287 Have you asked me!

Noting Phil Coulson's unsteady look in his eyes, Leon knew that at this time, he should stand up!

Seeing his eyes condensed, he took a step, held Lois Adam's shoulders with both hands, and said earnestly:

"At this time, the only thing we can do is to get out of here! Only then can we pick out the black hand behind this plan! Only then can we guarantee that victims like them will never reappear!"

"Do you understand it?"

Looking at Leon's blue eyes full of determination, Bou Lois Adam nodded silently as if he understood something.

The two evils are the lesser one. He still understands this truth…

"Let's go! Time waits for no one…"

Looking at Leon's back walking forward, Phil Coulson's eyes could not help but flashed with admiration.

Sometimes, those who dare to make difficult choices are the real heroes…

. . .

Under the guidance of the super hacker, Skye, the four people who chose the shortest escape route, took the last elevator and reached the ground ten seconds before the self-destruction and explosion of the underground base!

As soon as he arrived on the ground, Leon, with sharp eyes, saw a helicopter on the tarmac hundreds of meters away, with its propeller running at high speed, preparing to take off.

And sitting on the helicopter was a surprised man.

Don't think about it, that guy must be the bastard who started the self-destructing program!

Thinking of this, Leon couldn't help but his face was serious, and his anger was surging like a volcanic eruption!

"Hurry up and get out of here!"

Leaving such a word, Leon quickly invoked the power of Thor in his body, bending his knees slightly, and suddenly jumping.

The next moment, a powerful air current soared into the sky, pushing Leon forward like a cannonball.

One jump was more than twenty meters away. Leon, whose legs kept jumping repeatedly, was still dissatisfied. He still shouted in his heart:

"Hurry up! Hurry up!"

On the other side, watching Leon getting closer and closer, Ot Sloman sitting in the helicopter also had a look of horror, and urged the pilot to take off quickly.

However, it takes a certain amount of time for a helicopter to take off.

Judging from the rotation speed of the helicopter's propeller, there is not much time left for Leon!

Phil Coulson, who also noticed the helicopter that was taking off, also thought of going with Leon.

While the three of them ran forward desperately, they kept cheering for Leon in their hearts.

However, before Leon could catch up with Ot Sloman who was about to escape, the underground research facility had reached the end of its life first!


A thick tongue of flame caused by the explosion, from the exit, went straight into the sky!

The entire ground began to crack and collapse, and rumbling noises continued to hit from the ground…

Fortunately, Fitz had already estimated the collapse range of the entire underground facility after the explosion, and reminded the three of them to evacuate away from the center of the explosion.

Otherwise, the three of them might actually be dragged into the pit together by the collapsed ground…

Just when the three Phil Coulson were lying on the ground, panting heavily, the explosion did not affect Leon's pursuit. He was getting closer and closer to the helicopter that was taking off!

Even the high-speed rotating propeller and the triumphant face of Otter Sloman can see clearly…

Seeing the helicopter lifted into the sky, when it was nearly ten meters above the ground, Leon sneered and jumped hard.

Under the eyes of Ot Sloman's pupils gradually expanding, Leon flew towards him like an eagle straight into the sky!

With a "pop", Leon firmly grasped the edge of the helicopter cabin with both hands, and then pulled hard, and the whole person jumped into the helicopter cabin.

Seeing Otto Sloman with a bewildered look, Leon twitched the corner of his mouth, revealing a sneer:

"Want to go? Have you asked me?!"


After stunned Ott Sloman with a punch, Leon immediately threatened the driver with a cold tone:

"If you don't want to be thrown from here by me, then obediently drive the helicopter back!"

. . . . . .

Back on the "Bus", after throwing the fainted Ot Sloman into the interrogation room, everyone gathered in the strategy room again.

After the facial recognition system, Otter Sloman's identity was quickly placed in front of everyone.

"Alt Sloman, CEO of Rongke Industrial…"

Listening to Skye holding the tablet and introducing Ot Sloman's message to the crowd, Leon, who stood by, frowned tightly, with a worried look.

Phil Coulson noticed his strangeness and couldn't help but ask:

"Leon, what's the matter? It seems that you are not satisfied with the way you look…"

Hearing this, Leon raised his head slightly, facing the doubtful eyes of everyone, and said in a deep voice:

"Obviously, this is just a small fish…"

"How to say?"

Originally, Leon thought that he could catch HYDRA's high-level cadres, Dr. List's in this place.

But I didn't expect that the old guy List actually drove away in advance…

It seems that after his infiltration and destruction last time, both HYDRA and Dr. List have improved their memories and become more cautious.

Although the president of Rongke was caught, the value of Otter Sloman is definitely not as high as that of the big fish of List.

However, Leon definitely won't say anything about it…

After thinking about it for a moment, Leon continued to add:

"We all know that Roxon is behind the entire "XR75″ project. Rongke is just a cover, an abandoned son that can be abandoned at any time! This time even if Ot Sloman is captured, but if he wants to pass Otter Sloman, Ron Ke, come to pull out the Roxon behind it, without evidence, it is difficult for us to do…"

Phil Coulson also understands Lyon's upset.

When things are not as smooth as expected, emotional fluctuations occur, which is quite normal.

He also felt worthless and sad for the cyborg soldiers lying under the ground.

However, as a past person, Phil Coulson understands better that when things are unsatisfactory, thinking in a positive direction is the best way to solve the problem.

He is like this, and he hopes Lyon is like this…

I saw Phil Coulson stretched out his hand to press on Leon's shoulder, and comforted:

"That said, we can still pry out some intelligence from this Otto Sloman. In that case, our surprise attack is not a waste of effort."

"Besides, this opponent is very cautious. We can't always think about solving them once. This is unrealistic."

After a pause, Phil Coulson's tone gradually became sharp:

"Today is only our first match. If nothing else, there will be a second and third time…"

"As long as we work together, one day we will let those bastards pay their due price!"

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