I Hide And Farm In The World Of Cultivation To Increase My Proficiency

Lu Yuan crossed into the world of immortal cultivation and obtained [Skill Panel]. He was well aware of the level of danger in the world of immortal cultivation. [Sword-ridden skill reaches LV.10. Please choose the direction of advancement...] [Obtained advanced skill - Ride the Wind Royal Sword Technique: Double the speed of Royal Sword] [Reaching LV.10 in Breath Convergence Technique, please choose the direction of advancement...] [Obtained advanced skill - Aether Turtle Breath Concealment Technique: Double the effect of breath concealment] [Disguise skill reached LV.10. Please choose the direction of advancement...] [Obtain advanced skill - Disguise: Adjust your face muscles to achieve a perfect disguise effect] The so-called immortal cultivation was to see who lived longer! Killing the enemy was not something to brag about, but living was. Running fast, being good at hiding, looking ordinary... were the posture of the immortal emperor! Lu Yuan: I came to the immortal cultivation world only to do three things. Live long, live long, and live a godda*n long life. "Only those who are alive... are worthy of cultivating." "What, you talk to me about ghost immortals? A bunch of evil b*stards. Get out of here!" Steady immortal cultivation: afraid to die, so I maximized my defensive abilities.

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Skill Advancement

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A year later, in the Pharmacist Valley of Qingyun Sect.

"Good morning, Senior Brother Lu."


On the way to the pill refinement room, Lu Yuan met many disciples of the Pharmacist Valley who greeted him.

The current Lu Yuan was already quite famous among the outer sect disciples.

All the outer sect disciples knew that the Pharmacist Valley had produced a young genius with outstanding talent in pill refinement, Lu Yuan.

As a result, everyone's attitude towards him was completely different from when he had first arrived at the Pharmacist Valley.

At the pill refinement room rental office of the Pharmacist Valley.

"Senior brother Lu, you're here to refine pills so early again?"


The outer sect disciple who was in charge of the pill refinement room looked at Lu Yuan with a smile and handed him a card.

After Lu Yuan obtained the token for his private pill refinement room, he walked straight toward the pill refinement room that he had rented for almost a year.

Only childish men would wear a watch. Mature men would have tokens!

After arriving at the usual place, Lu Yuan closed the door of the pill refinement room.

Today was different from before because he had something huge to do today, and that was to train all his skills' proficiency to the maximum!

[Name: Lu Yuan]

[Cultivation: Qi Cultivation Stage, level 7]

[Spiritual Root Aptitude: 200 points]

[Lifespan: 21/260]

[Luck Talent: Destined Lucky Star]

[Cultivation Technique: Qingyun Technique (level 7, Qi Cultivation chapter)]

[Luck: 532]


[Skill Proficiency]

[Qingyun Technique (level 7, Qi Cultivation chapter): 123/700]

[Item Manipulation (level 10): 992/1000]

[Fire Manipulation (level 10): 985/1000]

[Pill Refinement Technique (level 10): 995/1000]

[Green Flame Technique (level 4): 235/800]

[Swordsmanship (level 2): 93/200]


Lu Yuan looked at his system interface with a calm expression.

In the past year, other than the sex day, he had spent the rest of his time refining pills and cultivating.

As a result, not only did his skill proficiency increase greatly, but his cultivation also increased from the original level 5 of the Qi Cultivation Stage to level 7. It could be said that he had improved at a godly speed.

In fact, if it wasn't for the fact that the medicinal ingredients he had for pill refinement every day were limited, and that he had to spend time cultivating, he could've raised Item Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, and Pill Refinement Technique to the maximum of level 10 half a year ago, meeting the requirements for advancement.

As for his luck value, the demoness Meng Ruyan had asked him to come over for sex many times during the first few months of the year.

However, in the fourth month, Meng Ruyan was sent out on a mission by the sect thanks to her Foundation Establishment Stage cultivation.

As a result, Lu Yuan had not seen her for almost eight months.

When demoness Meng Ruyan was around, Lu Yuan was always on guard against her, afraid that he would be sucked dry by her one day.

However, after demoness Meng Ruyan left, he felt a little unaccustomed to it. He even felt a little depressed.

Don't misunderstand. He, Celestial Master Lu, was not a lecherous person.

It was just that after demoness Meng Ruyan left, Lu Yuan hadn't been able to find such a stable channel to obtain luck value. Thus, he felt regretful.

That being said, it was also after Meng Ruyan left that Lu Yuan could finally use the perfect-grade elementary cultivation pill without any worries.

After all, the demoness Meng Ruyan Ruyan had the ability to absorb his spiritual root aptitude. He had been worried that the demoness would find out that his spiritual root aptitude had improved.

Now that the demoness was away, Lu Yuan could naturally do as he liked!

He would do whatever he wanted!

It was the long-lost taste of freedom!

Thanks to his luck value of more than 300 points, Lu Yuan was able to trigger the special effect of the perfect-grade elementary cultivation pill every time.

In the end, Lu Yuan's total spiritual root aptitude reached an astonishing 200 points.

All five of his spiritual roots' aptitude had thus reached the 40-point mark.

A single spiritual root aptitude of 40 points was not considered bad in the Qingyun Sect. It was below average.

Unfortunately, the perfect elementary cultivation pill's effects were only so much.

If Lu Yuan wanted to further improve his spiritual root aptitude, he would need to be able to refine Foundation Establishment Stage pills similar to the elementary cultivation pill.

The Qingyun Sect had such a pill. It was a Foundation Establishment Stage pill called the marrow-cleansing pill.

The pill was like an advanced version of the elementary cultivation pill.

Not only could it increase the user's cultivation speed, but it also had the effect of improving the quality of one's spiritual root aptitude.

Lu Yuan only understood after he found out about this pill that the essence of the perfect-grade elementary cultivation pill that he had refined was similar to the marrow-cleansing pill.

If he could refine a perfect-grade marrow-cleansing pill, its effects would definitely far exceed that of the perfect-grade cultivation pill.

Unfortunately, he did not have the recipe for the marrow-cleansing pill, nor did he have the ingredients to refine it.

Therefore, the matter of refining the marrow-cleansing pill was still just a part of Lu Yuan's plan that he had yet to take action upon.

The day when he could implement his plan was not far away though.

The marrow-cleansing pill's recipe was easy to obtain. Every outer sect disciple of the Pharmacist Valley could choose a Foundation Establishment Stage pill recipe for free. Lu Yuan could choose the marrow-cleansing pill formula then.

The only problem was the medicinal ingredients and the success rate of the refinement.

The main reason why Lu Yuan had not started refining the pill yet was that it wasn't beneficial for him to start refining Foundation Establishment Stage pills now.

Even though he had the Green Flame Technique, he was limited by his cultivation, pill refinement technique, and many other problems.

Lu Yuan's current success rate in refining Foundation Establishment Stage pills would also be frighteningly low.

The results of doing so would be far poorer than refining the perfect-grade elementary cultivation pill.

Thus, rather than rashly starting to refine Foundation Establishment Stage pills, it would be better for him to first improve his pill refinement-related skills.

When his skill level reached a certain level, he could then start preparing to refine Foundation Establishment Stage pills.

Hard work paid off. After a year of hard work, Lu Yuan was finally reaching the standard for skill advancement.

Thinking of this, Lu Yuan once again started today's pill refinement.

[You have performed pill refinement seriously. Pill Refinement Technique proficiency +5]

[You have seriously performed fire manipulation. Fire Manipulation proficiency +5]

[You have seriously performed item manipulation. Item Manipulation proficiency +7]


After concentrating on refining three cauldrons of pills, Lu Yuan's Pill Refinement Technique, Fire Manipulation, and Item Manipulations had all reached level 10.

At this point, Lu Yuan finally stopped.

[Ding! Skill, Pill Refinement Technique, has met the advancement requirements. Do you want to advance?]

[Current skill advancement success rate: 51%]

[Ding! Skill, Fire Manipulation, has met the advancement requirements. Do you want to advance?]

[Current skill advancement success rate: 75%]

[Ding! Skill, Item Manipulation, has met the advancement conditions. Do you want to advance?]

[Current skill advancement success rate: 72%]

Seeing the system's notifications, Lu Yuan did not rush to advance his skills.

Instead, he activated his luck talent, Destined Lucky Star.

[Ding! The trigger condition for the special effect, Destined Time, has been met. Please choose the trigger method.]

[Consume: 1 disaster point/minute]

[Current accumulated disaster value: 18]

Without any hesitation, Lu Yuan decisively activated Destined Time!

[Ding! The special effect, Destined Time, has been activated. Within a period, the host's luck will double.]

After his luck value had doubled, the success rate of the advancement of the three skills had all reached 100%.

Lu Yuan made the best use of his time and chose to advance all his skills.

In the next second, several advanced skills appeared in his mind.

[Skill, Pill Refinement Technique, has successfully advanced. Please choose the direction of advancement.]

[1. Increase the basic success rate of pill refinement.]

[2. Increase the upper limit of luck when refining pills.]

Faced with these two options, Lu Yuanhao chose the latter without hesitation.

[Ding! Skill, Pill Refinement Technique, has advanced successfully. Advanced skill, Metaphysical Pill Refinement Technique, has been obtained.]

[Metaphysical Pill Refinement Technique: Fake pharmacists rely on their techniques, while real pharmacists rely on luck.]

[Effect: Increase the upper limit of luck during pill refinement by 100 points]

What a good Metaphysical Pill Refinement Technique! I don't have anything else but good luck!

The next skill!


[Skill, Fire Manipulation, has advanced successfully. Please choose the direction of advancement.]

[1. Increase the precision of Fire Manipulation]

[2. Increase the upper limit of flame temperature that can be controlled.]

After thinking for a moment, Lu Yuan chose the first option.

[Ding! Skill, Fire Manipulation, has advanced successfully. Advanced skill, Fire Wielding Technique, has been obtained.]

[Fire Wielding Technique: Those who play with fire may not burn themselves.]

[Effect: increase the precision of fire manipulation.]

Two skills had been successfully advanced, and only one was left!


[Skill, Item Manipulation, has been successfully advanced. Please choose the direction of the advancement.]

[1. Increase the accuracy of item manipulation.]

[2. Increase the maximum number and weight of item manipulation.]

Faced with these two choices, Lu Yuan still chose the first.

[Ding! Skill, Item Manipulation, has advanced successfully. Advanced skill, Exquisite Item Manipulation, has been obtained.]

[Exquisite Item Manipulation: Exquisite and meticulous.]

[Effect: increase the precision of item manipulation]

After all three skills had advanced, Lu Yuan's proficiency interface also changed.

[Metaphysical Pill Refinement Technique (level 1): 0/1000]

[Fire Wielding Technique (level 1): 0/1000]

[Exquisite Item Manipulation (level 1): 0/1000]

Looking at the three advanced skills, Lu Yuan was very satisfied.

He had decided on the advancement directions of the three skills after careful consideration.

Without exception, they were all advancing in directions that could increase his success rate in pill refinement.

The Metaphysical Pill Refinement Technique could increase the upper limit of his luck value, which could effectively increase the success rate of his pill refinement.

The Fire Wielding Technique improved his control over fire, allowing Lu Yuan to control the temperature even more precisely.

Exquisite Item Manipulation increased the precision of his manipulation of objects. It could thus effectively increase his degree of completion of the extraction and fusion process during his pill refinement process.

It could be said that with these three advanced skills, Lu Yuan's pill refinement ability had a qualitative leap.

Now, he finally had the confidence to start refining Foundation Establishment Stage pills!