23 Mutation Of The Golden Finger

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After such a long time, it was finally time to reap the rewards.

Xu Bai felt that he was like an old farmer waiting for his harvest. He worked hard every day until his harvest. The blissful feeling was indescribable.

After returning home, Xu Bai closed the door and excitedly took out Tie Suanxian's manual.

Above, the golden progress bar was only a sliver away from being completed.

Under Xu Bai's unblinking gaze, the progress bar was finally full.

Blue words appeared in front of him, and information entered his mind.

[You studied the Wild Trigram Scripture and obtained the Four Xun1 Body Technique.]

[You studied the Wild Trigram Scripture and obtained the Four Xun Mental Cultivation Technique.]

[You studied the Wild Trigram Scripture and obtained the Four Xun Array Formation.]

Information entered Xu Bai's mind one after another. Xu Bai was dumbfounded.

This… was too much information. He could not accept it.

The blue text disappeared and a new blue panel appeared.

[Name: Xu Bai.]

[Realm: Grade Nine Martial Artist, Grade Nine Divination Master.]

[Bone Breaking Saber Technique (Rank 1): Maximum level.]

[Breaking Slaughter Mental Cultivation Technique (Rank 1.5): Maximum level.]

[Kidney Massage Technique (Rank 1): Maximum level.]

[Rain of Maple Leaves (Rank 2): Maximum level.]

[Four Xun Body Technique (Rank 1): Maximum level.]

[Four Xun Mental Cultivation Technique (Rank 1): Maximum level.]

[Four Xun Array Formation (Rank 1): Maximum level.]

[Comprehension: Maximum level.]

"I… have the spirit now?"

Xu Bai's heart trembled slightly when he felt the faint thing in his mind.

This situation was really unexpected. He looked at the "grade nine divination master" following behind the "grade nine martial artist" and was already convinced that he was no longer purely a martial artist.

—I'm not pure anymore.jpg

In this world, other than martial artists who cultivated Genuine Qi, Confucianism, Daoism, and gods, most people in the martial world cultivated their spirit.

Now, Xu Bai finally understood the new function of the cheat.

—Breaking class restriction.

There were also people in the martial world who had tried doing it. There was not even any danger, but there would be a price.

The price was very simple. It was to be the jack of all trades, but a master of none.

After all, a person's spirit was limited. Who could specialize in other things besides their own cultivation?

But Xu Bai was different.

The difference was that he had a progress bar.

"I can cultivate more!" Xu Bai quickly came to a conclusion.

As long as he comprehended enough, he might be able to master everything.

This discovery today was a surprise for him.

Xu Bai took a while to calm down.

After the excitement came calmness, as if he had entered sage time.

"No wonder it took me so long to comprehend it. So there are three skills."

Xu Bai repeatedly digested the information in his mind as he took a step to the side.

His movements were extremely slow, but this step was abnormally profound.

Using the divination of the Four Xun, this step was much more brilliant than Tie Suanxian's steps.

The Four Xun Mental Cultivation Technique was a cultivation method. Just like the Breaking Slaughter Mental Cultivation Technique, it had already reached the maximum level.

As for the Four Xun Array Formation…

Xu Bai stomped his feet slightly, and a white eight trigrams appeared at his feet.

According to the eight trigrams, Zhen and Xun were wood, and it gave life to fire.

The Four Xun could start a fire.

With a thought from Xu Bai, a huge fire appeared in the corner nearby.

The fire was raging, and the temperature was overwhelming.

Fortunately, he reacted quickly and put away the Four Xun Array Formation in time.

"Fortunately, I acted decisively at that time. If I let Tie Suanxian create this array formation, he would be quite difficult to fight." Xu Bai thought.

He pondered for a moment and temporarily put away his thoughts of continuing the experiment. He took out the manual he had obtained from Yun Xiang.

However, before he could start, blue words appeared in front of him again.

[A large number of fusion options have been detected. Fusion in progress.]

[Grade Nine Martial Artist + Grade Nine Divination Master = Grade Nine Wanderer.]

[Fusion successful!]


Xu Bai's eyes widened.

Damn it, his sudden appearance gave him a fright.

What was a Ninth Stage Wanderer?

He was not mentally prepared yet!

The Genuine Qi in his body and the energy in his mind were constantly merging. After a while, a golden energy connected his mind and body.

Xu Bai closed his eyes. After sensing for a while, he opened his eyes.

There was an almost imperceptible surprise in his eyes.

Show off! Xiao Jin.

The fusion of Genuine Qi and spirit possessed the characteristics of both. It was too flashy.

"Does this mean that I've become a Wanderer?"

"Wanderer… I don't belong to the class of martial artist or a divination master, but at the same time, I am a martial artist and a divination master. Isn't this omnipotence?"

"Hmm… I have to think of a name for this energy after fusion."

Xu Bai's brain worked very quickly. After understanding the situation, he thought of naming it.

It couldn't be called energy, right? It was too tasteless.

Xu Bai thought about it for a long time. In the end… the naming 'energy' that he thought was very tasteless obtained a more tasteless name.

—— Genuine Inner Force.

Godly spirit was spirit, Qi was Genuine Qi. As for Confucianism and Daoism, they were called godly essence.

Although he had not obtained any godly essence, it did not stop him from giving a name first.

With the nature of the golden finger, it was only a matter of time before it fused.

"That's not right. Didn't it say that there was a large amount of fusion?" Xu Bai quickly thought of something that had yet to be fused, and doubts arose in his heart.

This doubt was quickly dispelled.

The blue text appeared again.

[Breaking Slaughter Mental Cultivation Technique + Four Xun Mental Cultivation Technique = Four Directions Slaughter Mental Cultivation Technique.]

[Fusion successful!]

The Genuine Inner Force in his body began to increase gradually. Xu Bai clenched his fists tightly, as if something in his body had broken.

It was a breakthrough in cultivation!

New words appeared in front of him, and there was a change in his realm.

[Name: Xu Bai.]

[Realm: Grade Eight Wanderer.]

[Bone Breaking Saber Technique (Rank 1): Maximum level.]

[Four Directions Slaughter Mental Cultivation Technique (Rank 2): Maximum level.]

[Kidney Massage Technique (Rank 1): Maximum level.]

[Rain of Maple Leaves (Rank 2): Maximum level.]

[Four Xun Body Technique (Rank 1): Maximum level.]

[Four Xun Array Formation (Rank 1): Maximum level.]

[Comprehension: Maximum level.]

Rank 2, his mental cultivation technique has reached rank 2!

He had successfully advanced from Grade 9 to Grade 8.

The Genuine Inner Force in his body doubled and became more controllable.

"There should be more fusion happening. After all, it's said to be a lot," Xu Bai thought.

Time slowly passed. After half an incense stick of time, Xu Bai silently stood up.

This cheat was still not strict enough.

Look at how much the information was exaggerated. There were clearly only two fusions. Why did it say a large number of fusions?

Little golden finger, you're not very good.

Of course, the golden finger that was nicknamed by Xu Bai would not answer him.

"Okay… Next manual!"

Since no more fusions were happening, Xu Bai changed his mind and started reading the next manual.

He picked up Yun Xiang's manual but did not open it. He just stared at it.

Xu Bai did not forget that Yun Xiang had used a mechanism to prevent him from flipping through the book.

"Oh right, I almost forgot." Xu Bai suddenly remembered something. He quickly got up and found a brazier.

He threw the book he had already comprehended into the brazier and lit it with a match. When the dust settled, he was relieved and continued to work hard.

While Xu Bai was working hard, at the Liu Family's residence in Sheng County, a woman in white was holding a file and reading it carefully.

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