39 39. It's Time (18+)

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Wei Lan, who was still shocked, couldn't do anything. She was lying on the ground, and Lin Xian was above her.

The eyes of the two of them were still looking at each other; Lin Xian's breath was panting as he smiled, looking at the beautiful woman under him.

"Is this your true form?" Wei Lan asked without blinking.

"Huh, what do you mean?" Lin Xian asked back.

"You're a mixed race who can change his form anytime!" Wei Lan said in disbelief.

Wei Lan's face looked livelier because she was more curious about Lin Xian.

"No, you don't need to know." Lin Xian said with a faint smile, then looked at the woman's big breasts.

But soon, Lin Xian shook his head and was about to rise to his feet.

"No! Come here!"

Before Lin Xian could get up, Wei Lan wrapped both hands around Lin Xian's neck and quickly pulled him towards her face.

In that instant, their lips touched for a second.

Lin Xian widened his eyes in surprise as their lips were currently touching.

Even Wei Lan's big breasts pressed perfectly against Lin Xian's broad chest.

The bodies of the two of them were currently overlapping, which made the position even closer.

 Wei Lan opened her lips slowly and stuck out her tongue, Wei Lan's tongue trying to enter Lin Xian's mouth.

Still shocked by the incident, Lin Xian could only let this woman do her thing. Crushed his lips to absent all the teeth in his mouth. Their tongues met together, and they licked each other.

'Damn, I did! How long has it been since I've kissed a woman?' Lin Xian thought as he slowly enjoyed his kiss with Wei Lan.

Lin Xian is aware that he has become a handsome 18-year-old male figure and will not waste this opportunity. After all, in his previous life, his actual age was also enough to do this. 27 years old.

Lin Xian's hands immediately grabbed Wei Lan's big breasts and squeezed them gently while undressing Wei Lan.

"Ahhhh hmmmm!"

 Wei Lan sighed as she closed her eyes as felt the pleasure of Lin Xian's touch.

Not only squeezed, but Lin Xian also licked and sucked Wei Lan's nipples.


Of course, it made her couldn't stand it.

Lin Xian took off his clothes and threw them in all directions.

The two of them were currently completely naked.

"You have a good body, too, boy!" Wei Lan said, who was getting hot while touching Lin Xian's body.


Lin Xian sighed as the woman's hand rested on his perfectly hardened manhood.

Wei Lan smiled slyly and then pushed Lin Xian backward, causing Lin Xian to immediately lay helplessly on the ground.

Then, Wei Lan suddenly held Lin Xian's manhood, which had stood so perfectly.

"You have such perfect assets!" Wei Lan said happily.

 Wei Lan held it tightly and shook it gently; before long, she immediately put Lin Xian's manly assets into her mouth.

"Ahhhh!" Lin Xian sighed heavily when Wei Lan licked and sucked his manly assets.

Lin Xian closed his eyes tightly when he could finally feel the pleasure of that touch again. He doesn't know when was the last time he had sex with another woman in his previous life, which made him want to feel what it's like to have sex with a woman who is currently sucking his manly assets.

Lin Xian, who was already hot with the game, immediately sat down and smiled faintly at Wei Lan. Lin Xian put the woman to lie down and lifted her two legs.

Lin Xian, who was impatient, then quickly guided his manly assets to break through Wei Lan's cave which was already wet waiting for Lin Xian's manly assets.



Even though it was a bit difficult the first time, Lin Xian tried slowly to be able to suppress and insert his manly assets into Wei Lan's wet cave.

 Wei Lan squeezed Lin Xian's arms tightly, then bit her lower lip as she closed her eyes as Lin Xian's manly assets had completely entered her wet cave.

Lin Xian pumped slowly, giving a rhythm that was so comfortable that both of them could feel good.

Lin Xian closed his eyes while giving a boost that made him feel the beauty of heaven on earth.

'Ahhhh, so delicious! I really can finally have the chance to do this!' thought Lin Xian as he continued to give subtle tugs to his fists.

The two of them didn't care if anyone was watching, but what they were sure of right now was the pleasure they could feel.

But there was no way anyone would be around that place since it was a dense suburban forest. And it is impossible to be visited by many people.

Lin Xian continued to pump up his manly assets to fully enter Wei Lan's genitals.

Lin Xian pulled Wei Lan's body and made her sit on his lap. Wei Lan shook her buttocks quickly in a rhythm that made both of them feel the pleasure of intercourse.

Lin Xian was almost at his peak; he lifted Wei Lan's body until finally, the two of them were currently standing but still in a state where Lin Xian's manly assets were in Wei Lan's genitals.

Lin Xian held Wei Lan's plump buttocks, leading her to a large tree not far from them.

Lin Xian immediately leaned on Wei Lan's back, and that's when Lin Xian, holding Wei Lan's thighs, gave a quick jolt that made Wei Lan sigh in pleasure and squirm.

"Ahhhh ahhh ahhhh!!!"

Finally, they both let out a long screech when it reached its peak.

Lin Xian immediately went limp and slumped his body on the ground.

 Wei Lan also did the same and laid her head on Lin Xian's chest.

"Would you like to tell me," Wei Lan asked.

"What?" Lin Xian asked.

"Who exactly are you?" Wei Lan asked.

"You don't need to know!" Lin Xian said flatly, which instantly made Wei Lan's face ugly.

Lin Xian smiled broadly as he looked at the loose sky above him.

After they rested and dressed again, they decided to continue their journey to a place.

Headed to the place where Wei Lan would lead.

"Okay then, since you can fly alone, come follow me!" Wei Lan said and shot towards the sky.

Lin Xian smiled faintly, then before long, he immediately took out the wings of the Heavenly Demon Crow and then shot up high into the air.

Even though they had just had sex, it felt like they had forgotten it.

"What kind of place are we going to?" Lin Xian asked curiously.

 Wei Lan pondered momentarily, then replied, "The place we went to is called the Valley of Death. According to legend, that place was where two powerful cultivators fought."

"It is rumored that both of them had been injured and eventually died there and left their legacy." Wei Lan said seriously.

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