79 Wandering the World

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"You met a group of demonic cult bandits and were robbed of 1 tael of silver... Ah! ? How come! My Chain Fairy is very powerful, she can definitely beat them!"

After reading the description of the event on the [ experience card ] , Shi Fenglan was furious.

"This is the rule. How can you gamble if you don't follow the rules?" Jiang Beiran said as he expressionlessly prepared to take away a piece of blue paper in front of Shi Fenglan, but he was grabbed by her.

"Ugh... can't you take a little less?" Shi Fenglan said as she stared at Jiang Beiran with her big watery eyes.

"No, let go. Do you still want to gamble or not?"

"Okay..." Shi Fenglan let go of Jiang Beiran's hand with a sad face. Then, she hit the back of her right hand with her left hand and said, "I told you to roll a four! But you rolled a two! Stinky hand!"

"It's your turn." Jiang Beiran said to Xiao Duo.

Rubbing her small hands, Xiao Duo carefully rolled the dice in her hand.


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