I Have a Time Travel Simulator

The more he got into the Comprehensive world, Kitahara Hakushu initially thought it was just an ordinary everyday Comprehensive world. Who would have thought that after entering high school, unusual things would happen one after another, and I would wake myself up through the simulator. Since then, Kitahara Hakushu has embarked on a path of becoming invincible. [Demon Slayer, Campione!, No Game No Life, Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo...] ---------------- Support me and get access to additional chapters. www.patreon.com/Yullain ---------------- Original Author: Senbei boy https://wap.faloo.com/1186285.html

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Chapter 3: Escape From Mount Natagumo

[The next day, after waking up, you feel that you have recovered, and you are very happy about this, thinking that things like Demons can restore their physical strength through sleep.]

"Fine, you can recover through sleep..."

"Although it is not impossible, after all, Nezuko recovered through sleeping in the original card, but the time is too long, how can I be so fast."

"This must be my big sister who fed me human flesh while 'me' was sleeping. I just don't know how to feed it. Is the 'me' who lost my memory in the simulation so innocent?"

Seeing this scene, Kitahara Hakushu couldn't help but start to complain.

What happened that night was definitely something that was easy to see. I didn't expect that after losing my memory, I even lost judgment. Absolutely unbelievable.

Or was it because I was confused and the people around him were behaving normally?

While Kitahara Hakushu was thinking, his eyes were a bit complicated, after all, it meant that he who became a Demon had indeed started eating human flesh.

Luckily, it's just a simulation, not reality.

Otherwise, in that situation, Kitahara Hakushu felt that he wouldn't be much better off than his simulated self.

Nothing to say, continue the simulation.

[As a member of the Spider Family, you feel very sorry for not allowing all of you to leave Mount Natagumo. You who lost your memory were very curious about the outside world, but for the sake of your family, you didn't say anything.]

[Mom often comes looking for you, you can feel her love for you, you joke in your heart that you might be mom's favorite child, and you also think that mom is very beautiful and dignified.]

[On this day, you discovered a secret about mother. She turned into a child in front of you. The mother who became a child was very confused. She asked you not to tell the others about this. You don't know why, but you still agreed, and smiled and told mom that she was also very cute when she was little.]

[Mom's face is a bit red, and she told you that she is currently in her human appearance, and now she transforms back frequently, but Rui doesn't let her family members transform back like before. a bit confused about this, and you don't understand why mother obeyed Rui, a seed of doubt planted in your heart.]

[Today, you don't know what your little brother did wrong. When you came out, you saw that Rui was punishing your little brother. The attack was very severe, but family members did not step forward to stop it. On the contrary, there is fear all around, which makes you feel very strange.]

[In the end, you still couldn't stand it, so you stepped forward to stop Rui, after Rui watched you for a long time, and finally persuaded you to stop and leave, your sister is very grateful to you, you watched the youngest sister being tortured like a Demon, in your heart There is a weak.]

[A few days later, you never saw your sister at home again. When you asked your family members, they all looked away and didn't answer your question, so you fell silent.]

[On this day, your sister looked for you You and told you that the so-called family is like this. In the final analysis, it was simply a family that Rui forcibly brought together without being related by blood. Everyone wants friends because the Demon Slayer keeps threatening.]

[Rui is very strong, and he can protect them from the Demon Slayer, but if he provokes Rui, he will still be left behind. This is the case of the missing brother. What kind of family is this? It's just playing house.]

[After finishing speaking, my brother left, leaving you in place to contemplate for a long time.]

[In the evening, mother came to see you. She is very scared and wants to sleep with you. You agree.]

[The next day, you regained your energy and wanted to lecture Rui, so as an older brother, you preached to him as an older brother for a long time, mainly to let him know what real family is.]

[Rui remained silent from start to finish, not speaking or doing anything, just looking at you quietly, while your sister watched coldly from upstairs, and scoffed at your efforts.]

[A few days later, because Rui had obediently listened to your lecture all this time, you thought you had achieved results and your heart was full of fighting spirit, but when you woke up in the morning, you found that the youngest brother in the family had disappeared.]

[When your sister passed you, she told you that she was Rui and wasn't happy, so she disappeared, and you were stunned.]

[In the past few days, mom has come to sleep with you. You feel mom shaking when she sleeps. You thought of mother's appearance as a child, and sighed, thinking that there was no such thing as mother. It was nothing more than a frightened child, but at the same time, he had completely awakened. In this family, no one could hold Rui down.]

[The next day, mother accidentally turns into a child in front of Rui, and is punished by Rui. You, your brothers and sisters and the other little sisters are watching in the attic. You can't stop Rui, and feel helpless inside.]

[Your sister looked out the door and suddenly asked you, now you understand, this is what is called family, and then sent you and your sister an invitation to escape from Mount Natagumo.]

[You and your sister are dumbfounded. She told you that in this family, only you are treated as a real family member by him, and she said that tomorrow Rui will leave Mount Natagumo, which is a good chance to escape.]

[Ask your sister, can't you take your mother away with you? The elder sister shook her head and said, one thing is that there shouldn't be too many people running away, another point is mother has lived here longer than her, and her fear of Rui has reached the extreme, and she has lost the courage to run away. at all.]

[The next day, after thinking about it all night, you finally decide to escape Mount Natagumo with your older sister and younger sister, but you decide in your heart that you will definitely come back again.]

[The escape process went smoothly, but just when you were about to succeed, you and your sister were very surprised when you met Ruhi who was supposed to leave Mount Natagumo.]

[But the little sister was not surprised, and walked to Rui's side quietly, you don't know what happened, no doubt you were betrayed by the little sister.]

[At this point, there's nothing to say. You fought Rui. Your sister suddenly smiled and asked if you regret it. You also laughed and replied that you regretted it. But you know, what you regret is that you didn't succeed.]

[Rui came to you, saw you, and said to you, obviously he thought of you differently, he could feel his family's shackles in you, but you let him down, you didn't say anything.]

[You and your elder sister were tortured so badly by Rui that they were hung up from the beams of the house. The sister next to you struggled to hold your hand, tears streaming from the corners of your eyes. You think, you don't know if she regrets it.]

[The next day, the sun rises, in the sunshine, you die.]

[This traversal simulation is completed, completion is in progress…]