son, Meng Huang couldn't help, but frown, "Did my boy know everything happening in the company even when he is not entering it? I've guessed Lin Xia must have told him everything. That can only mean that Lin Xia decided to follow my boy now. This is not bad. For that money grubber to choose my boy instead of this old man means that my boy is never an ordinary person even when hiding. Well An'er's hidden identity is already beyond others, it is almost impossible for others to ignore him much less now that he is letting others see through his real personality. Haha~" said Meng Huang with a joyous voice.

Without thinking as much of his master's weirdness, this subordinate passed his phone to his master with a video that his comrade took just a few hours ago. "Um, about that Master should watch this video and you'll understand right away."

Receiving the phone, "Hm? What is this?" asked this silly doting dad named Meng Huang.

Meng Huang, who watched the video for at least three times before his mind registered what he just watched now had a dark expression on his face.

"Are you telling me this seductive little incubus is my little boy?" Meng Huang asked with a gloomy expression on his face as his sharp eyes landed on his subordinate.

Upon seeing his master's dark face, the shadow guard leader could only nod his face as if he was pecking on something. Seeing his people nodded like they had seen a ghost. Meng Huang can only wrinkle his brows in worry.

"I've never expected that my dear wife would give birth to such... such heavenly beautiful enchanting boy! This is not good! There will be more stalkers and bad guys who would want to steal my baby boy from me! This can't happen!! Go… Go contact those people from the underworld. Tell them I need their strongest man to protect my darling boy!" Meng Huang said.

"Master how about the Emperor?" asking about the Business Emperor, Cao Junzi's deal.

"Who the hell cares about the scoundrel!? It's not like he could take over the company with one move even with that bastard son helping him. Did he think the elders in that company blind? They were just too lazy to make the first move. Moreover My darling son takes the top priority! Go get me the strongest man to be my child's 24/7 bodyguard." Replied Meng Huang.

"Y-Yes! Right away!" the shadow guard replied before following his new task.

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