I Just Inherited The Arcane Emperor's Legacy

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What is I Just Inherited The Arcane Emperor's Legacy

Read I Just Inherited The Arcane Emperor's Legacy novel written by the author WhiteNightingale on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, adventure, comedy, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In the Solarian Empire, people were divided by their blood. The nobles enjoyed their life in wealth, with fine wine and amazing food. They reigned supreme over the commoners. The only reason they were able to do this was that they had knowledge of the most powerful force in the world - magic. The nobles controlled their knowledge from easily going to commoners, making it harder for them to learn magic. Leo, a young orphan in Solaria, had an incredibly powerful affinity for magic. He didn't even know about it because he could never learn magic- he was too poor to try and learn from any magic academies. He was just trying to survive the streets of Solhaven until he found the lost tome of the Arcane Emperor. "I can beat a 7th Circle Mage." "Wow! You must have trained for many decades. How old are you?" "17." "..." The world was going to be turned upside down. NOTE FOR MY AMAZING READERS: Do NOT take privilege if the month is nearing its end. Your privilege access will end when the month does. It DOES NOT last an entire month after you have purchased it. Please purchase the priv tiers in the STARTING HALF of the month to get the best value for your money. For people who think discord is all the rage, here is the discord server for this book. Feel free to discuss what you think about this book on the server. https://discord.gg/TbX8MCUg7

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The author here. Thoughts? Do tell me what you think in the reviews. Enjoy the book. This is for WSA, so I would appreciate power stones once that opens up. Have fun guys.


Another generic progression-fantasy novel. It's okay, but nothing amazing or unique. If you're new to the genre, then by all means, give it a try. It's interesting enough, easy to read, and more like a slice-of-life than anything else. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that this novel should be classified as a Slice-of-Life. However, for those who have read plenty of magic-focused progression-fantasy stories, this is as basic as it comes. The MC has a unique cultivation system that sets him apart from the rest. He quickly becomes one of the strongest people in the "starter city" and moves on to the next one. I think there's an academy arc in there, a burdensome "younger sister", an auction where he obtains an op item, brain-dead villains, and more. The only difference between this one, and some of the better, more popular versions of it, is that the MC in this story is incredibly bland. No personality, no uniqueness, nothing. He just hunts down beasts and trains. I would've really liked to have seen more dialogue, more inner monologues, more... life. All in all, it's about average. Nothing special, but not bad. Comprehensive Review: Writing Quality (3/5): The grammar is fine, but like I said before, it's incredibly lifeless. There's no tension. No suspense. No emotion. No immersion. Most of the chapters are filled with the Author telling us what's happening instead of actually showing it. That's fine and all, considering he's probably a new author, but it really does kill the quality. Emotional scenes are left tasteless, but even when the Author does try to show, it feels forced. Telling and not showing is fine in Webnovels since if you had to "show" everything, the entire novel would take thousands of chapters. But, during action scenes, it's incredibly boring. I would like to actually experience those scenes with the MC. Update Stability (5/5): So far, the Author's been consistent, which is a huge plus. Story Development (2/5): If there is a plot, I can't find it. It's mostly just filled with the MC grinding, training, improving his cultivation, and reacting to certain events. Like I said, if this was a Slice-of-Life novel, I wouldn't criticize this part, but the author didn't tag it as such, nor does he portray the novel in that manner. Even then, unless it's about hunting (both humans and beasts) or cultivating, he's not very proactive. He just sort of floats along, doing whatever the author wants him to do. I think having some sort of direction would've really helped this novel, especially in the early stages. It takes so long (40+ chapters) to actually get moving, and even then, it's just more grinding, just in a different area. Other than that, things just kind of... happen. MC finds inheritance. MC trains. MC hunts. MC gets stronger. MC gets rich. MC buys stuff. MC helps younger sister. MC gets lucky. MC gets lucky. MC makes more money. MC gets stronger. MC leaves. There's no real depth to anything. His Cultivation Technique isn't all that unique. In fact, the world's whole cultivation system is incredibly simple. Mana Circles and Aura Circles (1-9). Like I said, it's a very easy read. If that's what you're looking for, then by all means, try it out. But for those of you wanting something more, you should probably look elsewhere. Character Design (2/5): If you couldn't tell by now, I'm not a fan of the MC. Rather, I'm not a fan of any character except for Trevor, but he's just a supporting character, and not much was known about him. However, at the same time, I think it's more that I'm not a fan of how the Author portrays the characters rather than the characters themselves. With how bland everything is, it's really hard to get a read on the character's personality, values, and interests. He basically does nothing other than train, train, train. I would really like to see more character interactions and some character development. It doesn't have to be anything drastic, but I would at least like to see the MC growing or at least, changing. World Background (3/5): Not too much is known about the world. I assume this might be further explored during the Academy Arc or somewhere further down the line, but I don't know. So, for now, I'll give it 3 stars, considering the MC isn't reincarnated/transmigrated or any of that stuff. A character inside their own world is a nice touch. Random Comment: THE ECONOMY! Oh my god! The economy in this story makes no sense! Money just seems to flow into the MC's pockets, but all the rest of these commoners out here are just poor blokes even though they're working hard too?! They only hunt like once a month? And have to do it in groups? What? Do they really get that injured every time?! Nonsense! Even if he is stronger than other 1st Circle people with his cultivation technique, it shouldn't be by that much. Not to mention, the prices of items make no sense. I think it said that 1 Star Coin (currency) could buy a meal. Let's say a loaf of bread, in real life, costs $2 (which is on the low end), that would mean 1 Star Coin is worth ~$4 at the worst. Yet, he's able to rake in hundreds of thousands, even millions, each month while only having strength equivalent to a 1st and 2nd Circle mage!? Huh? The man is even richer than the nobles! To top it off, all he has to do to earn that is travel like 5 minutes to the nearest forest, hunt a few beasts every day, and sell them. Is everybody in this world just useless? Where is all this money coming from, especially in a smaller town? He should've crashed the economy by now! Normally, I wouldn't even pay attention to this, as it doesn't matter, but it feels like the Author just arbitrarily assigns numbers to things without much thought. Money is brought up quite a bit, so this issue is very noticeable. I would've liked for there to be at least a little bit of thought behind the currency. Doesn't have to be much. Just a little outline in your notes would do. Overall: 3/5


I like reading this book for now. 5 stars to encourage the author to continue the work.


I am currently in love with this book. Author did a really good job with setting up the story. I hope that he will slowly bring character development for Daphne.


The author constantly uses the same words to build sentences, which is extremely painful to read. A paragraphe with 6 sentences always starting with „He“. Just painful


You classic good ol' power fantasy with evil scummy nobles, heroic MC who wants to help everyone, a little sister. It's a good read tho, nothing new but author has the ability to keep the story interesting.


So much potential ruined by the lack of effort. Author clearly has more important things to do than updating this novel. Wouldn't recommend until author starts writing full time. The pacing of the novel is too sporadic compared to the inconsistent uploads. You shouldn't even be able to lock chapters when u don't update enough. What's the point in buying purchase privilege if the Novel doesn't get updated before it runs out!????


The writing is poor in sophistication. English grammar is very basic. The story is quite bland (He did this and he do that kind). I decide to drop after 20 chapters of no-excitement.


will you continue this novel I've been waiting fairly patiently for 3 months


There isn’t much plot to this book. MC just aimlessly wanders around.Story is full of tropes and progression is driven by coincidences. Character development is very mid. Relationship with girl he took care of basically goes nowhere until predictable trope later on. The arcane legacy only gives him like 6 spells and then he proceeds to magic bullet and flame burst for over 100 chapters. Villains are lackluster and leave you annoyed at their impotence. MC has only one hard fight in the whole story and it was the very first one.


It the same as always… the good hero type but that’s not what I have a problem with, it’s how the main character acts… a bit too naïve. Tho no discouragement or anything. Keep it up!


I gave up on the novel. At some point, nothing is happening. Spending so much money on chapters where the author just discusses basically his training. Like, WTH. How many chapters can you dangle a beast wave and it not happen? It feels the author is writing to write without a goal in mind on how the story should progress. It has such great bones, too… but not worth the price. I’ve literally skipped chapters and don’t feel lost in the story. That says something


Wrting Quality: Okay nothing execptional but fine to readStory Development: Very slow in start but gets betterCharacter Design: Same old way to try push character to grow by making sister from a big family and her family being garbage.Update Stability: Given 5 star, nothing to say here.World Background: Root cause as to why this novel looses its touch for me. World has empires, laws and commoners have powers. But still it portray's commoners on the same level as slaves in terms of social difference. This world just doesn't make sense. Do you know what happens when commoners even have a small amount power compared to nobel? Revolt because of numbers.


Was great in the beginning but now with chapters updating so slowly I think I will just drop it plus the author started to make me hate the blood element in somewhere from chapter 190 to 210 or 220 by stretching out the arc.


Reveal spoiler


i don’t think this novel was terrible. it’s quite generic but i was going to keep reading. i dropped it because to seems the author just doesn’t care about it. i heard it was abandoned so there’s no point in even continuing it just to be disappointed


Did the author drop this?……………;;’jdjrn…………………………………


I made it through the free chapters, but it definitely was not captivating enough to warrant me paying to read more.The story was alright, though it felt overly rushed. Not sure how 2 13 yr old kids get stronger than 20 yr olds without any official training or external resources.The chapters also seem overly small and end too quickly.So as always, if you like it, then support it. I don't, so I won't.


It’s a good novel that I recommend every one to read. I have only completed first 40 chapters as of now but not a single thought of dropping it has surfaced yet so a good novel. The starting 1st chapter seems like copy of Blood Wolf novel from Good Novel but the story and magic system is totall differ afterwards.


After reading 120 Chapters: Writing Quality 4/5, has some minor but noticeable mistakes. Story Development 5/5, I believe the MC progresses finely and it makes me feel that greed to see him get stronger. Character Design 4/5, no bad characters but there isnt one I find particularly interesting (So far), I feel they could have more personality but it isn't really a problem for me. World Background 3/5, this is my only personal critique. The world is great but it's all things we've seen a bunch of times. Overall I say the novel is a very good 8/10, it just needs something unique about the world, magic system, or characters that makes it stand out from other novels to make it top tier, but it does do a really good job on the elements of the story that it has from the power system to the story and more.


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