I Have Infinite Systems In The Immortal World

Riding a flying sword, drinking wine while holding beauties, fighting against a generation of geniuses for opportunities, Who doesn't like such an Immortal World? But not if you are a mortal who got thrown amidst high level cultivators. And Long Ming felt precisely that. Opening his eyes, Long Ming saw he was in the world of immortals. He got surrounded by beauties and luxuries, but what will happen if everyone knows he is just a weak chicken? No grandpa in a ring nor a mysterious broken sword or inheritance pendant. " Where is my Golden Finger!" Long Ming shouted! At that moment, a panel opened before him. [ Ding! Host get Courting Death System!] [ Ding! Host get Goddess Protecting System!] [ Ding! Host get Scumbag System!] Long Ming then realized he got infinite systems in his disposal!

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Treading Carefully In Immortal World

Long Ming was stunned when he saw the notification.

" Courting Death System? Beta Tester?"

Long Ming gritted his teeth as he raged. " I demand an explanation! At least hand me over the manual!"

[ Ding! Host has activated Infinity Star Roulette since there wasn't a compatible system for Host]

[ Host will be given different systems for a limited time period. Host needs to use the system for that limited period. Host can keep the rewards he gets from the system permanently]

[ Systems will be in their beta version. There might be some bugs in it. So, best of luck to the poison tester… Corrected, Beta tester]

[ Time Limit: 6 days: 23 Hours: 58 min]

Long Ming felt like his brain is going to explode from anger. However, after a while, he calmed down.

" Courting Death System, Open!"

[ Ding!]

A purple interface appeared before Long Ming as the introduction appeared.

[ What kind of protagonist are you if you don't make your opponent vomit blood? What sort of cultivator are you if you don't make your enemy's face turn green and veins pop out?]

[ There is no immortality if you don't court death! Host! Welcome to Courting Death System!]

[ Court Death, But don't die!]

[ Ding! Detected Host already evaded death once! Host gets 1 Card of Supreme Comprehension]

[ Ding! Host received a novice gift package!]

Long Ming rubbed his palm as he finally nodded. " En, Now this is something. First, open the novice gift package."

[ Ding! Novice Gift Package opening!]

[ Ding! Host gets Cooking Sage's Knife]

[ Ding! Host gets Wind Jumping Boots!]

[ Ding! Host gets Radiant Pearl!]

[ Ding! Host gets 1 Basic Weapon Mastery Card]

[ Ding! Host's is fortunate! Host gets an SSR Prize: Desolate Immortal Aura]

Long Ming gulped as he nodded. " Well, All of these sound pretty imposing. Heh, Although this Courting Death System Sounds bad, at least it gave of out good rewards."

Long Ming started to read the description of the treasures he got.

[ Supreme Comprehension Card: Using this card, you can comprehend a single technique to its maximum potential, achieving enlightenment and full ability of that technique]

" Well, Alright. This is some good shit." Long Ming nodded as he looked further.

[ Cooking Sage's Knife: The special knife used by the Cooking Sage. Be it vegetables, fruits, or meat of any kind, hold can easily debone, chop, slice, and cut easily. Increase the taste of the stuff also]

[ 11/10 recommended for housewives]

Long Ming's face turned stiff when he saw that.

'Well, Gaccha is gaccha. There is always some crap between some good stuff. Maybe I can sell this?' Long Ming thought.

[ Super Memory Card: You will remember everything Clearly. Its simply a photographic memory]

[ Radiant Pearl: A powerful treasure. In utmost darkness, it can illuminate the surroundings. When triggered as a weapon, it will explode and make a bright flash of light]

Long Ming's face turned black. " So, this basically a flashbang that works as a torch too? Who the hell needs this in Immortal World!!"

[ Basic Weapon Mastery Card: Master the utmost basic of a single type of weapon]

" Well, Fuck."

Long Ming rubbed his forehead. ' What the hell I am going to do with basic techniques when my enemies will be using Immortal Spells?'

' But wait, There is still that last one remaining.'

Long Ming looked at the Desolate Immortal Aura with utmost anticipation. It even got the word, 'Immortal' in it. Doesn't that sound awesome?'

[ Ding! Host acquired Desolate Immortal Aura!]

[ Desolate Immortal Aura: Clears all impurities from your body and fills you with an ethreal aura. Charm increased by 500%]

[Host acquired 'Eloquence'! No need to explain this ability, right?]

[ But still, With Eloquence, Your Bullshit will seem more legit than the real thing]

[Host acquired ' Graceful Bearings!' Host can easily control your expressions and bearing. A classic charlatan]

[ Definitely the best thing material that helps you court death]

[ Host! Please continue to court death for better rewards]

" Your bath and lunch are ready. You better get prepared because the young lady is returning soon"

Long Ming's face was already ugly when he saw the description of Desolate Immortal Aura.

'So, It basically turns me into a pretty boy?'

Long Ming sighed as he saw the Cooking Sage's Knife beside him.

' If I commit suicide, What are the chances I will reincarnate in a better place?'

Long Ming pondered seriously as he held the Cooking God's Knife. But hearing about bath and lunch, his mind changed.

' Mm, Maybe I should commit suicide after lunch. I mean, I at least have to eat a meal in the immortal world, right?'

Long Ming nodded as he went and took a bath. When he came out, he frowned a bit.

" I was that dirty? The water looks so muddy." He mumbled as he wore his clothes.

Mu Qinglian's main maid who helped Long Ming already served food on the table already. Her name was Ling'er.

" When are you coming? The food getting cold."

" I am here."

Ling'er turned around in annoyance. " You are so…"

However, she stopped midway as her eyes widened in shock. Looking at Long Ming who wore a simple robe walked forward and sat on the chair.

" Mm, This smells nice. Thank you, Miss Ling'er, for the meal." Long Ming smiled gracefully as he took a bite of the vegetable stew.

" Mm, This is really tasty. I never ate something like this."

However, Ling'er remained silent as she kept staring at Long Ming.

" Long Ming, right?"

" Yes?" Long Ming stopped eating as he looked at Ling'er. " What happened? Why are you keep staring at me like that?"

" Un, I just feel you look pretty different." Ling'er blushed lightly as she tried to look away.

Long Ming didn't say anything but his heart thumped. ' Could it be… Desolate Immortal Aura?'

' 500% Charm, Eloquence, I should try!'

Long Ming coughed lightly as he gave a bright smile. " What is it, Miss Ling'er? I only took a bath and washed away the dirt on me. Is there any problem?"

" I hope I am not bothering you too much?"

" Ah, No… Not really. I am just doing what the young lady told me." Ling'er spoke as her cheeks turned slightly red. She couldn't help but cast slight glances at Long Ming who was enjoying the food.

' En, Was this fellow always had been this handsome? He feels so different.' Ling'er thought inwardly.

However, Long Ming was secretly pleased. ' Attitude of Ling'er really changed so much. Desolate Immortal Aura is quite something.'

But now, Long Ming understood why it is called the top tired courting death material.

Sure, you can get all the beautiful ladies to go after you. But at what cost? The cost of the envious young masters.

Now Long Ming was weaker than a wild demon chicken. Even someone like Li Jian can kill him with a slap. So, Long Ming had to tread carefully.

After eating, Long Ming walked back to his room. However, he was stunned when he saw Mu Qinglian sitting on the bed.

However, Mu Qinglian was even more surprised than Long Ming when she saw him.

" Eh? What happened to you? Did you apply some makeup?" Mu Qinglian asked. Long Ming's face couldn't help but become a bit strange.

" Where do I have a chance to wear make-up? I am not an eunuch." Long Ming spoke ill-humoredly.

" Well, You are indeed not an eunuch…yet."

Long Ming felt a breeze of cold air under his crotch as he hurriedly bowed. ' Lady Qinglian is a graceful beauty. I beseech you to give me a chance."

Long Ming pulled out his 101 ways to apologize.

Mu Qinglian looked at Long Ming as she asked. " You said you are proficient in four arts, right? How about giving me a demonstration?"

Long Ming was startled as he nodded hurriedly. " Young Lady maybe give me a subject and I will try writing a poem."

" Bamboo." Mu Qinglian spoke. Long Ming smirked as he nodded.

" Very well."

Long Ming secretly opened the system panel as he used the Super Memory Card.

All the years he spent being an internet geek and a bookworm, he could remember everything clearly.

'Well, It's showtime.'

Long Ming coughed lightly as he said the couplet.

Sitting alone in a bamboo grove

Plucking a zither, whistling along

Deep in the forest, in a spot unknown

Waiting for a bright moon to come

Mu Qinglian was startled when she heard Long Ming. " How did you know I play the zither?"

" Eh?" Long Ming was startled as he looked at Mu Qinglian.

" Well, I thought a graceful and elegant lady like you must be proficient in musical instruments."

Long Ming's expression remained calm. But he was mumbling inside, ' So, Even bullshitting, I cans till get one or two right thing, eh?'

Mu Qinglian stood up and nodded. " En, It looks like you are not completely useless. However, It is still so strange."

" I never thought someone completely mortal like you still existed. Even rural village children are at Qi Revolution Realm. However. I couldn't find a shred of True Qi inside you."

Long Ming's face turned stiff as he nodded. " Well, You can say I was trying a different cultivation method."

" But, You are still a mortal, right?" Mu Qinglian asked.

"Perhaps?" Long Ming chuckled. Mu Qinglian walked toward Long Ming as she raised his chin with her slender fingers.

" You know what will happen if I found that you are plotting something, right?"

Long Ming hurriedly nodded. " I know,"

" En, Good. You are sensible. Since you are good at poetry. I will give you a chance. There will be a gathering of young people in my sect. I want you to go forward and win."

" A literature gathering, is it?" Long Ming asked. Mu Qinglian nodded in confirmation.

Long Ming nodded as a smile crept on his lips. " Very well."

" Now, get out."

Long Ming froze when he heard that. Mu Qinglian crossed her arm as she looked at Long Ming. " This room is mine after all."

" Oh, is that so? I am sorry, I will leave…"

However, before Long Ming could leave, his eyes fell on the corner of the room. He could see black embroidery lingerie lying on the chair.

Suddenly, he felt a cold aura as his body froze in terror.

" Oh? It seems you got quite some eyes, huh? How about you stay here for a while and I will teach you some discipline."

" N-No! I don't want to burden young lady" Long Ming gave a nervous smile." I saw nothing at all."

" Hmph! Go out!"

Long Ming nodded as he hurriedly walked outside. But then, he suddenly stopped as he looked at Mu Qinglian.

" Miss Mu… I wish to ask you something."

" En? What is it?"

" What is your cultivation level?"

Mu Qinglian was stunned as a smile crept on her lips.

" Primordial Spirit Unification Realm."

Long Ming was petrified when he heard that. Mu Qinglian chuckled as she closed the door.

' Mother! This game is unfair! I want a refund!!'

[ Ding! Host escaped from a near death situation! Host gets Sky Crackling Beads X2]

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