400% Luck

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Huo Jiling knew that Li Muyao was close to Color Hair. They were more or less like biological siblings.

When Color Hair looked at Huo Jiling, his eyes were full of suspicion and vigilance, not to mention how complicated his look was.

The olive branch of friendship Color Hair suddenly extended Huo Jiling made him a bit flattered. He directly agreed without thinking about it.

Chen Qing and Liu Gucheng couldn't look in the eyes of this legendary big boss.

"Jiling, if you don't want me to draw the ball for you, you can do it yourself."

Li Muyao was a bit sorry to Huo Jiling. She was worried that Huo Jiling might want to join such an activity. After all, he could only enjoy the fun of any activity when he participated in it himself.

"No, Muyao, you can do it for me. I trust you!"

It wasn't that Huo Jiling believed in Li Muyao blindly, but in the last few months since he promised his grandma to come to Yang City, he had gotten quite a lot of "understanding" and feedback about Li Muyao from Chen Qing and Liu Gucheng.

Because of that, Huo Jiling also wanted to see with his own eyes what exactly was the magical carp luck of this girl Color Hair talked about.

Li Muyao smiled. How could Huo Jiling be so cute?

He was too easy-going!

Color Hair had no idea why Sister Yao suddenly smiled when she saw Huo Jiling. He inexplicably felt like Huo Jiling was an eyesore!

"Since Xiao Huo is willing to let Muyao draw the ball for him, I'll tell the colleagues of another branch about it later, so their customers won't misunderstand the situation."

Right, Chen Qing was 100% sure that his boss had indeed been going after Li Muyao since he started contacting them!

Chen Qing took Li Muyao, Color Hair, and Huo Jiling to the main hall of the nursing home. The other premium customers of Xinghong Securities were gathered there. The director of the nursing home was also standing on the side excitedly with huge expectations. When Li Muyao and the others had just arrived in the nursing home, they had already met the director.

Of course, the director was so thrilled because he had never thought these volunteers who came today would donate some money to the nursing home.

The amount of donation would be determined by the number balls these volunteers drew from the lucky draw box.

This nursing home was rebuilt by the director using a few houses of his family. It had been thirty years now and they were still expanding constantly, from taking in the lonely elderly in the village to accepting more and more old people who had no children or those who weren't visited by their children and grandchildren.

Even though the nursing home had always received donations from many kind people, their expenses weren't small. After all, they were a private nursing home and their fees were low, so it was, in fact, really stressful and difficult to operate. Besides, the villages around here had already been demolished and rebuilt into an urban village recently. A lot of developers were preying on the land in the director's hands.

The developers played some tricks and the nursing home hadn't had any donations for almost a year. So, the sudden call from Xinghong Securities lately about the volunteer charity event they were organizing was like a God-sent for the director and all the elderly.

No matter how much Xinghong Securities donated, the director of the nursing home would appreciate it very much!

Of course, the director would be more excited if there was a larger amount of donations!

He didn't want these elderly and himself to become homeless people who had no one to count on in the end.

"Manager Chen, now that the customers are all here, let's start the lucky draw. Everyone should know the rules, right? Yes, each of you draws one number ball. The number on each ping-pong ball represents the amount of money our company will donate and the unit behind each number is ten thousand.

"With each number on the number ball drawn, we'll write your names. This isn't just a donation made under the name of our company, but a donation under everyones' names!"

The manager from another branch spoke.

There were two teams, one was Chen Qing and Liu Gucheng's branch, and the other was the branch of that manager who had just spoken.

"Why are we so unlucky? We've already gotten 1 to 18 after drawing the balls."

"Yea, the best one was only No.18. I was thinking we could draw bigger numbers for the nursing home!"

"Me too! But we're not lucky enough. We didn't draw any number greater than 25."

"It's alright. Even if we didn't get any large numbers, the other team should be able to get them. After all, our branch has already drawn out the small digits."

"You're right…"

"Wait, is that pretty girl on our team?"

"No. Didn't you hear just now? She's drawing the ball for that handsome boy. Hasn't Manager Chen explained it already?"

"Oh, I didn't notice… God! Did I see it correctly? The pretty girl seems to have gotten an impressive number. It's 89, not 68, right?"

Those premium customers participating in the lucky draw all wanted to get more money for the nursing home, but their numbers didn't seem to be big.

They all got numbers from 1 to 25 and they were a bit discouraged.

So, when they suddenly saw Li Muyao get No.89, everyone was immediately astonished!

"Everyone, please be quiet. Miss Li Muyao has indeed got No.89. This No.89 represents Mr. Huo Jiling. Okay, the Tianhong District has already finished drawing the balls. Customers from the Gaochun District can start now."

Manager Li was the host. He quickly controlled the audience in a clamor of surprised voices.

Li Muyao continued to do her part and drew the second number ball that represented hers. Once she took out a ball and had a look, she immediately smiled. "I got No.100!"

After hearing what Li Muyao said, everyone surrounded her. It was really No.100, the number ball that represented a million yuan!

Before everyone could react, Li Muyao drew another number ball for Color Hair. When she looked at it, she smiled even brighter. "This is the number ball I drew for my brother. It's No.99, not No.66, right?"

"Oh my God! Is this pretty girl some superwoman who can see through things hired by the nursing home?"

"No.100, No.99, and No.89!!! Five million yuan donation. Nice!"

"Her luck is truly impressive! Was she arranged by Xinghong Securities?"

"Are you stupid? We've been working with Xinghong Securities for so many years. When have they cheated us?"

They were all premium customers of Xinghong Securities. Those handling fees and service charges for the stocks and funds they gave Xinghong Securities every year were at least a million yuan each. Besides, Xinghong Securities had always brought their premium customers to all kinds and forms of charity events. Why have they always been supported and loved by these premium customers? It was because Xinghong Securities…

Never cheated their customers!

This was also why Xinghong Securities could become the top securities company in the country and have more than tens of millions of premium customers!

Chen Qing and Liu Gucheng, who had already seen Li Muyao's good fortune, gasped again. Their company thought there weren't many customers participating in this event, so they would just donate around four million yuan. And yet, with Li Muyao here, the donation amount increased by almost three million yuan.

However, they were wrong. In the end, Li Muyao didn't just raise the amount by three million, but seven million, after drawing for others.