3 1.2 First Small Star – Xia Ying

"Truly~ a slag man."

Xia Ying's only comment upon seeing how idiotic this star's Protagonist Gong could be. Easily getting move by one single acting.

[Host, those reporters who caught you at the hotel this morning were threatened to keep quiet about what happened. I've also recorded that scene. Does the host wish for me to spread it?]

"For now, forget about it. Keep it until then," said Xia Ying.

Since there's no one else in the house except for Xia Ying and his system, they converse normally and not through the mind this time.

[Yes. Host.]

With regards to the scandal where he and the film emperor were caught in a hotel, the news about it seems to have been withheld. It was the work of Empire Entertainment where the Film Emperor's contract is under.

Between the sun-moon twins, only Xia Ying is under the Empire Entertainment while Xia Yang is from a second-rate entertainment company called Silver Entertainment. The mediocre Xia Yang wasn't able to fulfill the requirements to be able to enter the Empire. His talents were average after all, except for his face.

Watching the slag gong's current depressed state, entertained Xia Ying but not much. He was munching on some snacks while watching the live stream of both protagonists.

On the other screen, he could see Xia Yang acting like a queen during work. Scolding the make-up artist and staff randomly without any legitimate reasons.

Meanwhile, he and the film emperor were demanded to rest for two days until everything was cleared up.

Currently, Xia Ying is watching a movie in his living room when his phone rings. It was from his agent saying that he received a few jobs for him.

Ring. ring.

Xia Ying answered the phone, "Yes, Xia Ying speaking."

{Prince. I've accepted two jobs for you. One is an advertisement for a male perfume, and one is an audition for a second lead minor villain, Xue Jing of Horror Tales. It's a horror movie.}

"I understand. Which goes first?"

{The first one is the audition. I will send you the script and movie background. The location is at Silver Entertainment. Please come over tomorrow at 9 a.m. Do you wish for me to send you an assistant to drive you over, Prince?}

"No need. I will drive alone. Please send me the script and thank you, sir."

Xie Ying's politeness over the phone made his agent speechless. He, as his agent, knew about the scandal between him, the film emperor, and his sun twin, Xia Yang. The truth his agent pitied this timid little prince of his. He knew that this cold-looking young man is nothing but a shy little one.

Wen Lin, his agent could only keep a silent stand when someone is scolding him for being cold when in truth the child only doesn't know how to express what he wanted to say.

He also knows that this young man is in love with the film emperor, but everyone in their circle knew that the one the film emperor fancied is none other than his twin brother, Xia Yang.

The agent also knew what happened in the hotel that day. He was one among the staff that was ordered to talk to those reporters not to spread the news.

{…Prince… I know it is not my position to say this but… you should forget about the film emperor he... he likes Xia Yang. You know that right? With your talent, you can have anyone who likes you instead of that slag man. Just forget about him, okay?}

"…Un. I will listen to you Wen-ge."

Xia Ying acted as if he was heartbroken through the tone of his voice when in reality his face is as cold as ice.

{Sigh. Don't drive tomorrow. Wen-ge will accompany you for the whole day instead. Okay?}

"Really? I'll wait for you then, Wen-ge. I will send my new place address to your number. I've left… his place."

{Good! Wen-ge will treat you to some milk tea tomorrow. Rest now our dear prince.}

"Un. I will register Wen-ge to the security database, just scan your handprint over the entrance."

{Hey. What do you mean--}


Once the call ended. Xia Ying checked the details of his job for tomorrow. He first checked his advertisement job. The perfume is a new type of scent. It's a quite feminine scent type of perfume. A perfume made from cosmos flowers.

It was said the cosmos flower had a mild scent of floral but enticing aftermath. It is rare for a male perfume to be made this way. Which is why they wanted someone with handsome and cool beauty to endorse this type of perfume.

They had chosen Xia Ying because of his cool and silent temperament that was known in the entertainment circle. Seeing this, Xia Ying had no problem as he likes the scent of floral but not those extremely sweet kinds.

His other job is an audition for a horror movie, Horror Tale.

The movie is about a connected horror story. This is a school based horror movie. The female lead, Xue Luli, and male lead, Fu Lian were schoolmates.

One evening, their class decided to do some ghost-related activities. They went to their school abandoned building to do some ghost hunting for fun. The one who took the lead is none other than Fu Lian.

Xue Luli was not willing to go with them in the beginning as her little brother, younger than her, was interested in things like this. Her younger brother is still too young and the event had unknown danger in it.

She really doesn't want to bring her brother with her, but the little brother forced his sister to go ahead and join the fun. Asking her to bring him with her. The name of the younger brother is Xue Jing.

During the ghost hunting event students suddenly started disappearing one by one scaring the others.

Those who were able to safely go home were extremely afraid but those who were gone were not found. Then creepy situations like someone seeing ghosts or self-mutilation started happening in school.

Endless unexplainable horror even took place one by one scaring those who went to that haunted building though they were the ones at fault. In the end with the male lead successfully convincing the other students who were still alive at that time, to return to the said building to look for answers.

They've played Pen Fairy and ask what is happening.

The protagonists then learn the history of the haunted building. The abandoned building used to be an old school building formed above a former graveyard. This building was abandoned for endless unexplainable incidents that happened in this place.

Suicides, murder, missing children, and more. Most of these cases were recorded in the land's police office as cold cases. In the end, the building was baptized and sealed by an exorcist. It just so happened that the seal broke when this group of bear children went inside to go do some ghost hunting event.

In the end, the movie showed how the female and male lead worked together to solve the problem. Of course in exchange for countless lives. Before the rest of those still alive escape from that endless horror and when they've thought everything ended.

What they didn't know is that among them one is a ghost king that played as a human for entertainment. It was Xue Jing.

Xue Jing hypnotized the female lead thinking that she has a younger brother when she is an only child. Everything was in control of this ghost king whose wish is to watch their foolishness in the midst of danger.

In the end, the ghost king, Xue Jing, said he would let them go if one of the leads remained to entertain him. He asked Xue Luli and Fu Lian which among the two is willing to stay with him in exchange for the other's lives.

The pair of lovers aren't willing to leave each other and begged the ghost king but before he could get an answer the exorcist arrived and saved the children from the ghost king.

Once the exorcist arrives on the scene, they've learned that what the children summoned is not the ghost king before them but another powerful demon.

This demon was the one who took children and killed them for their blood and flesh to nourish his soul. All this time the Ghost King called Xue Jing was the one aiding them and helping them keep their lives.

This ghost king was just a kind soul tortured by the devil and was imprisoned within the school. Because he is extremely beautiful the devil keeps him alive as a bait for that food (humans).

On the other hand, Xue Jing keeps his soul from fading for only one reason. He was waiting for someone to come pick him up. It was a promise from hundreds of years ago. A promise of eternal love. He was waiting for his other half's reincarnation to take him away.

The reincarnation of his love is none other than the exorcist who called himself Lin Xia.

Lin Xia was reincarnated for hundred times looking for him as well. He was able to keep his past memories as a practitioner of the soul. At this time Lin Xia has been looking for his love. Which is why he worked as an exorcist despite being an immortal cultivator.

This is to fulfill his vow to the heavens and to his love, Xue Jing.

But when Lin Xia found him, Xue Jing's soul was already fully tainted with evil qi. He must kill the devil and gain the merit that will allow him to enter reincarnation. Xue Jing and Lin Xia worked together to kill the devil but in the end, Xue Jing disappeared completely.

The female and male lead thought that this lovers' ending will be a sad one until one day they meet that familiar beautiful young man.

That similar-looking phoenix-shaped eyes and silver eyes that had the same shade of the moon. Like a moon fairy, he and his love finally met once again this time to stay together.

Once he finished reading the script, Xia Ying immediately got interested. This kind of scheming and playful character matches his personality a lot. He knew that he would enjoy that audition for tomorrow.

Xia Ying was humming once he put down the script on the table in front of him as he continued watching the movie before him. He is excited about his audition tomorrow.

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