I Just Want To Have A Quiet Life, So Why Did I Become A Herrscher?

Follow the story of a poor soul who had the misfortune to be reincarnated in the world of Honkai Impact. Your goal: just live a quiet life. But unfortunately for the protagonist, both Honkai and humanity have different plans for him. (English is not my first language.)

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Chapter 59: epilogue (volume 2)

Ryusuke was sitting on a bench in his home balcony, it was already 11 pm while he looked at the moon that was there amidst the sky full of stars.

"Can't sleep?"

Ryusuke turned his head around to the source of the voice.

It was Yae Rin who was wearing a pink kimono.

"Yeah, so much has happened today that I don't feel like sleeping." Ryusuke spoke with a relaxed smile.

"And you? What are you doing out here?" Ryusuke asked her as he moved aside to make room for her to sit on the bench.

"I say the same as you, I still can't believe that I'm here with a body of flesh and blood. It's a little weird, you know? On the one hand I don't feel different from when I was inside the stigma space, but on the other hand it is really indescribable what I am feeling when I am alive here outside." Yae Rin spoke while she sat next to Ryusuke. She had a small smile and she was happy to finally be in the same place as her sister, but she also had a little concern inside her.

"*sigh* Rin-San let me tell you something, you don't have to mind those little details..." Ryusuke spoke in an understanding tone.

"Eh?" Yae Rin was confused by Ryusuke's words.

"Is it okay for a scam like me to be in a body built with the genes of the real Yae Rin?" She spoke and looked down and closed her fist with a little force. She had a somewhat insecure expression.

"I..." Yae Rin never stopped worrying about this. Even though she knew that Yae Sakura didn't care that she wasn't the real Yae Rin and always treated her like her little sister, Yae Rin had no way of not feeling guilty.

Yae Rin was on the verge of tears, the emotions of guilt and insecurity that she was keeping in her heart were appearing.

"That's why I told you not to care about small details. We know Sakura-san has always been aware of this fact and yet she never considered you a fake..." Ryusuke spoke to her with a calm smile and approached her a little…

"And if you keep feeling insecure you can always come to me, I can always listen to your complaints and insecurities that are bothering you." Ryusuke spoke while he held out his right hand and he wiped away the tears that were forming in her eyes.

These words had a big impact on Yae Rin's emotions.

"Why are you doing this? You always... you always listened to my problems. Why do you do that?" Yae Rin asked. She really wanted to know why Ryusuke does this.

"When we both met, I did it just because I wished you could have a smooth passage, because I thought that would be the last time we would see each other..."

"But now... now I do it because I care. That's simple." Ryusuke spoke with a clumsy smile while he scratched his left cheek.

Yae Rin kept her mouth open because of those words that came out suddenly.

"I know that your insecurities and afflictions will not disappear just because I spoke those words, but I want you to know that it is not just me who is here, Kallen-san and Sakura-san are also around, so..." Ryusuke was looking for words to finish, he was racking his head trying to find words to comfort Yae Rin.

"Hahaha..." Yae Rin let out a little laugh when she saw Ryusuke like that. It can be said that the negative emotions and concerns that bothered her disappeared because of Ryusuke's attempt at comforting her.

"Hahaha... I understand, thank you very much Ryusuke. Thanks for doing this for me, will you really hear me out when I need it?" Yae Rin tried to contain her laughter. She was in a very good mood.

"*sigh* Well, I'm relieved to see that you're better now. Would you like to talk for a while?" Ryusuke spoke with a relieved smile.

"But of course." Yae Rin responded with a peaceful smile.

And so the two talked a lot about today.

The resurrection of Kallen and Yae Rin occurred without any problem, it took Ryusuke just a minute to recreate their bodies with Serenity Gem. As for the transfer of consciousness Fu Hua managed to accomplish it without any problem.

After that everyone left the house. Fu Hua had already finished her part of the deal, it was very simple to heal her body. After she was healed she immediately left the house.

As for Otto and Theresa. When Theresa saw Kallen she had complex feelings, because on one hand she was already quite used to Kallen's familiar appearance after everything she went through but she also realized that Kallen had a peculiar and unique aura about her, Theresa just didn't know what it was but she also felt that she could respect and trust Kallen even though she only just knew her.

As for Otto, he had a happy smile on his face, even though Kallen still had a hostile look at him. He didn't care about the small detail of being hated by Kallen, for him what mattered was that Kallen was revived and it finally happened.

Otto naturally did not want to disturb Kallen's happy day by staying here so he went out with Theresa. Before leaving the house he handed two identification cards to Ryusuke, one was for Ryusuke and the other was for Kallen. These two identification cards had a level of authority that was only below that of Otto in Schicksal only.

Otto handed these cards over so they could do whatever they wanted at Schicksal as long as it wasn't against Kallen's moral code. Theresa was naturally surprised by Otto's action but she knew it was useless to argue with him.

So Otto and Theresa left the city with the other Valkyries.

After that Welt also left, he congratulated Kallen and Yae Rin for their resurrection and he told Ryusuke that whenever he has a problem he can call him. He also said that Ryusuke could trust ME Corp's Raiden Ryoma if he wanted to contact Welt.

And so that long busy day came to an end. Needless to say, how happy Yae Sakura was to see that Kallen and Yae Rin were there well.


Yae Rin started yawning from the lack of sleep.

"I think it's time for us to go to sleep. Let me accompany you, Rin-san." Ryusuke spoke as he got up from the bench and reached out to Yae Rin.

"Thank you." Yae Rin thanks you while taking Ryusuke's hand and getting up from the bench.

{Hey, you little piece of shit! Why are you acting that way with that fake copy?}

(E/D: Alright. *Get's up, does yoga, squats, spits on hand and rubs it.* Spanking time.)

While the two were entering the house, the Herrscher of Corruption spoke to him in his thoughts, she did not hide her mood and irritation against Ryusuke.

Ryusuke kept the Corruption Herrscher hidden from the eyes of Welt and Fu Hua because it would be problematic if they saw it. Ryusuke kept her inside the Herrscher nucleus itself and only let her out when Welt and Fu Hua left.

Naturally the Herrscher of Corruption was very resentful against Ryusuke because in addition to him curing Welt he also healed Fu Hua who was one of the soldiers of the Fire Moth of the Previous Era that she hated very much.

But despite all this irritation she still decided to stay a little calm, after all she had not forgotten that Ryusuke could always extinguish her existence whenever he wanted if he wanted the full power of Corruption. Although he doesn't care much about her insults always at the limit of everything and she doesn't want to risk getting over the line.

She lived inside him for 3 years and saw how he lived and behaved normally, so she felt that there was something strange about the way he was treating Yae Rin, but she couldn't say what exactly it was.

'Nothing much, I just got a little worried because today was her first day outside.' Ryusuke spoke to his thoughts.

{Hmph!} Naturally, the Herrscher of Corruption did not believe his words.

Ryusuke had already expected this reaction from Herrscher of Corruption.

The reason Ryusuke was so concerned about Yae Rin... was for the future.

When Ryusuke restored her, he managed to perceive two things in her body. The first was that she had some blood disorders on her body that made her body weaken, but of course Ryusuke has already got rid of these diseases using the powers of Corruption and Serenity Gem.

The other thing that worried Ryusuke was the very high adaptability for Honkai energy that her body had. Ryusuke was quite surprised when he found out about it. Although he found it a little strange that she had a sick body while she had a high adaptability to Honkai he did not have an answer to that, after all, for him, Honkai was something that was beyond his comprehension.

To make a comparison about Yae Rin's adaptability to Honkai. Currently Yae Sakura's body can be compared to that of a Pseudo-Herrscher or a MANTIS, she has an extremely high adaptability to Honkai. But Yae Rin had almost the same as Yae Sakura. And what does that mean?

This means that and there is a small chance that she will be chosen to become a Herrscher in the future.

Of course, just because she had a high adaptability to Honkai does not mean that she will become a Herrscher in the future, but he doesn't know what the future of this world will be like since in his past life he died before the Honkai Impact 3rd's story ended.

For some strange reason that Ryusuke did not understand, the Herrschers of the Current Age were the same as those of the Previous Age, which meant that in the future there could be a new Herrscher of Corruption.

And originally Yae Rin should not exist in this world. She was only alive because of the irregularity known as Ryusuke.

Thinking about it, there's no way Ryusuke couldn't be worried. He doesn't know how Honkai will react to Yae Rin's appearance and he couldn't even stop Honkai from acting. So, preparing for the worst, Ryusuke did the only thing he could do.

He talked to Yae Rin to reassure her about her identity crisis problems.

The worst thing for those who have a chance of becoming a Herrscher is having strong negative feelings.

Negative feelings would give several loopholes so that the Herrscher personality could subdue and destroy the mind of the human host and thus take complete control of the person's body.

'The only thing I can do for Rin is to try to keep it calm and with few negative emotions. I know that I may be being paranoid and that perhaps she is not even chosen to become a Herrscher, but the worst thing I can do is to underestimate Honkai. Becoming a Herrscher is certainly a tragedy.'

'Wendy, Ana Schariac, Owl... These people are clear proof that becoming a Herrscher was just bad luck, each of them had a tragic ending. And even Kiana, Mei, Bronya and Fu Hua who also became Herrschers, suffered a lot and went through various adversities.'

'I really don't want Rin to go through these problems, if possible I want her to smile happily in the future.'

Although Ryusuke had a quiet expression he had already formed a strong determination within himself.

'I don't care what happens to humanity or Honkai. I just want to live happily and peacefully with my family.'


At Griseo's house.

She was in her room staring at the whiteboard. She had not yet been able to find inspiration to start painting.

"Melantha?" Griseo asked without turning around.

"Hi Griseo... uninspired to paint?" Melantha just got into it and asked curiously.

"Yes... I don't know where to start." Griseo responded with her usual calm expression.

*Oof.* Melantha took a sigh.

"Griseo, Mobius just sent a message. She is requesting the presence of all MANTIS for a meeting at World Serpent's headquarters..." Melantha spoke with a resigned expression.

Griseo turned and watched Melantha.

"The main subject of this meeting is about Aikawa Ryusuke.


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