82 No Expectations, No Disappointment.

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With a bang, the wooden door of the formation room was pushed open. Wu Qingce felt his strength increase drastically. He rushed out and was about to shout, "Brother Jiang, I've broken through!" When he saw Jiang Beiran standing at the door with an indifferent expression.

"Brother Jiang... you... have been here to protect me?"

As he spoke, Wu Qingce's eyes were already red and moved emotions surged into his heart.

Without waiting for Jiang Beiran to explain, Wu Qingce bowed deeply and shouted, "Thank you, Brother Jiang!"

"No, I just realized that you've broken through and came over to take a look."

"Yes, I understand."

Wu Qingce thought to himself, "Brother Jiang is cold on the outside but he is warm-hearted inside. How could it be a coincidence?"


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