I just want to run away! (BL) Book

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I just want to run away! (BL)


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Lai Yiteng is a wanted man and on the run! To hide from his enemies he cross dresses as a woman, using his stunning looks to blend in. The circumstances that led to this are not simple. His sect, so upstanding on the outside, had betrayed him. They sold his near lifeless body to a demonic sect for a cheap price, where he had suffered countless torments and experiments. Now he finally managed to escape, but the only thing on his mind is staying alive and seeking revenge. But Lai Yiteng didn't think he'd run into an old aquaintence! What is this guy trying to do by sticking around?! Rob him? Turn him in?! ML: No! I just want to help you. LY: I don't believe a word of that. Just tell me what you're planning, you scoundrel...! ML: Q_Q nothing...


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