What if the strongest person reincarnated to another world. Will he keep pursuing his dream to have a peaceful life? “Ding.. The Idle system is fully integrated.” “Wait… Why am I keep getting stronger?!!” Or will he conquer this new world? Seek and stay tune Angus's adventure in another world.

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"Alright, Angus. Today will be the last day of our class. Tomorrow you will go to the capital city to be tested inside the royal academy." said teacher Andria

"Make sure you will not mess up, or I will get 'lectured' by your father." said Andria tries to remind Angus, who is yawning continuously with a bored expression.

"Yeah-yeah… Just take it easy, teacher, or you will never get married." Replied Angus while teasing his teacher. 

During the three years' time, Angus became more familiar with his teacher, but mostly he would tease his strict teacher about some of this stuff.

"Grr… Huft…. If you just have a little bit of talent from your brothers. I will not worry about you at all. But, to be lectured by me for three whole years and could only barely cast 1st circle basic spell [Flame] truly hurt my pride as a teacher."

"Easy, teacher Andria. Actually.. I also want to be like my brothers. But…" Angus stopped for a while.

'Angus… He…' Thought Andria as she immediately felt wrong to bring up such a topic.

"Don't worry…" said teacher Andria

Before Andria could finish his sentence, "But, I think it is too bothersome to do it. So, teacher, why don't we just end this class and enjoy the weather in the garden. Today has good weather for laying around." Angus smile innocently

Hearing this, "That's it…. Angus!! no lunch break until you finish the test!!" As teacher Andria's rage explodes from Angus's behavior.

"Whattt… that's not fair." Angus stopped working on his paper test.

'Haaa… How come the mighty Duke Jacob produced a son that is so lazy like him. I truly worry about this kingdom's future.' thought teacher Andria.

Before Andria could think further, "Err… Teacher Andria, I think I got a stomach ache and need to go to the bathroom." Angus once again faked his stomach ache.

*Crack* *Crack* At this moment, teacher Andria already reaches her limit, holding herself to not pummeling her lazy-ass student as she grips the table firmly.

"That's it… Angus. Let's change the test. If you can get out of this room before tomorrow. You will be passed." said teacher Andria

"But, if not, don't think about leaving this room before tomorrow. Not even your pathetic excuse will work." As teacher Andria is ready to beat up her student.

"Whaatt.. That's not fair. My father will never approve of this kind of teac…" said Angus.

Suddenly, Moro opened the door. "Excuse me, Ms. Andria. Master gave his permission to your request right now." Then, Moro closed the door silently.

"Hehehe… You hear it yourself. Your father just gave his permission to do this kind of test." Replied Andria happily.

'WTF… D-did... My father just sells his son?' thought Angus

"Don't worry, all you need to do is go outside this room. So, what are you going to do now? Didn't you get a stomachache a while ago? If you don't hurry, you might shit your pants." said teacher Andria.

'Damn, this is too troublesome.' thought Angus.

"Tch… it seems you don't believe me about that." Angus starts to loosen his belt.

"W-wait.. Why are you undressing?" teacher Andria was baffled seeing Angus's action.

"Well, since I can't go to the bathroom. I might just do it here. You know nature calls." Angus took off his pants.

Flustered by such action, teacher Andria immediately looked back to avoid looking at Angus. "Shameless kid!! Did you have no pride at all?!"

During this moment, Angus immediately opened the window and prepared himself to jump. But, Andria also notices Angus's sudden action with her high perception. She immediately tries to catch Angus before he could jump out the window.

Using her trained body, she arrives behind Angus without delay. Before she could catch Angus back, One of Angus's palms pointed towards her hidden below his armpit and shot a small fire from it. [1st circle – Flame]

The fire is small, but it shoots directly towards teacher Andria's eyes. Her instinct flared up at this moment. She immediately retracts her face to the side. This action is enough to stop her for a moment. 

Using this opportunity, Angus jumps down towards a nearby tree and runs away without saying anything.

Meanwhile, teacher Andria could only be shocked by her student's previous actions. Angus's action to try to run away may look simple but also very difficult to achieve. It is because the hidden attack is so precise that it attacked Andria's most vulnerable spot during that moment.

Andria could only dodge it because her body is tampered with in many life-death situations. But, she believes not even elite soldiers from the capital could avoid such an attack during that moment.

Still, she believes Angus manages to do that as a fluke, a lucky shot. Otherwise, Angus is another terrifying genius who could predict other opponents' reactions and plans such a dangerous play.

'Haa… to think I even thought of him as a genius now. I need to take a break. All this teaching job has exhausted me. But, first, I need to report it to Duke.' thought teacher Andria while she went out from the study room.

As teacher Andria goes towards the duke's room to report about his son's behavior, Angus is lying around at his usual spot while sweating and breathing roughly.

*Huft* *Huft* 'Damn… I will never get used to this weak body. I hope I can do the test sooner. Still, teacher Andria is quite bad to do that kind of test for me.'

'Well, I hope she will not think of something unnecessary that gives me more 'trouble' later. Especially after that time blundering with my father.' As Angus calms his mind and subconsciously changes his breathing rhythm.

A few moments later, "*Ding* Vitality has increased by one."

Angus immediately curses his luck, 'Damn… I just subconsciously use my breathing technique. Haa… Let's forget it. Time to sleep now.' Angus closes his eyes and falls asleep under the shade of the tree.

Meanwhile, inside the Duke's room, "Alright, thanks for your help, Andria. You can go now." Said Duke Jacob with an emotionless tone.

"Then, I shall excuse myself." Replied Andria while she went outside the room.

The moment Andria goes outside the room, "Moro, what do you think about this?" [Jacob]

"Master, I believe it is just a fluke or lucky shot that young master Angus could get away from that situation." Said Moro from the corner of the room respectfully.

"Hmmm…" said Jacob.

After a moment of silence, "I can't do it." said Jacob while thinking something very hard.

"P-pardon me, sir…" said Moro.

Before Moro ends his sentence, "If I am in Angus's position, I will never get out of that room despite using all sorts of trickery and my vast experience. Even replicating that kind of feat is almost impossible." Explain Jacob in a serious tone.

"....." Moro couldn't reply to his master.

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