3 Decapitation

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"You guys are rebelling. My brothers are all outside. It's impossible to get out. Let me go quickly." The bandit's legs trembled slightly as he pretended to threaten them.

He concluded that they were inside the village and the other party wouldn't dare to do anything to him.


Xu Bai slapped the bandit's face, and a fierce look appeared in his eyes. The long saber in his hand was close to the bandit's neck.

The bandit shivered at the cold touch.

"I'll take it off, I'll take it off. Don't kill me." The bandit was shocked by the slap. Coupled with the coldness on his neck, he quickly gave in and started to take off his clothes. As he took off his clothes, he begged for mercy.

Not long after, he had taken off his outerwear. Xu Bai asked the bodyguard to maintain his saber-wielding posture and changed into the bandit's clean clothes.

He thought that it would be more convenient to go out later without any traces of blood on him.

"I've already done as you said. Please don't kill me. I was forced to do this," said the bandit with a trembling voice.

"Why did you go so far away from the Raging Tiger Bandits to rob the escort target? Also, I don't think I saw you moving the loot." Xu Bai picked up his long saber again.

If one searched the memories of the original host, they would know that there was something fishy about this. When they were escorting the goods, they deliberately avoided the Raging Tiger Bandits, but the bandits did everything they could to cross a long distance to steal the goods. This was not normal.

It was as if they were guarding the carriage. Moreover, the things in the carriage were not moved at all.

"I don't know either. The bandit chief asked us to do it. I'm just a small fry. I really don't know. Let me go." The bandit's face was covered in snot and tears. He was afraid that the long saber around his neck would fall.

"So you don't know?" Xu Bai rubbed his chin and exerted force.


The saber pierced through the bandit's chest, and his body went limp. He fell to the ground and stopped breathing.

The bodyguards behind him all gasped, as if this was the first time they had seen Xu Bai.

He killed without hesitation. He was too ruthless.

In the past, when they worked together, they did not realize that Xu Bai's personality was so ruthless.

"Continue." Xu Bai walked out of the cell in his bloodless clothes.

In this situation, if he wasn't ruthless, he would be the unlucky one.

The bodyguards looked at each other. One of them picked up the long saber that had fallen just now and quietly guarded the corner.


Outside, Xu Bai had tricked many mountain bandits into entering the prison cell using various reasons. The prison cell was already filled with corpses.

Starting from the fourth round, the bodyguards no longer stayed in the cell. Instead, they guarded the dark corridor of the cell. As soon as a bandit entered, they rushed forward. Before the bandit could shout, they covered his neck and asked to change his clothes before killing him.

Gradually, the number of bandits outside gradually decreased. The bodyguards also changed into bandit clothes and walked out of the cell.

"Do as I say later." Xu Bai walked to the empty space and looked at the slightly luxurious house in front of him.

The bodyguards spread out and guarded every corner, following the mannerisms of the bandits.

The door of the house in front of him was open. After he walked in, Xu Bai saw the situation inside clearly.

A middle-aged man was sitting on a chair. He had a big beard and a long scar on his face. He was drinking wine from a bowl.

When Xu Bai stepped into the room, he immediately attracted the middle-aged man's attention.

Other than the middle-aged man, there was no one else in the room. Xu Bai was very conspicuous when he entered, so he could be seen at a glance.

"Chief, we found a big fish." Xu Bai took two steps forward, lowered his head, and placed his hand on the hilt of his saber.

At that moment, he was still two meters away from the bandit chief. It was not the best distance to use the Bone Breaking Saber Technique.

"Oh?" The bandit chief put down his wine bowl and showed his interest. "What big fish?"

Xu Bai took another step closer and said word by word, "It's like this. There's a guy among the escorts. He said…"

Two meters shortened to one meter, and Xu Bai tightened his grip on the saber.

"What did he say?" The bandit chief frowned. He suddenly realized that he had never seen this person before. "Why haven't I seen you before? When did you join the stronghold?"

"Chief, take a look at this." Xu Bai changed the topic. He suddenly lifted his head, drew the long saber in his hand, and thrust it at the chief's chest.

When the distance was enough, he used the Bone Breaking Saber Technique. Genuine Qi flowed and attached to the saber.


A crisp sound rang out. Xu Bai felt his arm shake, as if he had stabbed something hard.

He focused his gaze and noticed that a crack had appeared in the bandit chief's shirt, revealing his golden inner armor.

"You actually have this kind of treasure?" Xu Bai raised his eyebrows.

"How dare you!"

At that moment, even if the bandit chief did not know what was going on, he knew that someone wanted to kill him.

He pulled out the long saber at his waist and shook off the saber in his chest. He slashed at Xu Bai's head with the same Bone Breaking Saber Technique.

There was a ghost head at the hilt of this saber. The saber was bright and it was obvious that it was a good saber.

Xu Bai raised his hand and the two sabers clashed, producing a metallic sound.

The long saber in his hand was chipped, but as he circulated his Genuine Qi, the bandit chief crashed into the wall.

"This is… Genuine Qi!"

As someone who had been in the world of martial artists for many years, the bandit chief could tell at a glance that something was wrong.

As the saying went, without a mental cultivation technique to step into grade nine, one would forever be an unranked martial artist.

The other party was able to put him in a disadvantageous position with a single slash. Moreover, he used the same saber technique as him, but the power was stronger than his. He definitely had a mental cultivation technique!

"You're a grade-nine martial artist. You have Genuine Qi!"

He immediately revealed a greedy gaze.

An unrealistic thought appeared in his mind. If he could obtain this person's mental cultivation technique…

Xu Bai rotated the long saber in his wrist and slashed horizontally.

"Yes. Give me your head and I'll give you the mental cultivation technique."

This horizontal slash was aimed at the bandit chief's neck.

With the circulation of his Genuine Qi, the power of this slash doubled.

The bandit chief was someone who had been through many battles. In the face of great danger, he raised his long saber and blocked Xu Bai's saber. However, the huge force caused the back of his saber to hit his face, leaving a long scar.

If not for the fact that the Ghost Head Saber was a good saber, he would have been beheaded.

At that moment, the bandit chief finally realized that his greed just now was just a pipe dream.

He hurriedly raised his left hand and his sleeves fluttered.

Xu Bai was about to take advantage of the situation and charge forward when he saw a sharp edge on the bandit chief's left wrist from the corner of his eye. He quickly put away his saber and dodged.


The hidden arrow shot out and landed on the wall with a thud.

"Playing dirty!" Xu Bai's expression darkened.

If he had not been careful just now, this arrow would have landed on him.

It was obvious what the outcome would be.

In his anger, Xu Bai turned his long saber around again and used the Broken Bone Saber Technique crazily.

The last trace of Genuine Qi circulated and struck the Ghost Head Saber.

The first slash sent Ghost Head Saber flying.

The second slash went through the bandit chief's neck.

Blood splattered!

The bandit chief clutched his neck, and blood flowed out from between his fingers.

"You're not wearing anything around your neck." Xu Bai leaned on his long saber, his eyes burning.

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