I Hide And Farm In The World Of Cultivation To Increase My Proficiency

Lu Yuan crossed into the world of immortal cultivation and obtained [Skill Panel]. He was well aware of the level of danger in the world of immortal cultivation. [Sword-ridden skill reaches LV.10. Please choose the direction of advancement...] [Obtained advanced skill - Ride the Wind Royal Sword Technique: Double the speed of Royal Sword] [Reaching LV.10 in Breath Convergence Technique, please choose the direction of advancement...] [Obtained advanced skill - Aether Turtle Breath Concealment Technique: Double the effect of breath concealment] [Disguise skill reached LV.10. Please choose the direction of advancement...] [Obtain advanced skill - Disguise: Adjust your face muscles to achieve a perfect disguise effect] The so-called immortal cultivation was to see who lived longer! Killing the enemy was not something to brag about, but living was. Running fast, being good at hiding, looking ordinary... were the posture of the immortal emperor! Lu Yuan: I came to the immortal cultivation world only to do three things. Live long, live long, and live a godda*n long life. "Only those who are alive... are worthy of cultivating." "What, you talk to me about ghost immortals? A bunch of evil b*stards. Get out of here!" Steady immortal cultivation: afraid to die, so I maximized my defensive abilities.

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A Neutral Sect, Taohua Sect

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A sudden clap of thunder fell from the sky and more than ten unlucky walkers were turned into ashes in front of Meng Ruyan.

Only the leading black zombie managed to survive the lightning strike.

Even so, the black zombie did not dare to stay where it was and immediately ran away.

Seeing this, Meng Ruyan snorted coldly, "I'll leave the rest to you guys. I'm going after that black zombie."

With that, Meng Ruyan rode her flying sword and chased after the black zombie.

As for the remaining walkers in the inn, she could just leave them to the Great Xia Kingdom's Devil Slayers division.

Although many of the devil slayers were only Qi Cultivation Stage cultivators who had learned some weak divine abilities, with so many of them gathered, in addition to the well-equipped soldiers with abundant blood qi, it was not a problem for them to deal with a mere six to seven walkers which were equivalent to level 2 or 3 Qi Cultivation Stage cultivators.

Before Meng Ruyan caught up with the black zombie, a battle broke out here again.


On the other side, a moment after Meng Ruyan gave chase, she immediately caught up with the black zombie that was running away.

Looking at the creature that was neither human nor a ghost, a trace of disgust flashed in Meng Ruyan's eyes.

Then, two sword orbs at her waist flew out and turned into flying swords, slashing at the black zombie.

Hearing the sound of something breaking through the air behind it, the black zombie, which already had a certain level of intelligence, immediately turned around and tried to hit the two flying swords away.

However, before its attack was effective, a bolt of lightning with astonishing power landed on its body first.


In the blinding lightning, the two flying swords passed through the black zombie's body.

In the next second, black blood spurted out of the black zombie's body and dripped on the empty ground next to it.

At this moment, the black zombie's head had been cut off by Meng Ruyan.

Still, Meng Ruyan didn't rush to deal with the aftermath. Instead, she flicked her finger and directed the flying swords to the forest at the side.

"Oh my, this young lady's temper is a bit irascible."


After the two flying swords entered the forest, they were blocked by an old man carrying a coffin on his back.

The flying swords that could cut through the black zombie's body only left two scratches on the coffin.

The old man looked at the scratches on the coffin and showed a pained expression.

"You little girl, to think you dared to damage your Grandpa Lu's magic instrument. Watch how I'll ravage you when I catch you later."

As he spoke, the old man placed the coffin on the ground. Then, a zombie with some green hair sat up from the coffin and looked at Meng Ruyan with its red eyes.

The zombie was a black zombie that was developing into a green zombie.

[Black Zombie]

[Level: Foundation Establishment Stage, level 8 ]

Perhaps it was because he felt that victory was in his hands, the old man became talkative.

"Young lady from the Qingyun Sect, I think you should surrender. I've already met three people like you in this period. In all honesty, righteous disciples like you are all hypocrites. Before the fight, they pretended to be righteous, but after they were caught, they cried and begged me not to kill them. In my opinion, the blood of righteous disciples tastes better. It's simply much better than that of mortals."

"But young lady, you can rest assured. Since you are so good-looking, I am not quite willing to suck your blood dry. I will subdue you and make you my coffin-carrying servant girl."

At the thought of this, Lu Mo's face turned red with excitement.

At the same time, Meng Ruyan descended from the sky, her bare feet gently landing on the fallen leaves.

She looked at the short old man in front of her who had a wretched face and frowned.

"...Your surname is also Lu?"

Lu Mo, the zombie keeper, was stunned. He said subconsciously, "What's wrong? Can't my surname be Lu?"

The moment Lu Mo said this, a pink branch suddenly appeared from the ground.

Under Lu Mo's frightened gaze, the pink branch bound him and the black zombie on the spot.

Perhaps it knew that the situation was not right, the black zombie that was tied up started to struggle frantically.

It released the zombie poison in its body without restraint, trying to corrode the pink tree branch bounding it, but no matter what it did, the branches showed no signs of being damaged. Instead, it began to absorb the corpse aura in its body.

The more corpse aura the branches absorbed, the tougher they were.

The zombie keeper Lu Mo, who was also tied up, knew that he had encountered a tough opponent.

When he saw the pink branch that bound him, he immediately thought of something.

He looked at Meng Ruyan and said in disbelief, "You're not from the Qingyun Sect, you're from the Taohua Sect!"

Meng Ruyan didn't care if he knew her identity.

A dead person couldn't talk anyway.

She looked at Lu Mo and said the last words that Lu Mo heard before he died.

"...You're too ugly. You having that last name just disgusts me."

As soon as she finished speaking, the branch that bound Lu Mo devoured him.

A moment later, only the coffin magic instrument was left, as well as Lu Mo's head that Meng Ruyan had deliberately cut off with her flying sword.

With a wave of her hand, Meng Ruyan kept the head in a wooden box.

Following this, she placed the coffin magic instrument into her storage pouch.

Lu Mo, the zombie keeper, was Meng Ruyan's mission target this time.

If one thought about it carefully, one would know that if there were only a few walkers comparable to the Qi Cultivation Stage cultivators, there was no need for Qingyun Sect to send Meng Ruyan, a Foundation Establishment Stage disciple, over.

Her true mission this time was this zombie keeper who had sneaked into the Great Xia Kingdom.

In fact, if it was any other direct disciple, it would be hard to say who would win.

After all, Lu Mo was quite strong.

Unfortunately, Lu Mo's opponent was the demoness Meng Ruyan.

In addition to her identity as a direct disciple of the Qingyun Sect, Meng Ruyan was also a female cultivator of the Taohua Sect.

The Taohua Sect was neither one of the five righteous sects nor one of the three devilish sects. It was an independent force that was separated from these sects.

This was because the stance of the cultivators of the Taohua Sect was both good and evil.

The cultivators of the Taohua Sect had a unique characteristic. Their cultivation speed was usually related to the talent of their cultivation partners.

The stronger their partners were, the faster their cultivation speed would be.

In a sense, it was very similar to the devilish Hehuan Sect.

However, there were still some differences between the two in essence.

The reason why Hehuan Sect was a devilish sect was that they never refused anyone who came to them. Their methods of cultivation through sex were not only despicable but also ruthless.

In contrast, the disciples of the Taohua Sect cultivated more to the sense of the so-called "decent dual cultivation."

That's right, dual cultivation was divided into decent and indecent.

At least, the dual cultivation in the Taohua Sect was quite decent before the cultivator reached the "love tribulation" tier.

At what stage the "love tribulation" would appear varied for each person.

The more ruthless one was, the later one's love tribulation would appear, and the more benefits one could get.

But on the other hand, the love tribulations those people would encounter would also be even more terrifying.

Not only was Meng Ruyan a disciple of the Taohua Sect, but she was also one of the sect's few direct disciples.

She had sneaked into the Qingyun Sect for another reason.

Meng Ruyan looked up at the moon after she was sure that she had completed her task.

"Calculating the time... It's time for me to go back. I wonder if that heartless man misses me."



Lu Yuan, who was preparing to start his night cultivation, suddenly sneezed.

Strange, he was already a Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator, so why was he still sneezing?

Could there be some girl who was thinking of him?

Forget it, women would only affect his cultivation speed... Time to work!

[Ding! You have been cultivating seriously. Nine Guard Tortoiseshell Technique proficiency +10]

Without a woman in his heart, his cultivation would only improve at godspeed!

Lu Yuan's outstanding trait was that he was heartless!

He, the steady Lu Yuan, only loved cultivation!