6 1.5 First Small Star – Lin Xia and Xue Jing

Audition Room for Horror Tales

Role: Xue Jing

Lin Xia (Exorcist) played by Wang Tian


Wang Tian stood from his chair and walked towards the center. His expression changes as much as the atmosphere that surrounds him. Lin Xia, the exorcist in the movie, is an ascetic man whose face is forever cold. The only thing that could gauge his emotion is through his eyes and the only person who could move his emotion is only his wife, Xue Jing.

Wang Tian stood straight at the center immovable like a rod, but they could see his elegance just by his standing posture. His face is emotionless, and the atmosphere around him is aloof, heavy, and uncomfortable. When his unsympathetic eyes move around the room looking at the five people remaining that will audition as Xue Jing, Wang Tian's emotionless eyes looked down on all five of them. He is like a god overlooking at weak mortals.

At that moment, they could feel the overbearing pressure that fell on them making those inside the room unable to breathe properly. This is especially true for those artists who are auditioning as Xue Jing. To pass as Xue Jing they first must be able to move the Lin Xia before them.

The four among them stood straight as they tried to look straight at Wang Tian, but they couldn't hide their legs from trembling. Xia Yang is especially worse. He lost the strength on his legs and fell seated on the floor.

Seeing their reactions, Wang Tian already failed the four artists who stood up to bear his pressure. They have forgotten Xue Jing's core personality and they weren't able to portray it properly.

Xue Jing is a fierce ghost who ruled all the ghostly creatures as their king. There is no way a mortal's presence will be able to move him at all. Moreover, he is a playful one, Xue Jing would just choose to ignore other beings than himself much less a human who is the weakest existence in his eyes. 

Wang Tian was about to get out of his character until he heard a tiny sound of a wood lightly hitting something. He looked around to see Xia Ying holding his phone lazily as if he has forgotten to grip it on his hand tightly. Allowing it to fall on the armrest of his chair with a sound, Xia Ying never stood up to face his overbearing aura. He just stayed seated on his chair and relaxed as if there wasn't anything going on around him at all. Totally uninterested, languid and bored, that's how Xia Ying looks at this moment. 


As if he couldn't feel the pressure Lin Xia is giving as an exorcist. Xia Ying's eyes portraits only two emotions on his eyes: Tiredness and loneliness. These are Xue Jing's remaining emotions after spending his life as a ghost king. Other than those two emotions there is nothing but emptiness in his gaze.

Nothing at all.

Like a lifeless doll that was living for one sole purpose. It just so happened that even that sole purpose was hidden deep within those lonesome eyes. Xia Ying looked at Wang Tian languidly, but the latter could feel that his gaze passed his whole being like he didn't exist at all.

When he met his silver eyes, a playful smile appeared on his face making his already slight feminine appearance much more alluring than it's supposed to be.

Xia Ying's tone changed as well. There's a hint of coldness at the same time mischievousness.

"Are you here for those toys (Humans)?~ Exorcist?"

The mirthful smile of his face remained though the depth of his eyes remained even much colder than Wang Tian's indifferent eyes.

Wang Tian continued his act as Lin Xia.

"A ghost king? How many humans have you killed?" his voice turned sharp and colder at each word.

He stared at Wang Tian for a moment before squinting his eyes as if by doing do he would be able to see the Exorcist's face in front of him. Then he says, "Hm~ But this king… don't remember. Maybe~ a lot~~" replied Xia Ying but his smile turned even more playful and sweeter as if taunting the exorcist before him.

Wang Tian stared at him for a long minute then his eyes suddenly widened as if seeing something that shocked him but at the same time familiar. He walked towards Xia Ying with urgent steps even though his poise remained elegant and dignified as if he was walking on air.

Wang Tian suddenly grabbed Xia Ying's wrist pulling him up closer to see his face. He stared at Xia Ying's face observing his appearance even more closely as if analyzing his features. 

All of a sudden they've noticed Wang Tian's lips slightly tremble as he opens and closes it but is unable to utter a word. As if he saw a proof of his guess being approved, Wang Tian pulled Xia Ying towards him, putting him within his embrace, hugging him as if he saw the last hope in his life.

Everyone thought Xia Ying's character as Xue Jing would be broken by the sudden intimate gesture Wang Tian made but they were wrong.

Xia Ying was able to remain in character. Though he was being hugged tightly within Wang Tian's arms. They could still see his devil may care attitude. He even put both his elbows on Wang Tian's shoulder and leans his weight totally on the latter. Not even putting the one carrying him in his eyes.

He played his role as Xue Jing as a playful little ghost king. He lazily wrapped his arms around Wang Tian's neck and there's almost no distance between their faces. They looked at each other's eyes but the mischievous smile on Xia Ying's face widened into a grin. 

Xia Ying then asked, "Ne~ who are you seeing in this king? Human Exorcist~" Everyone could see a huge grin on his exquisite face, he looks so happy but no one is blind enough to ignore the depth of his eyes which remained cold and unmoved. The only difference from before is that this time there's a hint of madness and insanity within those argent irises. 

It was by then that Director Du slammed his hand on the table and excitedly said, "OK, CUT!"

"Xia Ying! You are amazing! This old man is amazed!" exclaimed Director Du.

Everyone looked at him once he said that. The two who got in character immediately returned to their usual expression of coldness and indifference as if something came out of them. But despite that Wang Tian isn't willing to remove his arms around Xia Ying's slender waist.

A frown appeared on Xia Ying's face and Wang Tian could see his irritation within those dull silver eyes expressing 'Let go!'. He chose to ignore it and gave Xia Ying a taunting smile, his expressions were clear enough saying that 'I don't want to!'.

Before Xia Ying could no longer hold back his anger, enough to break his cold façade, Wang Tian felt a sharp pain on his side which made him let go of Xia Ying. It was Fei Lan's doing. She pinched his side ruthlessly without mercy. 

Fei Lan exclaimed, "Let go of our baobei! Cousin-in-law…"


"Hiss! Tian, control your woman!" said Wang Tian who unwelcomely let go of Xia Ying.

Asked worriedly by Hu Tian, "Are you alright, didi?" Xia Ying only nodded his head once and glared at Wang Tian before averting his eyes.

Hu Tian hid Xia Ying from his elder cousin. "Please think of your age, cousin. Do you want to get sued for harassment?" said the King of Silver screen to the Huangdi of the Empire.

[A/n: Xia Ying's age is only 20. He cannot be even called an adult yet. In this world, boys can only be considered adults at the age of 21.]

"It was within the character of Lin Xia to lose it when he realized that the one in front of him is indeed Xue Jing." Retorted Wang Tian as he raises his brow at Hu Tian,

"I was only portraying Lin Xia's character. What is amazing is that he was able to portray Xue Jing even more perfectly than what Old Du expected."

Director Du excitedly hovers around Xia Ying like a bee but prevents himself from touching him. Afraid of angering such rare talent. According to the character of Hu Tian and Fei Lan, there is no way they would treat someone amiably unless they've truly liked someone. Xia Ying just happened to be someone these two respected ones adores.

Director Du looked at Xia Ying as if seeing a diamond.

"Xia Ying. No, I will call you A'Ying. A'Ying you are so talented. Watching that scene made me see a real and alive Lin Xia and Xue Jing. The position of Xue Jing is yours. It can only be yours! Congratulations!" This old director said as he shook Xia Ying's hand with both of his.

"Old Du, let go of our baobei! Really you guys~" said Fei Lan pulled Xia Ying by his arm to stand beside Hu Tian while she stoid in front. Protecting the two like a hen securing her eggs.

"A'Lan, don't be like this. Let this old man speak with Xue Jing more." Said, Director Du.

"No! We're going to eat out for lunch!" said Fei Lan as he pulled Xia Ying and Hu Tian out of the room ignoring everyone else.

Hu Tian gave out a helpless smile while Xia Ying waved his hand childishly towards those who were left behind like a playful child pulled away by his mother to eat after playing around too much and forgot to go home and missed his meal.

Wang Tian's eyes lingered longer at Xia Ying's leaving figure until the latter completely left his line of sight and before returning to his usual cold self. "I'm going back as well." Said Wang Tian to the old director and walked away without even waiting for the old man to reply.

Wang Tian on his way brought his phone out and contacted his secretary. As for what his orders are, no one really knows the contents. 

Director Du was used to Wang Tian's indifference to others. So he didn't say anything of farewell to the busy young man. Instead, he looked at the rest of the artists who failed the audition.

"As you have seen. A'Ying was perfect for the role of Xue Jing. You guys did your finest, but this opportunity just happened to be not for you. Don't be sad because of this setback. Continue doing your best. You may go now." Said Director Du the other artists.

Hearing that the other artists left the place, only Xia Yang's expression showed ugliness beyond his normal appearance. He was thinking that his elder twin brother had stolen Xue Jing's role from him and he hated him for that. He left the room in angry strides while the other people looked at him like he had problems in the head.

Director Du even frowned seeing Xia Yang's reaction. "This child is really unprofessional! How could he have been made as an actor of this company?"

Seeing that his little prince had been taken by the royal couple, Wen Lin, as Xia Ying's agent stayed to do his job as the prince's agent. He remained to talk to Director Du about his prince's contract for this movie.

Wen Lin spoke. "Excuse me, Director Du? I would like to talk about Xia Ying's contract for the role of Xue Jing."

Once the director spotted Wen Lin who is Xia Ying's agent, he happily grabbed the man and pulled him into his office to talk about Xia Ying's contract for the movie. Because he is perfect for the role and Xue Jing is one of the most attractive characters in the movie, Director Du increases the talent fee he will give to Xia Ying. He talked about Xia Ying's schedule with his agent and only happily let go of the man when he got Xia Ying's work number.

Hu Tian and Fei Lan happily freed Xia Ying after he gave them his personal number. Of course, he knew these two doting couple would try to clear up his name. In the end, he needed to confess that he wanted to solve the scandal and that he would clear it himself in the future.

Only when a promise to ask for their help was made that the couple let him go. Wei Lin happily fetched him and brought him back to the company for his advertisement job. The location of his next work is in his company. The Empire. Wen Lin was happily humming the whole time on their way to the building. He didn't give Xia Ying endless praise, just a single congratulation is enough.

The original Xia Ying is a shy person, Wen Lin as a professional agent knew that he couldn't continuously praise their little prince for fear of giving him anxiety.

Wen Lin escorted him to the stage where the advertisement would take place. On their way,

Wen Lin spoke, "Prince, the director for the advertisement said that there are some changes in the script. You were asked to pose for a few photos with another artist. They've said that it will become a short advertisement video instead. They've also changed the content of your contract. The result is much bigger than the former offer. So I agree to it."

"Who is the other person?" asked Xia Ying.

"They didn't say who but the last minute change was already done. I was told that your partner for the shoot is already at the venue." Replied Wen Lin.

On the other hand, Xia Ying's eyes squinted as if he knew the identity of that someone who forced the advertisement team of his second job to suddenly make changes at the last minute. There is only mirth and coldness within those silver orbs.

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