The System! Me!

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Above the street, the two sides stared at each other, gesturing with their eyebrows back and forth, and for a moment, they surprisingly fell silent.

'Brother Jiang, this is a good deal! You are a wise man; could it be that Brother Jiang has another plan?'

The cultivators of the middle five tiers could transmit their voices with the Mind Lake; Fang Chaoqun looked at Jiang Lin in confusion.

Why was this buddy of his who used to steal and sell undergarments with him suddenly being the good guy?

Jiang Lin said, "Brother Fang! I have to tell you that I took the Disrupt the Grand Tournament of Sects quest. I've come with a major plan, and this man is my springboard, so I have to help him first."

"A major plan?" Fang Chaoqun looked over to Jiang Lin, taking a closer look at his womanly outfit, which he was too shocked to notice at the time.

Now that he had taken a closer look, he had to admit that it had a distinctive style; suddenly, Fang Chaoqun understood!

Brother Jiang had come to Black Tortoise City to sabotage the grand tournament. He wanted to dress up as a woman to enter the Dragon Gate Sect, and use his beauty to sow discord among the brothers of Dragon Gate Sect, and even make them exchange blows for the sake of a "beautiful woman" to destroy their dao hearts!

Sighing inwardly, Fang Chaoqun transmitted a reply with his Mind Lake. "As expected, Brother Jiang! How thoughtful! I could only come up with this accident-faking trick—I'm quite ashamed."

"No, no, no, before I just casually mentioned 'accident faking' to Brother Fang, but Brother Fang can fake accidents so perfectly. Of course, I, Jiang Lin, did not expect it and am truly impressed, but this time, I also ask Brother Fang to cooperate with me a little."

"If it's Brother Jiang's request, I certainly won't refuse, but splitting the profits of undergarments in the future…"

"I'll take 40, and you'll take 60!"

"Hahaha, since Brother Jiang's said so, then this favor, I, Fang Chaoqun, will help with for sure!"

Just as the two sides were staring at each other and about to set off sparks, Fang Chaoqun waved his sleeve.

"Oh, Sister, let's go!"

"Eh? But Brother…"

"There are no buts. For the sake of Jiang— this girl, let's go…"

Saying no more, Fang Chaoqun left at a brisk pace, and though confused, his sister followed.

The bystanders didn't know what had happened. Qin Xiao only guessed that this girl might have just spoken to the man with her mind. It was unclear what she had said, but this girl had helped him, which counted as a favor!

"Lady, I am Qin Xiao of the Dragon Gate Sect. Thank you very much for your help." As the crowd of idle onlookers dispersed, Qin Xiao cupped his hands in obeisance. "If you don't mind, I would like to treat you to a cup of tea as a token of gratitude."

Jiang Lin looked astonished, and his "beautiful eyes" opened wide. "Qin Xiao? The Dragon Gate Sect? Are you that Big Brother Qin that my brother always talked about?"

"Your older brother is…?"

"Sigh… my brother… Jiang Lin…"


In the teahouse, at the tea table by the window, the cross-dressed Jiang Lin and Qin Xiao sat across from each other, while Chen Jia took Nan Xiaoman back to the inn at Jiang Lin's instruction.

"Sigh… Lady Jiang, I never thought that your brother would be… sigh… what a pity… how lamentable…"

Hearing that this girl named Jiang Xin was Jiang Lin's sister, Qin Xiao couldn't help the tears that welled up in his eyes.

Although he had only spent less than a year together with Jiang Lin, the events of catching hares with him, talking about sword arts, playing flying chess together, and moon gazing on the roof of the female cultivator's dormitory together were still vivid in his mind.

It could be said that Jiang Lin had enlivened the atmosphere of the Dragon Gate Sect in just a year.

But what he didn't expect was that Jiang Lin was a member of a demon sect, stealing the Dragon Veins, and ended up dying under Senior Sister Lin's long sword.

Listening to Qin Xiao's sigh, "Jiang Xin" wiped a tear from her eye, and said in a sad voice, "Although my brother is a member of a demon sect, my brother really did like the Dragon Gate Sect. It was just that he was helplessly too deep and lost in the situation, and couldn't turn back. So it was his masters' orders to steal the Dragon Veins. I believe that my brother was quite torn, and to die under the sword of Fairy Lin was probably my brother's long-cherished wish…"

As Jiang Lin spoke, his tears fell in drops, and Qin Xiao also had his head down and wiped his tears.

And just when Qin Xiao raised his head to say something to comfort the "girl" behind Jiang Xin, a girl who looked out of this world appeared out of the blue.

The girl wore a long green gauze dress. Part of her long black hair was coiled up in a bun, and the other part flowed like black silk behind her, reaching her waist. Her delicate facial features were beautiful even without makeup, and her fine curves were alluring like a winding brook.

And at this moment, the girl's eyes were slightly red.

"Senior Sister Lin…"

Qin Xiao hurriedly got up and saluted.

At the same time, Jiang Lin, who had both sleeves covering his face, and was in the middle of coating his eyes with onion juice, was also shocked.

'Damn! I was just too caught up in the acting. I didn't even notice Senior Sister Lin's arrival!'

"Fairy Lin, I'm Jiang Xin."

Jiang Lin got up and bowed towards Lin Qingwan.

"So you're Jiang Lin's sister?"

Lin Qingwan looked at Jiang Lin, her eyes already moist.


"I killed your brother—a life for a life—kill me." Lin Qingwan handed out her longsword, and looked at Jiang Lin calmly.

In her eyes, Jiang Lin saw deep sorrow, remorse, and despair for the human world.

Taking the longsword and looking at Lin Qingwan's white neck, Jiang Lin shook his head, dropped the longsword, and took out an envelope that he had prepared long ago from his sleeve.

"Fairy Lin, as I said earlier, it was my brother's long-cherished wish to die under your sword, but if Fairy Lin's dao heart is broken because of my brother, and has no connection with the great dao, then that is the last thing my brother wanted to see. This letter, please read it. It is what my brother asked me to give to Sister Lin."

Looking at the envelope, Lin Qingwan, who was usually aloof and cold, wavered as if she was about to cry the next moment.

As a result, after slowly tearing open the envelope, she saw the familiar handwriting appear before her eyes once again.

"Senior Sister Lin, when you read this letter, I think I will have already left, but please don't be sad, don't hate demon sects, and don't hate everything in the world. Senior Sister Lin, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met and the most gentle girl. If there is an afterlife, I will definitely be your junior brother again.

"Senior Sister, do you know that I love to watch the way you taught me how to practice swords. Unfortunately, in this life, Jiang Lin cannot join you in ascension, but please live on for Jiang Lin.

"Jiang Lin left…"

"Jiang Lin… Jiang Lin… Jiang Lin…"

Covering the envelope in front of her chest, the girl sat on the ground like an unfurled lotus flower, heartbreaking tears falling from her stunning face.

"I also ask Fairy Lin to work hard for my brother's sake!"

Looking at how sad she was for him, Jiang Lin was moved, but it was better to deal with painful things quickly; rather than let her break open the door of the demon sect to scatter his ashes, it was better that they become strangers from now on.

However, just as Jiang Lin was planning to leave, the sound of the quest suddenly rang out.

[Detected that you are playing with protagonist Lin Qingwan's feelings, +1000 Infamy, and triggered the hidden quest "Go Further"]

[Hidden Quest—Go Further: 1. Undo your female costume, laugh at Lin Qingwan and shout out, "I'm all fooling you, you stupid little girl!" 2. Admit that you are Jiang Lin, and insult Lin Qingwan so viciously that she'll lose face and harass her!]

[Please make a choice. After three seconds, if no selection is made, one of the options will be forced upon you.]

[3… 2… 1…]

"System! I **** (vulgar words)."