2 1.1 First Small Star – The Beginning

In the System Space of Executioner 13.

[Host, you have chosen the first star. Please choose one skill before entering the world. I have listed the following available skills.

Skill List:




Art of Seduction

Please choose one skill, host.]

After reading the list, Hei Anjing chuckles, "Haha! There is even a seduction skills in there! This list has weird things included inside. Anyway, I choose the Acting skill for convenience." he replied and received the skill set.

After waiting for a moment A door appeared within the black space. The system introduced him to the meaning of the door.

[Host, this is the door to enter the training space. Inside the training area the host would be instructed about the skill set you have chosen. This time the host had chosen Acting Skill. 100 years inside the Training Room is only 1 hour in this system space. So the host had nothing to worry about. Please enter the Training Room to learn everything about acting.]

Hei Anjing nonchalantly replied, "Is that so?"

The door not far from Hei Anjing slowly opened as he approached it. With a sly smile at the corner of his lips, Hei Anjing pushed the door open and entered the training room without any hesitation nor fear. There is only unquestioned confidence coming from him.

Half an hour later, the Training Room's door once again appeared. This time Hei Anjing went out of the door as if nothing had changed in him. But the system knew that his host had learned the skill set for Acting. There is no need to ask a question as to why he only took 50 years to master the skill.

Hei Anjing looked at his system with an amused smile on his beautiful face. He grabbed the star he had chosen and squeezed it.

"Let's begin!"

[Host, please prepare for transfer in 10….9….5….2….1

Transfer Complete!]

Hei Anjing, who was holding a small star in his hand, was sucked inside upon his system transfer process. It only took a moment for his soul to get transferred from his system space to the body he will have in that chosen star. Once his soul had completely synced with the body of that world's resident, Hei Anjing took control of his current body.


The transfer didn't take that long. Hei Anjing only felt that darkness surrounds him for a moment only to be put inside somewhere. He tried opening his eyes but for some reason the body he was in is too tired to even move and he was unable to open his eyes right away. The current state of his eyes can only be explained as swollen from crying. It was even painful just by trying to move his eyes.

"Ying… Xia Ying! Wake up!"

A man's voice called to Hei Anjing. One could hear this man's irritation just by listening to the tone of the owner of the voice.

Slowly opening his eyes, Hei Anjing saw his reflection at the window in front of him. The figure and features aren't completely clear but he could vaguely see his current appearance. With his current state no longer in his soul form, but in someone else's body.

Hei Anjing's current vessel has silvery irises which are now revealed at the moment he opened his eyes. As if the moon was finally showing itself after being covered in clouds. Soft blonde hair and cool yet beautiful face. He doesn't look delicate but his features are not bad. This is Hei Anjing's current vessel's appearance.

He turns over to look at the owner of the grumpy voice who is calling a name. This man seems to be calling for him. Xia Ying. This must be the name of his current body. When Hei Anjing saw the owner of the voice, he couldn't help but raise his eyebrows lightly without any emotion on his face.

A man in a suit, who seems to be mad about something and is currently looking at him with disgust in his eyes. This is a grumpy man, who was trying to wake him up just now.

Next, he looked around at his surroundings. Taking notice of the things inside the room, Anjing realized that they were inside some kind of luxurious hotel room. Then he saw the man inside the room with him arranging his clothes in preparation to leave. It's obvious from his actions that the man is not willing to wait for him.

Hei Anjing finally sat up from the bed and started wearing his clothes. His clothes were scattered on the floor and obviously thrown off. Seeing the clear traces of love marks in his body, he already knew what the original owner of this vessel of his had done.

In his bad mood, Hei Anjing decides to take his time after wearing his clothes. Of course he didn't let his real mood show in his face. He observes the man before him.

Tall and lean body structure. Slightly handsome appearance and a bit refined features. A face that could be spotted within a crowd. He emits an arrogance of being on top and confidence to bring himself up to the audience yet it wasn't at the point that could move someone like Hei Anjing who was noble by birth. Clearly, this man is a person from the Entertainment Industry and a very popular one. 

A person suitable to be called a male god. If not for that frown on his face as he stares at Hei Anjing, his appearance would be almost perfect. Everything is perfect except for those sapphire eyes showing hints of aversion and remorse while looking down on Hei Anjing, who just woke up and is now sitting quietly on the bed. The hate and disgust can never be hidden from the way he looks at Hei Anjing. 

Hei Anjing's face showed no emotion on his face even when he saw that the man regards him with contempt as if he is some kind of bug. He acted like he just woke up and acted like he didn't noticed anything, at the same time didn't say a word of sort. Continuing to remaining silent, Hei Anjing stares back at the man looking at him with annoyance in his eyes.

"Exe, who is this person…?" asked Anjing through his mind.

[Host, this person is this star's Protagonist Gong. The current Film Emperor, Lu Ziyun. We are beyond the time frame where the Protagonist Gong had a conversation with Xia Ying wanting to end their relationship.


Before Host's soul entered the body, the original Xia Ying accepted the break up without question but the original Xia Ying asked for one last night to roll in the sheet despite the Protagonist Gong's dislike.


Which is why the Protagonist Gong is looking at Xia Ying with such disgust and regret.]

"What a bastard! He's the one who ate and still has the face of regret. Fuck! No wonder this body aches all over. Tsk! Give me this body's memories, Exe." Ordered Hei Anjing.

[(World Plot) Xia Ying. Protagonist Shou, Xia Yang's older twin brother. He is called the Moon Twin who is the opposite of the Protagonist Shou, the Sun Twin. These twins were born with different personalities.

One is bright while the other one is gloomy.

They are both actors, who were quite popular because of their contradictory personality but the Protagonist Shou is more likable by the fans and people of the industry than Xia Ying who is often misunderstood for being rude for his silent temperament, thinking that he is some emotionless cold hearted person.

Xia Yang, the protagonist shou, is not really talented in acting. His acting is only second rate while his twin brother has greater talent than him. But because of his bright demeanor most people side with him, though his acting skills are mediocre.

Meanwhile Xia Ying is the opposite. He is usually quiet, and his demeanor is silent and often misunderstood by others. So, even if he is talented, the others don't like him that much.

Even the current Film Emperor, Lu Ziyun is in love with Xia Yang. Afraid of destroying his career he took Xia Ying as his substitute.

Xia Ying originally believe that he was loved by this person, not knowing he is only a substitute until this Film Emperor asked him to take a scandal for his brother who was found drinking in a gay bar.

Believing that the film emperor is there to protect him, Xia Ying accepted the scandal and now hides himself in Lu Ziyun's secret condo, but this person[GN1] added up another scandal of seducing the film emperor which destroyed his career and ended up taking his own life.]

"This body is Xia Ying as I expected? At what event are we…?" Hei Anjing asked. Their conversation continues in Anjing's mind.

[Host, you are currently about to be in a scandal of seducing the Film Emperor. The original died in his sleep due to extreme depression and Host had taken over the empty vessel as soon as his soul had left.


Warning to the host. This place will be crowded with reporters in half an hour. Your task is to fulfill the original host's dream to become the Film Emperor.]

"That's all? To become the Film Emperor…"

[Yes, Host. That's the only task for this star. Since this star is almost dead. Completing the task will give the Host the world's energy to strengthens one's soul as compensation.] 

Upon hearing what his system said, Hei Anjing just smiled. At this moment Hei Anjing will be called as Xia Ying. The Film Emperor looks at Xia Ying with a frown when he saw him with a smile. Deep inside his heart, he was stunned. This smile is something he had never seen before because the person in front of him is well known for being cold as ice. A robot in human form. So, when Lu Ziyun saw his smile for the first time, Lu Ziyun couldn't stop his heart from beating fast.

Even though it was just a smile full of fatigue as if he was accepting some kind of fate that is not meant for him. That is still a rare and beautiful expression on Xia Ying's face something which cause the Film Emperor's heart beats to go beyond his control. Lu Ziyun was startled when he saw that smile fades away and turned to an expression of undeniable pain. Then he heard a silent sobbing coming from the man whose one smile took over his heart. This cool beauty before him cries for the first time in his presence. His negative affections towards this person couldn't helped but melt under such circumstances. For the first time, feelings of worry and concern were something he felt towards this person. 

A muffled, adorable voice spoke, "I…I… sorry… I only like Lu-ge… so much. sobs~ so… so I... I will… do what… Lu-ge wants… I will stop…sniff… pestering… L-Lu-ge can… focus on liking A'Yang… instead… I…"

Xia Ying with tears strolling down endlessly from those silver eyes made his cold demeanor melt to something akin to a delicate crying beauty. He looks so fragile and innocent that anyone who see his current state made them feel that they are bullying this little gorgeous fairy before them. Lu Ziyun as expected couldn't stop himself from approaching this lovable person.

Instantly pulling him into a hug, trying his best to coaxed him. While doing so, he feels intangible pain within his chest and his heart beating so fast when he saw Xia Ying's crying figure. Whether it was guilt or excitement, Lu Ziyun already doesn't know. At this moment, Hei Anjing looks so weak and fragile. The former's cold demeanor faded revealing the innocence of someone who was bullied to the point of tears. For the first time, he regrets that he made this person unhappy.

"Xia… Ying'er… d-don't cry. It was ge's fault. I…I… only..." replied Lu Ziyun who doesn't know what he wishes to say as he couldn't understand why he felt immense pain seeing the person in his embrace cry.

"L-Let go, Lu-ge! Sobs~ I…I… don't want this… anymore… You love A'Yang. I cannot… take anymore blame… in his instead. I only love Lu-ge so much… that…. I'll do… anything for you but…I can't… do it… anymore…" replied Xia Ying with tears in his eyes as he struggles to break free from those arms wrapped on him.

Frightfully by the sudden struggles from the man with his embrace, the arm around this person tightened Lu Ziyun wished to stop the latter's struggle only for that person to cry with so much pain in his arms and he doesn't know what to do at that moment.

"S-Stop crying… Ge's at fault. I…I will correct everything. Stop crying Ying'er…" 

It was at that moment that the reports trespassed the room barging inside and taking pictures at the two of them. Which startled the two.

The reports asked:

"Film emperor what do you mean by correct everything!? Is that scandal of finding Actor Xia Ying at that bar not Actor Xia Ying!?"

"Are you using Xia Ying to cover up Xia Yang's scandals all this time?"

"Are you gay Film Emperor!?"

Taken by surprise the film emperor couldn't even answer any of their questions, he is hesitating whether to answer with truth or not. He loves Xia Yang so much that he couldn't destroy that person because of a mistake that person made, but at the same time he couldn't say anything to push Xia Ying in front to bear a sin he never did. At least this time he couldn't do anything to harm Xia Ying anymore. This person is adorably naïve, and his cold exterior is nothing but a mask. He couldn't decide which one he truly wish to protect and his heart starts to waver.

Before he could doubt his feelings, someone else made a decision in his instead. It was by then that he felt that Xia Ying grabbed his clothes which made him look at him. This beautiful fairy smiled at him bitterly as if accepting his fate, that painful smile stabbed his heart with immense pain. Lu Ziyun was stunned in dazed at that moment. Then he can only watch Xia Ying leave his arms whispered few words only he can hear.

'Ge, this will be the last time. I can help you…' That soft, gentle voice whispered to his ears like a gentle whisper.

Lu Ziyun could only watch Xia Ying walk towards the reports accepting all the criticism he had never should have. All those criticisms are caused by Xia Yang, but he chose to let Xia Ying took all blame. All because of him. Because he wanted to protect Xia Yang, Xia Ying who loves him with all his heart decided to protect the person he love in exchange of his own reputation. With an aggrieved but exquisite smile on his face, Xia Ying face the reporters.

There is a sudden silence in his presence as if respecting him, but the truth is they are all under trance. This infamous ice prince of the industry is now before them with a smile they had seen for the first time. There are traces of redness in the corner of his eyes, under his eyes were swollen from constant crying. His voice muffled and hoarse but gentle to the ears. Then that smile they are seeing, though, it was extremely beautiful they can only feel vast sorrow and agony in it.

Xia Ying said, "I… I was really that one in that bar. (bit his lower lips until it bleeds…) That scandal… it was… really me and not Xia Yang. Lu Ziyun is not gay. It was me who force him to like me. I am gay so. I… I'm sorry…"

He bow his head in front of the cameras then looked at the camera once more before he takes his leave.

A single drop of tear fell from those argent eyes, but that single droplet made everyone feel how much suffering he was enduring. He accepted all condemnation with his mouth, but his eyes betrayed him. His eyes show the determination to protect those he cares for even if in exchange of it, is his own destruction.

Those silvery eyes show the truth, but this adorable and naïve beautiful fairy thought no one would notice. The reporters realized, the audience knows, anyone who sees his current expression ended up with only one conclusion. This person is lying, and he is lying because he wanted to protect someone.

Then he lowered his head in front of the cameras as if begging them to forgive him. Xia Ying only gave one more look at the cameramen, before he prepared to take his leave.

Seeing Xia Ying's back getting farther from his line of sight, this man couldn't stop himself from calling that departing figure's name.


Lu Ziyun called but that person never turned his back. He only saw him flinched once before trembling but never turned his head back to look at him. The figure of his back shows his disappointment and sorrow as well as his resolution. He even disregards this man whom he used to love the most and right now endearingly calls for his name.

Asked with a slight trembling voice to the people blocking his way, "I-I'm sorry but please… Can you let me pass?" Xia Ying left the place under everyone's gentle gaze.

They can only let him go because the expression on Xia Ying's face is extremely torturing even for them to see. Everyone could only watch as Xia Ying took his leave.

Once he disappeared from the venue the reporters all barge into interviewing Lu Ziyun, the film emperor with ugly expression on their faces. The media aren't fools. The fans aren't blind. They can see that Xia Ying is lying to them to protect someone.

If Xia Ying wanted to protect someone from that drug bar scandal, there can only be two people. They already have people in mind and one of them is just before them. The Film Emperor, Lu Ziyun.

Without looking back as he leaves, Xia Ying's sorrowful expression immediately disappeared when he got out of the room. That expression which stunned everyone speechless is nothing but an act.

That figure of his as a weak little fragile beauty who modeled a person who is victimized and allowed himself to be used is no more. Xia Ying wanted to control the media and film the emperor's contempt towards him.

He tried to cover them up by accepting the film emperor's request to protect Xia Yang from the media. But with his acting he could let the people know the truth and clear his reputation indirectly as well.

The expression on Xia Ying's face changes from a delicate crying fairy to a detached gaze, alluring smile, and playful expression.

His whole being is covered in indifference and desolation. His atmosphere was cold and emotionless though his eyes were filled with mirth, the depth of his eyes only showed disdain as if looking down upon the world. Untainted by worldly possession.

"Well~ isn't that easy? To think the film emperor is only at this level~ Heh~" Xia Ying murmured as he showed his real personality hidden to anyone.

This is Hei Anjing's real personality. A playful, little devil.

Only he didn't expect that in the corner of that corridor someone else saw his real face and thought of him having a two-faced personality. The corner is at the dead corner which even Xia Ying hadn't noticed. He is busy conversing with his system in his mind.

The tall man was tremendously captivating wearing a domineering aura as if a coat. Like a king that rules a nation. His expressions were apathetic, and his grey eyes were observing the figure of Xia Ying with curiosity and glee. This man is none other than the famed Emperor who owns the Empire. The largest Entertainment Company in the country. Huangdi, Wang Tian.

Although he didn't intend to hide his presence, this man had witnessed the whole scene from a distance. He just left his reserved suite in the same hotel and didn't expect his company's Film Emperor, Lu Ziyun and Ice Prince, Xia Ying's scandal happening before him.

"To think that the young man who was deemed as the Ice Prince in our industry to be a Little Devil in disguise. His acting talent is even above Lu Ziyun. Is he playing around?" said Secretary Yi who witnessed the whole thing as he came to do his duty as the president's confidant.

"You know him?" the cold looking faced president asked.

A male secretary wearing a silly smile replied, "Well he is an artist under your company, sir."

"Is that so? Interesting." said the president as he walked away after giving the direction where Xia Ying left with one glance.

Before leaving as if what they had witnessed is a normal occurrence. Xia Ying had no knowledge about him acquiring the interest of someone.

That night the film emperor, Lu Ziyun, after fleeing from the flocks of reporters, headed home. To the place he bought for Xia Ying. A condominium that is supposed to be their secret place but before this event he rarely goes to this place.

Only Xia Ying used to live here under his order. Urgency can be felt from his fast paced footsteps and the strength he used to open the door is also not that weak. But once he entered the condominium, Lu Ziyun was only welcomed by an empty room.

Lu Ziyun "Ying'er. Ying'er? Are you home, Ying'er?!" calls but no one replies.

The lights inside were all off. There aren't traces of someone living here, instead few traces of someone who left in the hurry was left behind. Like that fallen towel on the carpeted floor, or that piece of homely cardigan hanging by the coat stand near the hallway.

Lu Ziyun runs around the place, checking every room of the condo only to notice that the traces of that person are completely gone.

The cup and utensils he used were thrown away. His clothes in the wardrobe are all gone. Even the personal fashion magazines which feature him as the film emperor were left behind.

Seeing this empty place, Lu Ziyun tiredly sat on the cold couch within the living room. For the first time he felt that this house was a place that a human cannot live in.

Solitude and loneliness can be felt through the silence and emptiness of the place. It's like no one used to live here.

Falling deeply in his thoughts, Lu Ziyun remembers the scene from this morning. That person's crying face. A naïve but pure smile. His beauty used to be hidden behind that cold demeanor.

Only when the ice cracked that Lu Ziyun was able to see that such a silent and cold person was someone who had a warm heart. Loyal to his love and will do anything for his love.

But in the end, he was so blind. He used Xia Ying's love for him to protect himself. Hurting him countless times until he is completely broken. But it was already too late when he noticed. After all, the kind little fairy had enough and decided to leave him. This scum man who used him as a substitute for another.

While wallowing in his sorrow he heard something fall. The sounds of a glass breaking were heard, looking through the darkness he only turned on the lights in the living room looking for the thing that had fallen.

Thud! Shatters!

Only then he saw that a picture frame fell from the shelf which was almost empty. Fragments of broken glass were scattered on the floor. Picking it up, he saw that it was his and Xia Ying's photo.

A photo Xia Ying begged him to take. He is wearing a cold and annoyed look on the picture but he could see that on the photo that Xia Ying was looking at him affectionately as if he was the lone person he loves in the world and the smile he wears is doting as if he didn't even mind that Lu Ziyun is angry in the photo.

Seeing such a photo, Lu Ziyun remembered this scene. At that time it was supposed to be Xia Ying's birthday, but at the same time that day was also Xia Yang's birthday as well.

Xia Ying begged him to take one photo with him before he could leave to spend Xia Yang's birthday together. Even forgetting the fact that that day is also Xia Ying's birthday. Xia Ying didn't stop him from leaving to go to where Xia Yang is. His only wish is to take one photo with him as his birthday gift.

Lu Ziyun annoyedly agreed and let him take one photo. But he remembered that he left right away after that one photo. There is not even a retake, but he remembered that one photo made Xia Ying happy. That time he was so preoccupied with surprising Xia Yang in his mind and left Xia Ying without a second thought.

Now that he recalls that, he had never spent birthdays with Xia Ying as he was twins with Xia Yang his moonlight, he always spends birthdays with the sun twin. Completely forgetting about this moon twin, who stayed by his side, because the person who he loves most isn't him.

Looking back at this, Lu Ziyun felt his heart ache in regret and guilt. Only when that one person whose life used to revolve on you alone suddenly disappeared. Will be the only time you will know what you have lost.

Humans tend to overlook things that are closer to them, than those which are far away from them. They will only realize it's importance once it is completely gone.

Lu Ziyun hugged that photo close to his chest as he tried to control his tears from falling.

"Ying'er, I'm sorry."

He murmured in spite of it no one else but him could hear it.

For the first time in his life, this Film Emperor felt what it was like to be alone for the first time.

On the other hand Xia Ying got his system, Executioner 13, to prepare him a new place to live. All his requests were fulfilled including the fact his house security is even stronger than those used by the government of this world.

He lives alone which is why he brought a simple high technology to this world to fulfill his needs. He wanted to have a housekeeper since he is lazy, but he is not willing to let strangers inside his house, which is why he asked his system to let him bring over technology from a futuristic world.

An automated housekeeper and cleaner. Of course, all materials were bought through his system. He doesn't want others to be shocked by such technology and he needed another legit way to use his money from his own wallet.

Which is why he ordered his system to buy a failing company and used it as a cover to where his almost endless money comes from.

Xia Ying was watching the scene inside the condominium of the film emperor through the system's special access. Everything was within his control. He even asked his system to let that picture frame fall to let the Protagonist Gong realize what kind of person the original Xia Ying is.

Xia Ying is a blind man. He blinded himself just to filter what his sight could perceive. He can only see the times when Lu Ziyun gives his love to him as a substitute. He turned a blind eye for everything else. He loved Lu Ziyun like a madman but despite that he is not willing to harm his love.

He let the other person use him in exchange for his time and fake affection. That's how desperate this Xia Ying is for someone to love him. Xia Ying was a timid man in love.

He loves the person but doesn't dare to show his love openly.

He just gave away his love in secret but in the end even if he tried to only see the good side of love, the clearer the ugly side is to his eyes.

He fell into depression and anxiety struck his heart at every second.

Lu Ziyun suddenly breaking up with him is the last straw that broke his sanity. He died in his sleep and Hei Anjing was able to take over his vessel.

Looking at the monitor only to see the scum protagonist gong's guilt ridden self. Xia Ying's eyes remained unsympathetic and detached. Only that smirk by the corner of his lips showed his emotions though whether that is true is not, no one else knows.

"Truly~ a slag man."

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