1 Chapter 1: The Life Teacher System

"I never thought that one day I would cross over to Konoha, and ... what the hell, I would be a trainee teacher after crossing over."


Kyoichi Kanda sat in his office wondering about his life.

One day, he was having a headache about his primary school children not liking his male teacher, not realizing that the next day he wouldn't have to have a headache about losing his job and getting complaints from their parents, and now ...

The next day, he didn't have to worry about losing his job and getting complaints from parents.

The Ninja world is too dangerous!

Konoha is relatively safe, but after all these years there are still many disasters.

This is not.

The other day, just after the Battle of Mount Katsuragi, Kyoichi returned to the village wounded and was assigned to be a teacher at the Ninja academy after his wounds had initially healed.

"It's a pity that the Senju clan has long since fallen, otherwise I would have been able to rely on them for peace and harmony..."

(The MTL was talking about food and drink.)

Kyoichi sighed.

The Kanda family had the Senju bloodline.

The Senju clan was once a glorious family.


From the first generation onwards, the Senju family has been dividing and integrating into Konoha, and after the second generation the Senju clan is basically down to a handful of first cousins, and now...

The only one who can be called a Senju is Tsunade.

However, Kyoichi did not have a surname of "Senju", so he couldn't enjoy or inherit the status of the Senju family.

(A/N: They were talking about how Tsunade didn't have Senju as a surname. Like bruh. Who wrote this?)

He reckoned that his bloodline was not strong either...

At least not as much as Tsunade.

(A/N: This was on about Tsunade's Granddaughter or something)

The sage body was out of the question.

Talent? I'm 15 or 16 years old and he was still a Chunin, so that seems to be it.

Kyoichi was worried.

If things go on like this, it is doubtful that he will live to see the end of his life. After all, Konoha will face various disasters in the future - the Third Great Shinobi War, the Night of the Nine-Tails, the Konoha Crush, etc.

A Chunin would be a fool's errand to face those enemies.

The aftermath could kill him.

"If we can get some of Hashirama's cells later, we might still have a chance to master Wood Style."

(A/N: it's either Wood Style or Senjutsu. It was talking about Kizuna. Idk wtf that is. I searched it up. It was about bonds. Useless.)

Kyoichi thought to himself.

The world of Shinobi was too dangerous.

If you don't get stronger, you're simply waiting to die.

He was thinking about this when the bell rang outside.

Class is over.

"I think it's my next period."

Kyoichi is teaching "Ninjutsu".

He didn't understand why he was teaching it, but after asking around, it seemed that his predecessor had died at the front, and the position had been vacated by a temporary recruit.

Therefore, Kyoichi became a trainee.

Well, let's go to class.

It's not like the Ninjutsu classes at school are difficult anyway, the Three-Body Jutsu is enough to fool the kids.

Kyoichi thought to himself.

He was just getting up when a strange voice rang out.

It was hard to hear at first.


Later he understood.

[The Mentor system is being activated ...]

[Activation successful!

[Teach your students with dedication and you will be rewarded with additional rewards for becoming a life coach.

[Newbie gift packs are currently available, can I collect them?


Mentor System?

Newbie Pack?

What is this ...

A starter pack?

Kyoichi was stunned for a moment, then said in his mind, "Get it!"

"Your Three-Body Technique Proficiency has been raised to the highest level."

(A/N: The Three-Body Jutsu are three basic Jutsu you need to learn before you graduate as a genin. These include the transformation. The substitution. And the clone Jutsu.)

"You have received the reward: Bloodline Purification."

"Your bloodline has been purified and elevated to the Senju bloodline, and your physique has received a massive boost."

"Your earth affinity and water affinity effects are enhanced."

(A/N: I'm assuming it's an affinity. It was talking about transport.)

In the corridor, Kyoichi's mind was first filled with a lot of knowledge about the use of the Three-Body Jutsu, and then he felt his blood boiling all over.

He could confirm that his body temperature was soaring.

Was this a purification effect?

He was a little confused at first, but then there was a wave of ecstasy.

The Senju Bloodline!

Just by looking at it, the improvements in his physique, and earth and water affinity were all obvious.

Also, being physically stronger means that the amount of chakra has also become greater.

The benefits will be even greater in the future.

Identity, Pillar Cell phasing, etc., can all be imagined.

(A/N: I have no idea what this author is talking about.)

Not to mention, I also have this "Mentor System", and the newbie gift pack is so powerful, so maybe I'll even get a chance to get a sage body or even the Rinnegan in the future.

With this system, I have a chance to survive in the Shinobi world.

Kyoichi couldn't help but be excited.

"I wonder how the Mentor system is ..."

He wondered in his mind.

From the system hint, it seems that if you teach the students with dedication, you will be rewarded, but then it mentions that if you become a life coach, you will be rewarded more.

And yet.

What is a life coach?

Kyoichi thought about it for a while and decided not to talk about it until he got to class.

Let's see who our students are.

After his bloodline was purified, he soon noticed a change in his physiology.

He was able to walk much faster!

At the door of the classroom, he saw a familiar person.

Uchiha Obito.

This guy…

"You're Uchiha Obito?"

"Yes, teacher."

Seeing Kyoichi, Obito was a little uncomfortable, standing and squirming a little at the door.

"Come in and sit down."

No need to think.

Must be late again.

On entering, he saw some familiar faces.

Rin, Kurenai and Asuma.

Also, Shisui, Anko and Gai are also in the class.

(A/N: Translating sucks. The names were stopswater. Lynn. Asma. Red Bean and Blast/Gale. I'm assuming that's Gai. Plus I think the timeline has been altered to fit Shisui)

We were short-handed during the war.

Many of the teachers were at the front line, so those who were not too different in age from the Shinobi school were combined together to teach.

This was a temporary policy and there was nothing that could be done about it - including the temporary recruitment of Kyoichi.

"Hello, my name is Kyoichi Kanda, and I will be your Ninjutsu teacher for the next few days."

"Sensei-sensei, I heard that you just came from the battlefield? Can you teach us more practical Ninjutsu?"

Obito shouted as soon as he saw Kyoichi enter the room.

He was really not afraid of new people.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at him.

But apart from him, Kurenai and Rin were also curious about the teacher who had come down from the battlefield and had a few moments of anticipation in their hearts.

They all had thoughts of graduating early.

So, the battlefield and the new Jutsu were something they were looking forward to.

However, of the Jutsu that Kyoichi himself has mastered, apart from the Three-Body Jutsu there are only Shadow Clone, Body Flicker, Water Wave and Water Wall, which are impossible to teach them, and…

He looked around with a smirk and said, "Do you think that you are already fully qualified in the three-body techniques and don't need to practice them at all?"

No one answered, but the expressions on the faces of all the children showed that their innermost thoughts were in praise of the same.

"If you feel you can meet my standards, what harm will it do if I teach you a new Jutsu?"

Kyoichi smiled.

He was more than capable of teaching them with his full level three body techniques.

A bunch of little kids who want to run before they learn to walk?

(A/N: Courting Death!)

"Let's go to the training field."


We arrived at the training field.

Kyoichi's eyes scanned the room.

There were a lot of geniuses here, but, in terms of overall strength, Obito was at least in the top five - he just didn't have the Mangekyo yet.

(They can't just get Obito's name right. This time it was Ootearoae. What the hell is even that??)

Except for him.

It's probably Shisui.

"Obito, Shisui, you come up here."


Obito went to the middle with vigour.

Shisui followed suit.

One against two?

"Together, attack me with all your might!"

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