I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

After the nuclear war, ruins stretch across the landscape in the apocalypse. If you accidentally survived on the wasteland, then you must be ready to face the endless hunger, ceaseless dangers, the mad zombies at night, and the peculiar mutant creatures that are the aftermath of constant radiation. But for Jiang Chen, this place is heaven. Mansions standing tall, luxurious cars parked on the street, high tech products and gold abandoned everywhere. What? You were the president of a game development company before the war? You were responsible for the development of the 3D virtual reality online multiplayer game? Well, that’s great, why don’t you come work for me. Your salary is two pieces of bread a day. iPhone? Ultra thin design? Don’t you see that the phone I invented is thinner than a condom? Aircraft carrier? Fighter jets? Oh, I have those things as well, but they are designed for space combat. Watch the story of Jiang Chen, who possesses the ability to travel through space and time, as he witnesses the creation of an empire stretched across space and time...

Morning Star LL · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
1609 Chs

The Upright Slave Master

Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rainystars

"The honorable New Asia Cooperation General Jiang Chen, I am an envoy from the United African Tribes, Chief Zaria. On behalf of War Chief Duaman, please allow me to send you the highest respect and a gift that symbolizes friendship."

His tone was neither humble nor arrogant. Then, Zaria slightly bowed down. Jiang Chen could read the hint of arrogance in his eyes, although he carefully hid it behind his humble speech.

Strictly speaking, the situation that faced the African continent was much better than that of the Pan-Asia region. Almost all survivors in Europe, eastern North and South America, and parts of Central Asia and South Asia fled to that continent.

The survivors not only brought technology, but also labor, and equipment left over from the battlefield. If it weren't for the inertia that hindered the Africans, and the tradition of living in the moment, perhaps Africa was already the most prosperous place after the war.

But what did they do?