1 Reylin's time!

Chapter 1: Reylin's time!

"Stop! Stop coming closer, you pyromaniac! This is my family's house!" A young man known as Braun shouted at the madman approaching the holiday cabin with a wicked smile on his face...

This madman was known as Crown Reylin!

"Are you seriously going to do it?! My father won't brush it aside this time!" Braun shouted louder!

With every step, the young man turned paler, and he soon covered his ears as Reylin threw one of his bombs into his holiday cabin. A loud bang rang out immediately after, and the black smoke left through all the windows!

Seeing this, Braun's eyes widened in a stupor, and he stuttered, "Y-You really did it... You blew up the whole house!"

"You keep saying the same shit about my family and brothers, and yet I still manage to deliver the different pain for you. One day, I blew your car. Now, I fucked up your family's holiday cabin." Reylin let out his tongue and made a quite sinister expression.

Braun threw a punch in indignation and roared with the same shit, "Your oldest brother is the miracle doctor who found out the perfect cure for cancer! Your second brother is a lawyer in our country, and your third brother is a popular artist worldwide! And you! You are just fucking pyromaniac?!"

"Yeah. Nice to meet you for the hundredth time, Braun. May this blow-up house autograph remain etched in your mind for an eternity," Reylin shrugged, but on this occasion, he also revealed Braun's secret, "So you are that jealous of me?"

"Isn't that obvious?! We both come from wealthy families, and yet you have so much freedom while I have to work every day just to have a little peace from my parents?! Why do you have so much freedom?! We both suck!" Braun roared in grief and ire.

"You suck. I make the best fireworks and bombs, the flames, my waifu," Reylin took a seat on the ground and waited for the fire workers.

Police, too, would come their way soon as the explosion was quite grand.

Braun stomped on the ground in his madness, but he also soon settled on the ground, not too far away from Reylin.

He called his parents and told them about their holiday cabin and what had happened... "Eh? You let him go?! But father!"

Poor Braun was scolded instead, and tears soon swarmed his eyes.

Not only Reylin's brothers were that famous. His mother and father were the same, and no one really wanted to go against them.

Braun could only cry helplessly...

Roughly ten minutes later, the fire brigade arrived!

They were scared witless about the black smoke coming out from the holiday cabin, but when their eyes landed on Reylin, their expression turned blank, and they just stared at the young man.

He waved at them and urged them to go to the cabin, "If it isn't Richard, my favorite fire worker. Work hard!"

"..." Richard gawked at Reylin with his eyes twitching.

Police cars soon flooded the area, and they had the same reaction while looking at Reylin.

"You are pretty famous, but in a bad way!" Braun whispered from the side, his eyes narrowed as he kept looking at all those people working and questioning onlookers. "I heard you know how to draw well... Why did you take such a path? All artists are crazy, so you would fit well!"

"Enough, you disgusting stalker. What the fuck you know about me? Find freedom in someone else, not me. Each time you mention my brothers or family, I will blow what you treasure." Reylin glared at Braun for the last time.

He stood up and waved toward his butler from afar, "Sebastian! I've had enough vacation here. Bring me back home."

The butler turned around after bowing, but he stopped when the familiar car entered his eyes. A handsome guy left that car, and he stole the attention with his looks alone. That was Reylin's brother, the famous actor, and musician, William.

He smiled at everyone and approached his younger brother, "Reylin. You made mother's heart stop again."

"We always can rely on our miracle doctor," Reylin scoffed and passed through William.

William wasn't offended, and he turned around after nodding at Braun. He felt bad for these two as each had a somewhat familiar situation, but just one had freedom.

However, Reylin grew too wild, even for the Crown's family status!

Luckily, William came here with the solution.

"Reylin. I will drive you back home. No need to be shy, okay?" William laughed and entered his brand new car.

Reylin saw his butler running away, so he followed his brother and took the back seat. Behind William, Reylin took out a lighter and stared at the flickering flames. Those flames soothed his heart, and he found peace within its dancing form.

William saw it through the rearview mirror, "Braun's family has a lot of holiday cabins. If they call our family, we will just give them one. Now, take a look at this."

A phone with video on landed on Reylin's lap. He glanced at the video and found out a man in fantasy-like armor going around the forest. That man waved his sword and cut trees and leaves.

That video was so weird Reylin thought his brother was joking, "Flames are simple. They do the business and don't beat around the bush."

"Haha! Just watch the video, Reylin. Soon, you will be hooked. Probably," William smiled and kept his eyes on the road.

The video turned too fantasy-like after the man conjured magic out of nowhere.

"This is the beta tester. We have been recently recording a lot of scenes in this game." William explained.

"Game? This is a game?" Reylin asked.

He thought he was looking at the video from real life. Should the magic not appear, one would have problems distinguishing it from the real world!

Reylin was one of such people, but that applied to the majority.

"As I said, this is the game. We, actors, were like beta testers too. However, the game will soon go official, and they need beta testers to check the battles, the system, and other game stuff. I don't have time for that, unfortunately." William was patient, and he kept explaining about the first immersive VR Game!

Reylin didn't listen to him, however.

That was because the fire magic appeared on the screen.

His eyes expanded, and excitement rippled within his hues. He stared at the screen with eagerness, "That imbecile can't wield those flames... Such a waste... He's making me mad..."

"Calm down. This is just a beta tester. Anyway, our father predicted that should the game become successful without any side effects, it will become a foundation of our world's future. That's why I guess it would be great if someone from our family had experience here." William waved his hand, trying to save his phone.

"It's in beta tests, you said? What about the official release?" Reylin asked.

"In a year."

"I will play this game on its official release. Otherwise, I would sue that company for taking away my flames." Reylin replied.

William nodded, knowing that Reylin would have really done it.

"So... Is it Reylin's time?" He jested and looked behind.

But all he saw was Reylin looking at the flames from the fantasy world and the imbecile who was scared of them.

"Such a waste..." Reylin uttered...

"Well, he should be fine," William whispered to himself.

[One year later.]

[Welcome to the Faynom World, Rey Flame Lin.]

"As it should be."

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