I Have Five Senior Brothers Book

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I Have Five Senior Brothers

Indifferent Scorpio

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"Gu Qingqing's heart softened for a moment and she saved someone. Who would have thought that because of this, she would become the disciple of the Holy Fox Spirit Lord, whom countless people wanted to acknowledge as their master. She even gained five senior brothers and started the path of becoming spoiled by the group. Eldest Senior Brother was born with the soul of the sword, and he only had the sword in his heart. He was as cold as the snow on a mountain peak, but he smiled at her and refined all kinds of magic robes for her, protecting her behind him. Second senior brother was proficient in music. He looked gentle, but he was cold. He played music for her all night just to kill his enemies, hoping that she could sleep well. The third Senior Brother was a formation master and a playboy. He was flirtatious but not despicable. He never cared about women, but he was willing to charge through the Ten Heavens Immortal Vanquishing Array just to save her. Fourth Senior-apprentice Brother was a genius alchemist. He opened the furnace only to refine pills, but he was willing to research sugar pills for her, just to make her happy. Fifth Senior Brother was a talisman cultivator who was proud and unyielding, yet he was willing to lower his head for her sake and trample his dignity beneath his feet just so she wouldn't be injured. The male protagonist asked, ""What about me?"" Senior Brothers replied, ""Get lost, Junior Sister is ours!""


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