I Have Infinite Systems In The Immortal World

Riding a flying sword, drinking wine while holding beauties, fighting against a generation of geniuses for opportunities, Who doesn't like such an Immortal World? But not if you are a mortal who got thrown amidst high level cultivators. And Long Ming felt precisely that. Opening his eyes, Long Ming saw he was in the world of immortals. He got surrounded by beauties and luxuries, but what will happen if everyone knows he is just a weak chicken? No grandpa in a ring nor a mysterious broken sword or inheritance pendant. " Where is my Golden Finger!" Long Ming shouted! At that moment, a panel opened before him. [ Ding! Host get Courting Death System!] [ Ding! Host get Goddess Protecting System!] [ Ding! Host get Scumbag System!] Long Ming then realized he got infinite systems in his disposal!

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300 Chs

Grandpa In Ring Where?

" Un… Where am I?"

With eyes fluttering open, he could see his surroundings.

The bronze lamps lit the room and the bed, tables, and furniture were exquisite. Everything in this room gave off a serene, rich but ancient vibe.

' This… This isn't my room! Where am I?"

Stretching his body, he looked at himself.

' What's with this clothing? And this body… What the hell!'

He saw he was wearing a loose red robe, with his hair tied. His physique was moderately lean. However, the most miraculous thing is that he can walk.

' Bloody hell! This isn't my body! Neither this is my room. Could it be… I transmigrated?'

Closing his mind, he tried to calm himself. Suddenly, a surge of memories appeared in his brain as he suddenly sat back on the chair.

Long Ming leaned on the chair as he adjusted his thoughts.

He was a young man from modern Earth who transmigrated here. Long Ming was born into a wealthy family. However, his body was inborn crippled.

His health was fragile due to a rare sickness. That's why Long Ming used to hole up in his room, playing games or using his computer. He did every indoor activity, from drawing to playing music.

He learned that doctors told his parents that he won't live past the age of 20. Long Ming was already ready to face his death when his 19th birthday passed.

' However, how did I trigger my transmigration? I didn't get zapped by lightning or got hit by a truck kun. I didn't fall from a building, didn't have any weird treasures in possession…'

Long Ming sighed as he got up and started to walk. It's been a while since he felt his body this good. Without gasping for breath, sudden chills, and weakness.

" So, This is what a normal body feels like." Long Ming muttered as he looked outside the window.

' Mom, Dad… I know you will miss me. However, you will be happy to see that your son will live on. I will live on, live past 20… Live like an ordinary person.'

Long Ming sighed as he sat back on the chair.

As he was pondering, the door suddenly opened and a person walked inside.

" Oh? You are awake?"

" Un?"

Long Ming jumped on his feet as he was startled. Judging from the looks, she looked like a maid.

" Very good, Stay right there. Young Lady will decide your fate." The maid turned around as she closed the door and left.

Long Ming was speechless.

Decide his fate? What does that mean?"

However, he didn't have to wait for long. The door opened as a girl entered the room.

However, the moment Long Ming saw the girl, he couldn't help but get stunned.

Such a slender body with black lush hair falling to her waist. Her chest was bountiful and her curves were well-proportional. The blue colored dress tightly clung to her body, outlining her curves in a sexy way.

With her limpid almond-like eyes and her red lips like cherry, she looked more stunning than any models Long Ming ever saw.

" I…"

Long Ming stood stunned as he gazed at her from head to toe.

The lady's gaze was calm as she looked at Long Ming. However, Long Ming could see a trace of disdain and mockery in her eyes.

" Do you know why are you here?"

Her voice completely matched her beauty. However, currently, her tone was cold.

Long Ming returned to his senses. " I don't know… I don't even know what place is this. Beautiful sister, can you tell me where am I?"

The girl chuckled coldly when she heard that.

" Oh? I don't think a dying man would need to know that much."

Long Ming became vigilant as he took a step back. " Beautiful sister, Do not scare me. It is not a good occasion for jokes like that."

" Joking?" The girl snorted. " After what you have done, you think I will let you live?"

Long Ming was scared when he saw the girl pulling out a longsword from the sheath.

" Wait! WAIT!"

Long Ming shouted. " What exactly I did do? I just woke up and found myself here!"

The girl snorted. " When I was bathing, you suddenly appeared in the lake. You have seen me naked!"

" I did WHAT!"

Long Ming gritted his teeth when he heard that.

It would be another matter if he really saw her naked. However, he couldn't even remember when he appeared in the so called lake when the girl was bathing.

" This is injustice! I didn't see anything!" Long Ming shouted. The girl looked at Long Ming as she snorted.

" Just because you are saying you are not guilty, you think you are innocent?"

Long Ming retorted. " Going by that logic, just because you said I saw you naked while bathing, I am the culprit? Where is the evidence?"

The girl looked at Long Ming as his sword moved. Long Ming's eyes widened when he couldn't even see when the sword already reached his neck.

" Were you saying something?" The girl asked.

Long Ming cleared his throat as he started to speak.

" Beautiful Sister, one should always follow the path of virtue and mercy. I vow before heaven and earth that I didn't see you naked at all."

" So, hereby…"

His tone became determined.

I beg for mercy. Please, don't kill me! I am so young and I have many ambitions. I can't die yet!"

Long Ming made a pitiful expression as he fell to his knees.

The girl turned speechless when she saw the scene. Somehow, her rage extinguished as she looked at Long Ming.

Long Ming was giving the expression of a puppy who is soaked in rain. However, he was scoffing in his heart.

Hell, Even Sun Tzu said that if you don't have a plan, escape at any cost.

The girl snorted as she looked at Long Ming, as her lips curled up.

" Virtue and mercy? Do you know what kind of place you are at?"

Long Ming shook his head. " I don't know."

The girl let out a chortle when she heard that.

" I will give you two options. First, get killed. Second, get castrated and be my servant."

Long Ming was stunned when he heard the girl.

" How about I choose the third option? How about I do not castrate and be your servant?"

" Oh? And why should I do that?" The girl looked at Long Ming.

Long Ming coughed lightly as he stood up. Flicking his hair, he spoke in a confident tone.

" Be it poem or painting, the game of chess or calligraphy, This young master is proficient in all four arts. I can entertain Young Miss more than anyone."

" Is that so?"

The girl looked at Long Ming with doubtful eyes.

Long Ming sneered inwardly.

' Hmph! I am a person from the modern world. Aren't these types of protagonists dominate with their plagiarized poems and couplets?

' Heh, this young master spent years on the internet and book. How can I not master the art of plagiarism… I mean, the art of literature?'

" Fine, If you are really that good, I will test you personally. But not now…"

The girl sheathed her sword as she looked at Long Ming. Long Ming sighed in relief when he saw the girl wasn't going to kill him…for now.

" Actually, we haven't introduced ourselves." Long Ming spoke in a mild voice.

"Mu Qinglian. My name is Mu Qinglian."

Mu Qinglian spoke as she looked at Long Ming. Long Ming nodded as he pondered.

" Long Ming, You can call me Long Ming."

Mu Qinglian raised her brows when she saw Long Ming didn't get any reaction after hearing her family name.

" Long Ming? What an unusual name." Mu Qinglian spoke as she pursued her lips.

" So, You are saying you are worthy enough to be alive what you have done, hmm?" Mu Qinglian turned around gracefully, " Very well, We shall see."

Mu Qinglian paused as she looked at Long Ming. " The Spider Lily tattoo on your arm, Where did you get it?"

" Which tattoo you are talking about?"

Long Ming was confused as he looked at his arm. His expression changed when he saw his tattoo.

It was like two vines of black and white intertwining on his arm, turning into a bright spider lily.

" This… I also don't know." Long Ming was confused as he looked at the tattoo.

Mu Qinglian looked at Long Ming for a moment before she turned away.

' I wonder if that stinky old man was telling the truth. Long Ming…is he…'

Mu Qinglian blushed a bit as she hurriedly shook her head. After that, she turned around and left.

Long Ming sat on the bed as he sighed. Even now, he couldn't understand the actual fuck is happening.

" At least give me some sort of predecessor's memories." Long Ming sighed. After that, he looked at the door and went out.

His expression froze when he looked at his surroundings.

It was already night. The luxurious garden was shining under the pale moonlight. However, What made Long Ming amazed was the floating mountains in the distance, with some occasional people flying across.

Long Ming turned around and returned to his room. His forehead was covered with sweat as he screamed in his heart.

" Immortal world! I am in a fucking Immortal World!"

' This world is dangerous.'

' WAIT! I must have a golden finger, right?"

Long Ming get up and tried to find something like an ancient ring or cup or pendant.

" Old grandpa! I am the one in a thousand year genius! Please give me your inheritance! I am willing to be your disciple!"

Long Ming spoke in a coy tone. However, there was no response. It looks like grandpa wasn't happy with Long Ming.

" No grandpa?"

Long Ming cursed out as his first plan got wasted.

After that, he started to search for any sort of mysterious broken sword or a cauldron, or an ordinary-looking stick that is a powerful treasure.

Unfortunately, there was none.

' Whew, I guess I only have one remaining choice.'

Long Ming took a deep breath as he looked forward and shouted.

" System!"

[ DING!]

A panel appeared before Long Ming, making him jump in excitement,

" Yes! Finally, a decent thing!"

However, his expression turned stiff when he saw the panel before him.