What if the strongest person reincarnated to another world. Will he keep pursuing his dream to have a peaceful life? “Ding.. The Idle system is fully integrated.” “Wait… Why am I keep getting stronger?!!” Or will he conquer this new world? Seek and stay tune Angus's adventure in another world.

Alex_Destro · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
861 Chs

The Creation of Monster

Few days pass after Angus gets in conflict with Hayden. Angus, Jade, and the others once again go to the deepest part of Porros to meet old man Draught. 

Arriving at Draught's small house, they find Warton practicing his greatsword against the bubble in front of Draught's house.

After hearing Draught's advice, Warton decided to go on an adventure. But, before that, he wants to improve himself as he knows that the Endless Battlefield dimension could be very dangerous even for a seventh-grade combatant like him.

Unlike his previous training, he is currently wielding a greatsword with very thick mana in it that makes it glowing up. If it is not because he suppresses the mana, there will be huge mana disturbance in the entire area.

Suddenly, Warton disappears from his spot and swings his greatsword down [Greatsword Art - Thousand Waterfall]. *Whoosh* Every single bubble in the lawn immediately cut down and popped.