I Hide And Farm In The World Of Cultivation To Increase My Proficiency

Lu Yuan crossed into the world of immortal cultivation and obtained [Skill Panel]. He was well aware of the level of danger in the world of immortal cultivation. [Sword-ridden skill reaches LV.10. Please choose the direction of advancement...] [Obtained advanced skill - Ride the Wind Royal Sword Technique: Double the speed of Royal Sword] [Reaching LV.10 in Breath Convergence Technique, please choose the direction of advancement...] [Obtained advanced skill - Aether Turtle Breath Concealment Technique: Double the effect of breath concealment] [Disguise skill reached LV.10. Please choose the direction of advancement...] [Obtain advanced skill - Disguise: Adjust your face muscles to achieve a perfect disguise effect] The so-called immortal cultivation was to see who lived longer! Killing the enemy was not something to brag about, but living was. Running fast, being good at hiding, looking ordinary... were the posture of the immortal emperor! Lu Yuan: I came to the immortal cultivation world only to do three things. Live long, live long, and live a godda*n long life. "Only those who are alive... are worthy of cultivating." "What, you talk to me about ghost immortals? A bunch of evil b*stards. Get out of here!" Steady immortal cultivation: afraid to die, so I maximized my defensive abilities.

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Tsundere, Just Play Along

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"Senior sister, is the tea okay?"

"Yes, but it's a little too hot. Take note of the water temperature next time."

"Okay, does senior sister like your dessert?"

"It's okay, but it's easy to get sick of this ice cream dessert of yours. Next time, you'd better change to something else."

"I understand. Is the chair comfortable? What about the temperature of the residence?"


To obtain the 5000-year-old black tortoiseshell from Mu Qiqi, Lu Yuan felt that he was currently like a hardworking bee.

Not only was he bustling about in the residence, but even his service attitude was comparable to the waiters of a certain hotpot chain restaurant in his previous life.

Under Lu Yuan's meticulous service, Mu Qiqi seemed to have finally given up on the idea of leaving.

Then, under his expectant gaze, she opened her storage bag and took out the 5000-year-old black tortoiseshell.

As soon as the tortoiseshell appeared, Lu Yuan's attention was completely focused on the tortoiseshell that had turned gray from being toyed with.

Mu Qiqi saw it all clearly. When she noticed that the moment she took out the tortoiseshell, Lu Yuan did not even pay attention to her, she suddenly felt quite displeased.

What did he mean by that?

She was such a charming and moving senior sister sitting next to him, but in the end, was she not even as attractive as a tortoiseshell that had turned gray?!

At the thought of this, Mu Qiqi put the black tortoiseshell away.

"I've changed my mind. I'm not giving you the item!"

After she finished speaking, Mu Qiqi stood up and wanted to leave.

This sudden scene left Lu Yuan at a loss for words.

What was going on? Why was the princess suddenly angry?

She could leave, but she had to leave the tortoiseshell behind!

Although this was what Lu Yuan was thinking, he still had some emotional intelligence to not say it out loud.

Although he initially couldn't figure out the reason for Mu Qiqi's anger, he was no stranger to social interactions after all, and he did understand some basic way of the world.

It was very obvious that Mu Qiqi was jealous!

Lu Yuan quickly understood the reason for her jealousy.

Apparently, it was because he had placed more attention on the black tortoiseshell than on her.

Damn it, he had seen people get jealous of other people, but he had never seen someone get jealous of a tortoiseshell.

Also, why the hell was she jealous? Weren't they just in a senior-junior relationship?

That being said, Lu Yuan could only hurriedly call out to Mu Qiqi.

"Senior sister, please wait. I can explain!"

Mu Qiqi stopped and crossed her arms. She turned around and sneered at Lu Yuan.

Go on then. He could start his performance.

In fact, Mu Qiqi now looked even more charming when she was angry.

Her delicate oval face with her clear and bright eyes matched with her proud gaze at this moment was a spitting image of the arrogant princesses in animes. 

If Lu Yuan were the "main character of the anime", he would have apologized for his mistake by now.

What mistake had Lu Yuan done?

Looks were, after all, the logic in animes.

Unfortunately, they were not in an anime and Lu Yuan was no ordinary person.

It was impossible for him to admit his mistake. He would never admit to his mistake in this lifetime!

Lu Yuan ignored Mu Qiqi's scrutinizing gaze and started to quibble.

"Senior sister, you've misunderstood. I wasn't being half-hearted just now. It's really because senior sister is too beautiful that I don't dare to look at you straight, afraid of coming off as rude."

Mu Qiqi was stunned for a moment, and her expression immediately softened.

"Is that really the case?"

"It's absolutely true!"

A man's words were deceiving.

After interacting with Mu Qiqi for such a long time, Lu Yuan felt that he had more or less grasped her personality traits.

Although she was a tsundere who was arrogant, she was also easy to fool.

It was fine as long as he played along with her mood.

Don't ever argue with a tsundere, it would only backfire.

Clearly, Mu Qiqi was not as skilled as Lu Yuan and was indeed fooled by him.

She looked at Lu Yuan, who was avoiding her gaze and had an awkward expression. She thus felt that whatever he said must be true.

For a moment, Mu Qiqi even felt that the way he was staring at the black tortoiseshell just now was quite interesting.

She knew it. How could her charm not be comparable to a tortoiseshell?

Mu Qiqi, who was now in a good mood, naturally did not plan to continue "interrogating" Lu Yuan.

"Here, for you."

Lu Yuan hurriedly caught the black tortoiseshell that Mu Qiqi threw over.

"Junior Brother Lu, this black tortoiseshell is actually a reward from the sect. The Gatling gun you sold me before isn't very useful, but it's simple in structure and can be used by ordinary disciples. After the elder and senior brothers of the Alchemist Valley studied it, they also created a few special mechanisms suitable for the use of disciples with low cultivation. This is a significant contribution to the sect, for which you have been given credit."

"Besides, not only are you a rare pharmacist, but you've also broken through to the Foundation Establishment Stage. That's why the sect leader asked me to pass you a message. As long as you cultivate well in the future, the sect will not treat you badly."

Upon hearing this, Lu Yuan immediately feigned excitement and said, "Please thank the sect leader on my behalf for his concern. Please tell Sect Leader Mu that I will work hard in my cultivation in the future and live up to the sect's cultivation."

Mu Qiqi nodded. Then, she seemed to have thought of something and reminded him, "Junior brother, you must not slack on your cultivation. You haven't gone down the mountain, so you don't know this, but recently, there have been more and more demons and devils active at outside the mountain. Even many disciples of the righteous sects have begun to leave their sects."

"There are signs of a storm. Faced with this situation, the five righteous sects have almost all come to a consensus that in the near future, there will definitely be a war between the righteous and evil paths. As for when that time will be, no one can say for sure."

"Therefore, other than your daily cultivation, you must remember not to slack off in the cultivation of your divine abilities. Otherwise, without the corresponding divine abilities with your cultivation, you will most likely be in danger once you encounter a demon or devil."

A demon or devil, huh... To be honest, he had already encountered one.

Thinking of the demoness Meng Ruyan, Lu Yuan's feelings were extremely complicated.

Looking at the time, it had been a while since he had seen the demoness who had forced him to become a gigolo.

Actually, after Lu Yuan reached the Foundation Establishment Stage, he had considered exposing demoness Meng Ruyan's identity.

But in the end, he still dispelled this thought.

The reason was simple. Lu Yuan did not have any decisive evidence.

Another reason was that demoness Meng Ruyan was the person with the highest luck value he had ever met.

She was obviously not someone who could be easily dealt with.

If he did not have complete confidence, Lu Yuan would not take the risk.

Other than that, demoness Meng Ruyan was also his biggest source of luck value.

Whether it was in terms of personal benefits or the degree of risk, now was not a good time to expose demoness Meng Ruyan.

After Mu Qiqi passed the black tortoiseshell to Lu Yuan, she left decisively.

From the looks of it, she seemed to have made this trip specifically to deliver the black tortoiseshell to him.

Looking at Mu Qiqi's back, Lu Yuan was actually a little touched.

A 5,000-year-old black tortoiseshell could be used to refine a high-grade magic instrument or a low-grade magic item.

In this world, the grades of magic items were divided into low-grade magic instruments, mid-grade magic instruments, high-grade magic instruments, low-grade magic items, middle-grade magic items, high-grade magic items, true magic items, and so on.

A Core Formation Stage cultivator would usually use high-grade magic instruments or low-grade magic items.

Mu Qiqi was an exception. She was a rich second-generation celestial who had a low-grade magic item while still only at the Foundation Establishment Stage.

No matter how Lu Yuan looked at it, a 5000-year-old black tortoiseshell was not something that an ordinary disciple of the Qingyun Sect could obtain.

At the very least, the Gatling gun that he had provided was definitely not enough for the sect to reward him with a black tortoiseshell.

Thinking about it, Mu Qiqi must have helped him persuade Sect Leader Mu Chen.

The reason why Mu Chen had ultimately agreed was probably related to Lu Yuan's exceptional talent in pill refinement.

After all, the current Lu Yuan was already a Foundation Establishment Stage pharmacist who was only in his twenties.

Such talent was enough for the Qingyun Sect to spend a lot of effort to rope him in.

Yet, when Mu Qiqi gave him the black tortoiseshell, she did not mention her efforts at all.

It must have something to do with her proud personality.

That's why although a tsundere was a little arrogant, they were not bad people.

On the contrary, some b*tches, despite their gentle and weak appearance and sweet words, were extremely vicious when they made their moves.

For example, a certain demoness surnamed Meng was a classic devious b*tch, devouring people whole.

Either way, compared to a certain demoness, Lu Yuan still preferred to be with Mu Qiqi, the arrogant princess.

At the very least, it was easy to understand Mu Qiqi's feelings.

Lu Yuan looked at the black tortoiseshell in his hand and thought of the ordinary and perfect marrow-cleansing pills that he had accumulated over the past few months.

The preparations were almost done. As long as he raised his luck value to a certain level, he could begin to attempt Foundation Establishment through the way of the heavens.

And the method of increasing his luck value would naturally be obtained from a certain b*tch.