I Have Countless Clones

Crossing over to an independent urban world where martial arts and immortal law coexisted, the only thing Lin Shen could rely on was his clone's golden finger. "Clone cultivation, the host becomes stronger." "Clone [Pure Flame Body]: Flame attribute techniques cultivation speed +300%, Blazing Flame Palm, Melting Hand, Pure Flame Sword Skill... Any flame attribute techniques at your service. You can become a master in a day!" "Clone [Natural Daoist Body]: cultivation speed +500%. All martial arts techniques can be understood at first glance, and will be integrated, crushing all geniuses!" "Clone [Non-self Sword God]: Sword art technique power +200%, sword art technique cultivation speed +200%. No matter how strong you are, I will cut you down with one strike!" ... "You never know how many clones are trying to cultivate behind the person you are talking to in front of you!" "What does it have to do with me if my clone did it?" "Don't try to outnumber me cuz you can't!"

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The Third Clone

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Bumping into the Martial Enforcement Hall chasing criminals was just a small interlude, and Lin Shen quickly forgot about it.

From then on, other than attending classes and spending two hours a day traveling to and from the martial arts school, he focused all his attention on cultivation.

The two clones also cultivated day and night, showing no fatigue.

Time passed quickly.

A week later, Lin Shen finally made a breakthrough.

[Name: Lin Shen]

[Talent: Above Average]

[Stage: Qi Transformation Level 5, 2%]

[Technique: Original Breathing Technique (Mastery 32%), Blazing Sun Palm (Beginner 77%)]

[Number of clones: 2 (100%)]

"Qi Transformation Level 5!"

Lin Shen heaved a sigh of relief, and a heartfelt smile appeared on his face.

His cultivation level increased faster than he had expected. It only took him a total of eight days to break through from the fourth Level 4 to Level 5.

If other people heard about such a shocking cultivation speed, their eyes would pop in astonishment.

"Moreover, the third clone's creation progress has reached 100%!"

Lin Shen looked at the two clones sitting cross-legged opposite him. With a thought, a blurry shadow suddenly separated from his body, and walked a few meters away before stopping.

The shadow quickly condensed. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a human who looked exactly like him.

[Clone 3]

[Talent: Pure Yang Body]

[Stage: Qi Transformation Level 5, 2%]

[Current Cultivation: None]

"Pure Yang body?"

Lin Shen's expression changed, and he immediately focused on the new clone.

[Pure Yang Body: Cultivation speed of Yang-type cultivation techniques +300%, power of Yang-type cultivation techniques +100%]

Lin Shen gasped.

Cultivation speed increased by 300%?

What kind of concept was this?


Lin Shen suddenly realized that the Blazing Sun Palm was a Yang-type cultivation technique!

Overjoyed, Lin Shen immediately let Clone 3 cultivate the Blazing Sun Palm.

Soon, the sound of whistling wind resonated in the living room.

Lin Shen's eyes gradually lit up as he watched.

It was completely different from how he usually cultivated the Blazing Sun Palm. Clone 3's palm technique movements had something spiritual about it, which wasn't stiff or sluggish at all.

He had only seen such movements in one person.

That was Kong Hong, who was in charge of teaching them cultivation classes.

Back when he taught his student the Blazing Sun Palm, Kong Hong had demonstrated a few movements.

It was said that Kong Hong's Blazing Sun Palm had already reached Mastery.

"Is this the effect of the Pure Yang Body…"

Lin Shen muttered to himself in surprise.

After Clone 3 finished practicing the Blazing Sun Palm, Lin Shen immediately looked at the interface.

[Clone 3]

[Talent: Pure Yang Body]

[Stage: Qi Transformation Level 5, 2%]

[Current Cultivation: Blazing Sun Palm (Beginner 77%+1%)]

"A 1% increase in progress after one practice?!"

Lin Shen was pleasantly surprised.

Even Clone 2, who had the talent Above Average, had to cultivate the Blazing Sun Palm six to seven times to increase its progress by 1%.

Compared to Clone 3, that was so weak!

Lin Shen looked up at Clone 3 as if he was looking at a rare treasure.

He had reached the fifth level of the Qi Transformation Stage. In the entire Willow Academy, he could be ranked in the top ten among ordinary students.

If he could make some achievement in the Blazing Sun Palm, it was almost certain that he would obtain a ranking in the competition!

If his Blazing Sun Palm could reach Master, then he would at least have an 80% chance of obtaining first place!

Clone 3 certainly came at the right time.

It took a while for Lin Shen to calm down from his ecstasy. He looked at Clone 3 and saw it was only panting slightly despite having practiced a whole set of the palm technique, whereas he would sweat profusely after practicing the palm technique.

It further emphasized the Pure Yang Body was particularly efficient in cultivating Yang-type cultivation techniques!

"Next, I'll let Clone 3 focus on cultivating the Blazing Sun Palm. As for the Origin Breathing Technique, I'll leave it to Clone 1 and Clone 2!"

Lin Shen quickly made up his mind.

Other than that, he could also switch talents at any time according to the situation.

He would switch to Perseverance when working part-time at the martial arts school.

When cultivating the Blazing Sun Palm, he would switch to the Pure Yang Body.

When cultivating the Original Breathing Technique, he would switch to Above Average.

If he could exclude the fact that he needed to sleep and rest, his cultivation efficiency was about as good as his clones.

"I wonder how long it will take to create the fourth clone?"

[Clone 4]

[Forming. Current progress: 0%]

Lin Shen was overwhelmed with emotions as he watched the interface.

As the number of clones increased, his strength would only increase faster and faster!

Sooner or later, he would surpass those so-called geniuses!

In the spacious and bright gymnasium, dozens of students were practicing the Blazing Sun Palm.

Kong Hong casually walked back and forth in the crowd, looking around and occasionally correcting the mistakes of the students.

When he walked past Lin Shen, he glanced at this student whom he favored and nodded to himself. Then, he continued walking forward.

However, after taking a few steps, Kong Hong suddenly turned around and walked back. He widened his eyes and looked at Lin Shen, his gaze gradually filled with surprise.

"Qi Transformation Stage, Level 5?!"

Kong Hong subconsciously rubbed his eyes, wondering if he was hallucinating.

However, no matter how many times he looked at it, the aura that erupted from Lin Shen's body and the strength he displayed with his every move proved that he had indeed advanced to the fifth level of the Qi Transformation Stage.

After pausing for a moment, Kong Hong couldn't help but interrupt Lin Shen's cultivation. He asked hesitantly,

"Lin Shen, have you broken through to the fifth level of the Qi Transformation Stage?"

Lin Shen stopped his practice and nodded calmly. "Yes, Mr. Kong."

Even though Kong Hong had anticipated this, when he heard Lin Shen admit it, Kong Hong couldn't help but gasp.

It had only been eight days since Lin Shen advanced to the fourth level, wasn't it?

He made another breakthrough in such a short time. That speed was incredible!

Kong Hong wondered if he had made a mistake. Could Lin Shen be a genius that only appeared once in a hundred years?

Seeing Kong Hong standing rooted to the ground with his mouth agape, Lin Shen cleared his throat and gave the explanation he had long prepared.

"Speaking of which, I have to thank you, Mr. Kong. If you hadn't introduced me to that part-time job, which provided me with the money to buy spirit beast meat, I wouldn't have been able to break through so quickly!"

"Is that so…" Kong Hong was stunned.

When he thought about it, if Lin Shen really were a genius, he wouldn't have been able to stay unnoticed for two years.

He decided Lin Shen probably was. He had the spirit beast meat to assist in his cultivation now, which was why he had advanced by leaps and bounds. He probably had accumulated a long time before making this achievement.

Kong Hong didn't feel so shocked when he thought about it that way.

That had to be it. The idea of rising by one level in eight days was simply too incredible.

Even so, Kong Hong's evaluation of Lin Shen still increased greatly.

What a rare talent!

Unfortunately, he wasn't skillful enough in the Blazing Sun Palm, which was only at the Beginner level.

If he reached Proficient, he would have little problem entering the top ten in the competition in 20 days.

Lin Shen didn't know what Kong Hong was thinking. Seeing that Kong Hong seemed to have accepted his explanation, he heaved a sigh of relief.

"Looks like I have to find a technique to restrain my aura. Otherwise, I'll attract the attention of others every time," Lin Shen thought to himself.

While Kong Hong had calmed down, the students around Lin Shen were in an uproar.

"Lin Shen has broken through to the fifth level of the Qi Transformation Stage?!"

"Shit! Is this for real? Didn't he just advance to the fourth level last week?"

"Mr. Kong said it himself. It has to be true!"

"That's so fast!"

"This time, our class also has students at the fifth level!"

"This cultivation level can definitely put him in the top ten of our year!"

Everyone discussed among themselves, and many people looked at Lin Shen in surprise.

Zheng Hongsheng and Xu Yuan were the most shocked.

They never expected that Lin Shen would actually break through again after only eight days!

He was usually so quiet and ordinary, but why did his cultivation level rise so fast recently that he seemed to be on a rocket ride?