What if the strongest person reincarnated to another world. Will he keep pursuing his dream to have a peaceful life? “Ding.. The Idle system is fully integrated.” “Wait… Why am I keep getting stronger?!!” Or will he conquer this new world? Seek and stay tune Angus's adventure in another world.

Alex_Destro · Fantasy
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861 Chs

Eternal Kingdom

"One of the reasons why the Eternal Kingdom still exists is because the other kingdom is not willing to cooperate with each other." explained Aunt Extalia.

"Each of them has their own matter to take care of. From resource problems to the prevention of rebellion. Each kingdom has a lot of matter in their hand to completely focus on destroying a strong kingdom like the Eternal kingdom."

"Now, let me ask you. Why did you think the world alliance needed more than a hundred years to destroy Plargos believers? Moreover, why can they even develop to almost killing more than half of the world's population?" asked Aunt Extalia.

"This…" said Eric as he began to realize something.

As the Crown Prince, he knows there are a lot of strong and big kingdoms in Firuman. Each of them has at least a seventh-grade combatant as its leader. Plargos' believers may be strong, but they lack a seventh-grade combatant.