91 Sword Nam, "Levin"

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"Ha... ha... Brother Jiang... I really can't breathe. Let me... rest for a while." Wu Qingce, who was already exhausted, lay on the ground and panted.

Jiang Beiran threw the two Shadowless Darts back to Wu Qingce and said, "Your speed has indeed improved a lot. Moreover, you used the Shadowless Darts well. I can see that you've put in some effort."

"Thank... Thank you for your praise, Brother Jiang."

"Can you still stand up?"


Taking a deep breath, Wu Qingce forced himself to stand up.

Nodding his head in satisfaction, Jiang Beiran walked to Wu Qingce and took out a green sword from the storage ring and handed it to him.

"Take it."

Wu Qingce was stunned at first, then he immediately bowed and reached out his hands to take the sword.

"This sword is called Levin. I made it with dark iron. With the thunder spiritual essence in your body now, you can unleash its greatest power. It's yours."


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