I Have Awakened The Deduction System

He Chuan transmigrated to an alternate world where everyone could reincarnate. In this world, all citizens who reached 18 years old could acquire a chance to temporarily reincarnate to another world. They could reincarnate to various worlds such as an Eastern fantasy world, Xianxia world, Western fantasy world, an urban world with advanced martial arts, or even a sci-fi world of the future. They would acquire a mission along with the ability required to survive in that particular world. If they successfully completed the mission, they would become a permanent Reincarnator. They could then embark on the journey of being rich and successful. If they failed the mission, they would become ordinary commoners. The gates to the new worlds would be forever closed to them. He Chuan reincarnated to his first world. [You reincarnated into a world of martial arts. You are an orphan and a loser. You awakened the Deduction System.] He Chuan devoted himself to deducting various kinds of martial arts. He extracted the essence of each technique and merged them into a unique system. In the end, he became the greatest legend in Jianghu. [You acquired S rank evaluation. You may choose to keep the power you gained during this reincarnation and use it again in your future reincarnations.] He Chuan chose to keep the Deduction System decisively. He then reincarnated to his second world. [You reincarnated to a fantasy world. You are talented and are the eldest son in the royal family.] Sit back and enjoy as He Chuan breaks through the limits of the world and crushes the void.

Another Chance At Being Human · Eastern
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Chapter 18, Seeing the Bully Girl Again

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Chapter 18, Seeing the Bully Girl Again

The family chatted for a while.

When relatives and friends heard the news, they all ran over to give their blessings.

They all looked at He Chuan with respect and envy in their eyes.

A reincarnator.

This was an existence that many ordinary people had to look up to in their entire lives.

They did not expect that a child who had successfully broken the shackles of the social class would appear in their family.

It was truly the blessing of the ancestors.

Many passers-by secretly regarded this child from the He family as a benchmark.

Everyone was from the slums. Since your He family could nurture the descendants of reincarnators, why can't we?

For a time, everyone's hearts were filled with motivation.

He Chuan's appearance undoubtedly brought a shock to the beliefs of these people who lived at the lowest level.

In this world, nothing is impossible.

It just doesn't happen to you.

If you work hard enough, you can still change the future.

After that, He Chuan moved to a new house with his parents.

On the side of the manor villa, the reincarnated guards assigned to He Chuan were already doing their protection assignment.

According to Ke Yuan, this group of people would be responsible for protecting He Chuan's family and property, so that he would have no worries when he reincarnated.

Everyone was powerful, and they were all professional bodyguards.

Usually, they relied on this kind of protection work to earn reincarnation points.

With the government's funding, they had spent a lot of money to invite them over.

He Chuan expressed his gratitude for this.

His parents were honest people who had never seen the world, let alone experienced wealth and honor.

When they came to the manor and saw the luxurious decoration inside, they were all very restrained.

When they were choosing the room, they chose the most simple room among the many luxurious ones.

If he remembered correctly, this seemed to be a place for the servants to live.

In the end, this caused the servants to become restrained.

He Chuan repeatedly comforted them, but the effect was still not great.

He had no choice but to let the two elders and the servants slowly get used to it.

After a series of matters were settled, the sun had already set and it was time to rest.

At this moment, Ke Yuan stood up and took his leave.

"I've already arranged the manpower for the manor. Leave all kinds of matters to the butler. You guys can stay here in peace. If there's anything, call this number."

As he spoke, Ke Yuan handed over a business card. He told He Chuan to call the higher-ups directly when he ran into a problem that he couldn't solve. There would be people assigned to handle it.

"Thank you for your trouble, Mr. Ke."

He Chuan nodded, "I want to start the next reincarnation as soon as possible. Is there any way to obtain the number of times?"

"This is a little troublesome. Usually, if the reincarnators want to reincarnate again, they have to undergo a series of evaluations to avoid wasting resources."

Ke Yuan thought for a moment, "Leave it to me. Since the coalition government has already planned to train you, they will definitely not be stingy in this aspect. After all, the faster you grow, the better it will be for them."

"What benefits will they have?" He Chuan was a little curious.

"You'll understand the benefits of being strong in the future. Don't think too much about it now."

Ke Yuan smiled slightly and didn't elaborate.

He Chuan expressed his understanding. He took the business card and watched the other leave.

"Why do I always feel a sense of crisis?"

He Chuan tried to use the system's deductive ability to obtain some information.

In the end...

[In the process of deducing the event, adding the parameter 'not getting stronger', 'future', 'Original World'... The number of prediction development of the storylines is unknown, and unable to obtain the optimal solution. Forcefully deducing the prediction will take a trillion years.]

Alright, I don't have enough brain power, forget it.

He Chuan yawned.

After working for so long, he was physically and mentally exhausted.

He went straight upstairs to prepare the water, took off his clothes, and immersed his entire body in the water.

The luxurious bathtub came with its own massage function.

He Chuan enjoyed the subtle touch coming all over his body. At the same time, he opened the reincarnators forum and began to understand the knowledge that only reincarnators could gain.

The forum was more lively than he had imagined.

Every time he refreshed it, there would be many new posts.

There were fights, insults, discussions, and sharing. Everything was there.

He Chuan ignored these contents. After filtering out most of the popular posts, he finally found something he was interested in.

The first was "100 knowledge points that a new reincarnator must know".

This was an academic post.

It listed a lot of problems that a new reincarnator might encounter, as well as suggestions.

He was immersed in it, but halfway through, someone suddenly knocked on the door.

"Come in, the door isn't locked."

He Chuan originally thought that it would be his parents who would come in and ask him if they had any equipment.

However, a fragrant wind blew and a crisp voice that sounded like an oriole rang in his ears.

"Sir Reincarnator, I am the secretary sent by Mr. Ke and am in charge of serving you."

Secretary? Serving?

He Chuan turned around in confusion. The voice sounded familiar, but he could not tell who it was.

The lights in the bathroom were not turned on.

For the sake of extreme relaxation, he chose a dark environment.

Right now, only the floor-to-ceiling windows that were close to the bathtub could be seen. The neon lights that were used for decoration flickered.

Amidst the flickering lights, one could only see a young girl with a graceful figure and sexy clothes. She was carrying a crystal bowl filled with spirit foods and spirit fruits as she approached.

She placed the thing in her hand on the edge of the bathtub and asked softly.

"Sir, do you want to eat something?"

"No, I'm not hungry."

"Then... shall I massage your shoulders?"

"This bathtub has a massage function."

He Chuan's voice was flat, "Go out, I don't need anyone to serve me. Go back and tell Mr. Ke to change your jobs."


In the darkness, the young girl's body trembled as she knelt on the ground, her voice trembling.

"Sir reincarnator, what did Wenyue do wrong? You can hit and scold her however you want... Please don't chase me away..."


He Chuan was a little helpless, "Get up then talk."

The young girl only slowly raised her head, not daring to get up.

At this moment, the neon lights suddenly brightened up a little, shining on her pretty face that had traces of tears on it.

The two looked at each other and exclaimed at the same time.

"It's you?"

He Chuan was shocked.

Wasn't this the girl who had occupied his 50 reincarnation points before he reincarnated?

How did she come here?

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