1 Top-Grade Comprehension

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It was dark and cold.

When Xu Bai woke up, he found himself lying in a dark and damp place.

The ground was covered in withered yellow straw, but it could not stop the cold.

The chaotic memories washed over him. After he finished absorbing them, he understood the environment he was in.

He had transmigrated.

That was his first thought.

He had been abducted.

That was his second thought.

This was the Sheng County of the Great Chu Country, but he was not inside the Sheng County. Instead, he was in a mountain far away from Sheng County. It was called Dog Tail Mountain because the mountain was like an upside-down dog tail.

There was a bandit stronghold on Dog Tail Mountain called the Raging Tiger Bandits.

He was currently inside a cell in the Raging Tiger Bandits.

His current body had belonged to a bodyguard from the Fulong Bodyguard Agency in Sheng County. The Bodyguard Agency had just received an escort mission. The original host therefore followed out on the mission and left Sheng County.

However, before they could walk far, the bandits of the Raging Tiger Bandits abducted them.

They had deliberately bypassed the Raging Tiger Bandits. However, they did not expect that the Raging Tiger Bandits would prepare an ambush as if they had known their location in advance.

The bodyguard agency had several experts who could fight. However, before the fight had even started, they were shot to death by the arrows.

The original host and more than ten bodyguards were captured alive and locked up inside a cell in the Raging Tiger Bandits.

In the words of the Raging Tiger Bandits, a sum of ransom could still be earned from those who were still alive. That was why they had survived until now.

After sorting out all his thoughts, Xu Bai pushed himself up from the ground. The back of his head hurt.

Both his hands were wrapped with chains, and the base of the chain was embedded in the wall.

The beginning of hell was nothing more than this.

Xu Bai was very clear about his current situation.

The others had families who would pay the ransom, but he was poor.

His entire family had all passed away, and he was still living in his deceased uncle's house. Who would come to pay for his ransom?

Fortunately, the original host was not stupid and did not say these things.

Otherwise, he wouldn't even have time to transmigrate before meeting the King of Hell.

The back of his head was still hurting. Xu Bai couldn't help but touch it and realized that it was swollen.

"They really have no common sense. You can't just hit the back of someone's head to knock them out. I might even lose their lives if they did it wrong!" He could not help but complain in his heart.

The iron chain was heavy, and there were more than ten people tied up like him.

His hands were a little sore from standing like this.

Xu Bai's sight followed the chain. His gaze suddenly stopped.

At first, he was just looking at it casually, but he realized that there seemed to be scratches at the base of the chain.

The scratches were carved on the wall, leaving behind streaks of white that were especially eye-catching in the dim environment.

It was so dark and there was no window. Other than the oil lamp outside the cell's bar, only the wall was a little strange.

At first, Xu Bai thought that he was seeing things. He rubbed his eyes hard and looked over again.

There were indeed messy scratches on the wall. It was not that he was seeing things.

Now that he was in a desperate situation, he couldn't be bothered to care. He walked to the wall and couldn't help but reach out to touch it.

Just as his hand touched the wall, an abnormality appeared in front of Xu Bai.

A faint blue light condensed and finally turned into a golden progress bar. It was empty.

He tried letting go, to see if the progress bar would disappear.

When he let go, the progress bar in front of him was still there. It was even increasing slowly and did not disappear.

"What is this?"

Xu Bai was surprised and touched it again.

The progress bar was still increasing slowly. It had nothing to do with whether he touched it or not.

Whether he touched the wall or not, it was still increasing with the same speed.

Xu Bai fell into deep thought and tried to look away. After a while, he looked at the wall again.

This time, the progress bar did not make any movements. When his gaze landed on the wall, the progress bar began to increase.

"As long as I am looking, it will increase?" Xu Bai guessed.

Although he did not know what the progress bar represented, he had to give this strange thing a try.

In the dark cell, Xu Bai - who had chains wrapped around his hands - stared at the scratches on the wall.

The progress bar was slowly increasing. After a while, it was finally full.

When the progress bar reached the maximum level, a golden light flashed.

Xu Bai heard a buzzing sound in his head, and a strange air flowed in his body. A blue light formed a word in front of him.

[By observing the blade marks on the wall, you have comprehended the Bone Breaking Saber Technique, the Bone Breaking Mental Cultivation Technique, and automatically raised it to the maximum level.]

Afterwards, this sentence gradually disappeared. It was then replaced by another row of words.

[Name: Xu Bai.]

[Realm: Grade Nine Martial Artist.]

[Bone Breaking Saber Technique (Rank 1): Maximum level.]

[Bone Breaking Mental Cultivation Technique (Rank 1): Maximum level.]

[Comprehension: Maximum level.]

This is my daddy, the system?

Xu Bai was stunned for a moment before he quickly reacted. He lowered his head and pondered.

Just now, from the light blue words, he learned that the scratches on the wall were marks made by a saber. And by observing the marks, he obtained both saber technique and mental cultivation technique?

The words "Rank 1" and "Max Level" followed the saber technique, which proved that the rank of the Bone Breaking Saber Technique was not high, but he had already automatically learned it.

As for comprehension, max level comprehension might be the cause of the cheat.

As long as he stared at something, he would be able to obtain abilities through comprehension when the progress bar was full.

Everything was related to comprehension.

"A grade nine martial artist…"

Xu Bai could feel that the airflow in his body was constantly spiraling.

After searching through his memories, he learned that this was the true qi unique to martial artists.

Most importantly, his Broken Bone Saber Technique and Mental Cultivation Technique had already reached the maximum level.

According to the memories of the original body, he had already understood the meaning of martial arts.

Previously, the original host was just an unranked martial artist. To put it simply, he only knew some farmer-style martial arts and could only deal with two or three burly men.

If there were more burly men, he would be covered in sweat.

Things were different now. Xu Bai was now a grade nine martial artist.

The difference between an unqualified martial artist and a grade nine martial artist was like heaven and earth.

Xu Bai lowered his head and looked at the chain around his hand, thinking that it would be great if he had a saber.

Now that he had the golden finger1, his mind began to work.

According to the information from Sheng County, the chief of the Raging Tiger Bandits was an unranked martial artist.

He was now a grade 9. As long as he planned well, it would not be a problem for him to leave this place.

Moreover, he could play even more extravagantly.

There were more than ten people lying around. Xu Bai dragged the chain and came to the bar.

"Someone! Is anyone here?!"

Xu Bai's shout rang out in the quiet cell.

Not long after, two bandits walked in with snow-white sabers.

"What are you shouting for? Be careful or I'll stab you and end you!"

Xu Bai didn't say anything. He looked at one of the bandits.

The bandit was holding a stack of paper and a pen.

Because of the commotion Xu Bai had caused, the unconscious bodyguards around him woke up.

They knew where they were, but they were all silent. Some of them even looked terrified and cowered in the corner.

"Behave yourselves." The bandit with the pen and paper opened the door and threw the pen and paper on the ground. "Write your situation down honestly. When the ransom money is delivered, you'll be safe."

The snow-white saber shone with a cold light.

Xu Bai stared at the pen and paper on the ground, but he had other thoughts in his mind.

Would he be safe if he wrote it?

Not necessarily.

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