What if the strongest person reincarnated to another world. Will he keep pursuing his dream to have a peaceful life? “Ding.. The Idle system is fully integrated.” “Wait… Why am I keep getting stronger?!!” Or will he conquer this new world? Seek and stay tune Angus's adventure in another world.

Alex_Destro · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
861 Chs


"That's enough!! Guard, bring young master Neil to his residence." command Abet.

As the guard starts to apprehend Neil, "You can't do this. I am the most talented son of the Clan Head." said Neil while struggling.

"Yes, but I am also the guard leader of the Sur Clan. Guard brought him away." said Abet sternly.

Hearing this, the guard immediately catches Neil and drags him away. Even Neil is already a grade two combatant, his body strength is still inferior to the clan guard, who is majority grade four and consists of other races.

After Neil was dragged away, "Young master Angus, Lady Jayna, I am sorry for this kind of inconvenience." said Abet apologizing to Angus and Jayna.

"Don't worry about it. We already get used to ignoring annoying people." said Angus shortly.

"Yeah, as long as he didn't overstep his boundary, we could just ignore him." replied Jayna.

"I-I see, then let's move along." said Abet.