This Is Too Showy (2)

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When she thought about how she would have to lead this bunch of trash to conquer the Central Plains, Yin Jianghong felt that she was quite good at dreaming.


Muyao, who had chased Yin Jianghong out, shouted as she walked into the pavilion.

Glancing at Muyao, Yin Jianghong sighed.""Why are you following me?"

"Yao 'er is here to help me share my worries."

Yin Jianghong smiled and rubbed Muyao's hair.""My daughter is so obedient and sensible. She's grown up."

Seeing her father's worried face, Muyao really wanted to tell him that Jiang Beiran had returned, but she remembered that he had repeatedly warned her not to tell anyone about it, so she held back in the end.

"I wonder what is bothering Cult Master Yin?"

Just as Yin Jianghong and Muyao were fretting over this, a voice that Yin Jianghong hadn't heard in a long time suddenly rang out.

He looked up and saw Jiang Beiran standing in front of him, cupping his hands in salute.