4 Cultivation Lesson

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The afternoon consisted of cultivation classes, and the students were obviously much more enthusiastic than in the morning.

Compared to boring cultural knowledge, students were more interested in cultivation, even though most of them couldn't even participate in the final examination.

There were a total of three courses in cultivation, which corresponded to the fundamental cultivation techniques of the three major sects.

The Blazing Sun Palm of the Nine Suns Sect!

High Waves of the Raging Waves Sect!

Catkin Palm of the Azure Frost Sect!

According to the cultivation technique, students could only choose one of the three courses.

Zheng Hongsheng, Xu Yuan, and Lin Shen all practiced the Blazing Sun Palm, so the three of them attended the same course.

In the spacious and bright stadium.

The students dispersed and focused on practicing the Blazing Sun Palm. They followed the instructions to the tee.

Kong Hong, the instructor, walked back and forth in the crowd and would give guidance and correct the students' mistakes from time to time.

"Don't use brute force. Sense the strength of your body and correct it when needed.

"Your arms, chest, waist, abdomen, thighs, and even all other muscles in the body have to participate in the exerting of force.

"When you can integrate your essence and blood into the technique, and when your hand movement creates a blazing red heat wave, you've reached Proficient in this technique!"

Zheng Hongsheng and Xu Yuan curled their lips.


Apart from the children of influential families, only a handful of people in the Willow Academy could reach Proficient in the Blazing Sun Palm.

Lin Shen didn't pay attention to their reactions. He focused on cultivating the Blazing Sun Palm and was completely immersed in his own world.

Just like the Origin Breathing Technique, the Blazing Sun Palm could also temper the body.

The two techniques worked in different ways. The Blazing Sun Palm was used more in battles, as the tempering effect wasn't as obvious as the Origin Breathing Technique.

Because of this, Lin Shen had spent most of his energy on cultivating the Origin Breathing Technique and had only reached Beginner in the Blazing Sun Palm.

However, this was also the norm for most students.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Moving fists made endless whistling sounds in the stadium, and sometimes it sounded as if the air was torn apart.

Kong Hong walked slowly into the crowd, his eyes scanning the crowd.


His gaze paused and landed on Lin Shen, who was a few steps away. Kong Hong exclaimed softly.

"Qi Transformation Level 4!"

As a Long Breath cultivator and a teacher for many years, Kong Hong's judgment was not to be underestimated.

Just from Lin Shen's subtle movements, he could tell that Lin Shen's body had already reached the fourth level of the Qi Transformation Stage.

"I remember Lin Shen was only at the third level yesterday…" Kong Hong seemed surprised.

At that point, Lin Shen had already completed a set of palm techniques. His top was already drenched in sweat, and a faint white steam rose from his exposed neck and arms.

He summoned the interface and saw that the progress of the Blazing Sun Palm was still at Beginner 57%. There was no increase.

Lin Shen was not discouraged.

According to his past experience, he had to practice six to seven sets of palm techniques on average to increase his progress by 1%.

Although that was far slower than his clones, he never slackened in his daily cultivation.

Even the smallest effort would count. Although he wasn't very talented, as long as he kept practicing, he would improve in the end.

"Did you make a breakthrough last night?"

Hearing the gentle voice, Lin Shen turned around and saw Kong Hong beside him, looking at him with a smile.

"Yes, Mr. Kong." Lin Shen nodded.

Hearing this, the smile on Kong Hong's face widened, and he patted Lin Shen on his shoulder.

"Good job! Keep up the good work!"

Apart from the disciples of influential families, a person at the fourth level of the Qi Transformation Stage was already outstanding among ordinary students.

Kong Hong knew that Lin Shen was an orphan from a welfare institute. The boy was impoverished and barely had any cultivation resources. His perseverance and hard work were what took him so far, which was very rare.

After giving Lin Shen a few more words of encouragement, Kong Hong turned around and continued his patrol.

As soon as he left, Zheng Hongsheng and Xu Yuan rushed over, their faces filled with surprise.

"That's so impressive, Lin Shen! You've broken through to the fourth level of the Qi Transformation Stage!"

Xu Yuan couldn't hide the envy in his eyes.

For ordinary students, that was already an impressive achievement.

In their entire class, there were only five or six people who had reached the fourth level of the Qi Transformation Stage.

Seeing their envious and surprised gazes, Lin Shen only shook his head slightly.

"I still have so much to do."

Compared to his expectations for the future, this breakthrough was only a small improvement.

Lin Shen meant every word he said, but Xu Yuan and Zheng Hongsheng only thought that he was being humble and didn't take it seriously at all.

"I have to work harder. I must break through to the fourth level of the Qi Transformation Stage before the exam!" Xu Yuan said seriously.

He believed he was much more talented than Lin Shen. Since the latter could break through to the fourth level so quickly, he could definitely do the same.

Zheng Hongsheng's eyes flickered as well.

Everything was fine when the three of them were all at the third level. None of them was better than the others.

Now that Lin Shen was one step ahead, the other two immediately became competitive.

Among the three people, Zheng Hongsheng was the most talented. Otherwise, he wouldn't have reached the third level like Xu Yuan and Lin Shen when he only made some sporadic effort in his cultivation.

He believed if he cultivated diligently like Lin Shen, he would soon reach the fourth level or even surpass Lin Shen!

Seeing the changes in their expressions, Lin Shen immediately guessed what they were thinking, but he didn't care.

While they were chatting, the two clones were cultivating in his mind.

With his clones, his cultivation efficiency had already reached a level that was beyond ordinary people's imagination.

When class was about to end, Kong Hong clapped his hands to catch the students' attention.

"Alright, stop for a moment, and come here!"

After the students lined up, Kong Hong cleared his throat and raised his voice.

"I have an announcement to make. On the 15th of next month, the academy will hold a competition. Only third-year students are allowed to sign up. Students who get into the top ten will receive generous rewards!"

As soon as he said this, there was a commotion among the students.

Someone immediately raised their hand and asked, "Sir, what's the reward?"

Kong Hong didn't keep them in suspense and simply said,

"The reward for first place is a bottle of Origin Pills; for second to fourth place, six pills; and for fifth to tenth, three pills."

The crowd was in an uproar.

"Holy crap, the Origin Pill?!"

"The academy is so generous!"

"What a generous reward!"

Many students' eyes lit up.

Lin Shen's heart skipped a beat.

The name of the pill suggested it to be a medicine that assisted in cultivating the Origin Breathing Technique. It could greatly increase the cultivation efficiency of the technique and help the tempering of the body.

Although it was only a low-level medicinal pill, it was a luxury item to ordinary people.

The price of the Origin Pill on the market was 5,000 spirit coins per pill, which was more than the monthly income of an ordinary office worker. Lin Shen's monthly allowance was only 800 spirit coins.

A bottle contained 12 pills and was worth 60,000 spirit coins. To the students here, that was undoubtedly a huge sum of money.

Even Zheng Hongsheng, who came from a wealthy family, couldn't help but feel tempted when he heard the contents of the reward.

However, he soon shook his head in frustration.

"The rewards are generous, but becoming the top ten is easier said than done. With those disciples of the influential families around, how can ordinary students like us obtain the rewards?"

"That's not necessarily true!" Xu Yuan snorted. "How would those guys care about such a small reward? They have eaten countless Origin Pills since they were young. I reckon they won't even participate in this competition!"

"That's true. Those guys have always been arrogant… But even so, there are so many capable students in the third year. Our chances of getting into the top ten are very slim."

This time, Xu Yuan had nothing to say.

Excluding the disciples of influential families, there were more than ten graduating classes in the third year of Willow Academy. At least seven or eight students had reached the fifth level of the Qi Transformation Stage and above. There were also thirty or forty people at the fourth level. Xu and Zheng were only at the third level, and it was almost impossible for them to enter the top ten.

Lin Shen had some hope, but it wasn't very high.

"The Origin Pill…"

Lin Shen's eyes flickered.

Obviously, this competition was the last benefit given to graduating students by the academy before the examination, especially to ordinary students.

The examination was two months away. If he could obtain the Origin Pill, even if he only had three, he might reach another level!

Without a doubt, this competition was a rare opportunity.

This was even more so for Lin Shen, who currently lacked cultivation resources.

"The 15th of next month… There's still nearly a month!"

Lin Shen pursed his lips and already had a plan in mind.

No matter what, he had to get the Origin Pill!

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