22 The Final Winner

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Qin Lingyun looked confused and asked, "Senior Brother, what sword intent? Isn't that something only found in Xianxia novels? There are only special abilities in the real world."

Although Qing Yun was an awakener with metal-type special ability user, he had been obsessed with sword techniques since he was young. At this moment, he looked at Ning Shi like he was on a pilgrimage.

"According to the ancient records of the Taoist temple, before the last wave of spiritual energy died out, everyone could practice martial arts. At that time, the most famous person who used a sword was Guan Yu, the general of the Shu Kingdom during the period of the Three Kingdoms."

"Guan Yu held the Green Dragon Crescent Blade in his hand and slayed the enemy generals with ease. It could be said that his sword light was feared by the nine prefectures and was famous in Yunmeng Kingdom. In the end, he became a martial saint."

Seeing that Qin Lingyun still did not believe him, Qing Yun sighed.

"Every generation has its own fate. In our era, the profound martial arts have all lost their effectiveness. Only the transcendent path of the awakener's special abilities is left."

"I wonder how this young man managed to cultivate sword intent."

"According to the ancient records, the power of sword intent was able to split mountains and seas with ease."

Following Qing Yun's explanation, everyone understood that Ning Shi seemed to have mastered a very powerful ability called sword intent.

The one who felt it the most was Brian. He was locked on by the sword intent and felt a sharp edge pressing toward him. It was as if he had returned to his childhood. Due to his playful nature, he was stripped naked by his father in the hot summer and pushed under the scorching sun to be exposed to the sun.

"The strong have the right to protect, but the weak do not! The reptiles of White Cloud Temple, take this!"

Brian felt Ning Shi's strength and gave up on the idea of continuing to attack Wang Zhiguo. He waved his hand and two flaming spears that were several meters long shot towards Qin Lingyun and his senior brother.

The spears were extremely fast, leaving beautiful afterimages of flames in the air.

Qing Yun's expression was extremely solemn. According to the Taoist theory of the five elements, his metal-type special ability was already countered by Brian's fire-type special ability. In addition to the difference between awakener levels, there was no chance of victory in this battle.

He was very decisive. The sword in his hand suddenly crashed towards the outer wall.

Bang! A large hole appeared on the outer wall.

The sword was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared into the sky.

Qing Yun was dragged along by the sword and escaped together...

After the Blue Flames lost their target, they turned to attack Qin Lingyun.

Qin Lingyun didn't have any actual combat experience to begin with. Furthermore, he only had the wood-type special ability, so he was also restrained by fire-type special abilities. 

Amidst the dancing blue flames in the sky, he could only hold on for a few seconds before he was swallowed by the flames and turned into ashes.

A Tier 6 awakener was instantly killed by Brian in one move!

Being intimidated by Brian's terrifying flames, everyone at the scene stood silently on the spot, not daring to make the slightest move.

The people from the Investigation Department did not dare to evacuate the crowd. Even Wang Yunlin was in a defensive position.

After killing a Taoist priest, Brian stopped attacking. He looked at Ning Shi and said.

"Let's go! Follow me!"

After saying that, he turned into an afterimage and jumped out of the hole in the wall.

Ning Shi put away his long sword, paused his feet and used Cloud Shadow Steps to chase after him.

Seeing the two people leave, the people of the Investigation Department let out a sigh of relief.

Zhu Daniu said to Wang Yunlin, "Captain Wang, I've informed Advisor Zhao and he will be here in five minutes. What should we do now? Should we send someone to follow them?"

Wang Yunlin looked around and saw that Peony Hall was in a mess.

Fresh blood, charred black, broken tables, chairs and plates, along with the painful moans of the injured and the stifled sobs of the crowd.

"There's no need to chase. We'll talk about it when Advisor Zhao arrives. With the appearance of a Tier 7 awakener, we won't be able to get the A-level spiritual crystal. Call 120 over and send the injured to the hospital."

"Fortunately, Ning Shi stepped forward and challenged the Flame Messenger Brian. Otherwise, we would all have died here today."

Thinking of the terrifying Blue Flames, Zhu Daniu nodded his head with lingering fear and asked.

"Captain, between those two, who do you think will win the final battle?"

Wang Yunlin sighed. "The Flame Messenger has a 90% chance of winning. You have no idea how terrifying a Tier 7 awakener is. After all, Ning Shi is only a strength-type awakener. It is true that his strength is extremely great and his physical attacks can be said to be invincible."

"However, a Tier 7 elemental-type awakener can temporarily turn his body into elements and is immune to most physical attacks. Ning Shi is at an innate disadvantage."

When Wang Zhiguo heard Wang Yunlin's analysis, he ignored the injury on his broken arm and anxiously grabbed Wang Yunlin's clothes with his right hand.

"Captain Wang, please send someone to help Ning Shi. Doesn't the country still have hot weapons? Missiles, sniper rifles. I don't believe that the cultist is not afraid of hot weapons!"

Seeing Wang Zhiguo, Wang Yunlin was about to berate him, but when he remembered that this person was Ning Shi's uncle, he forcefully suppressed his temper.

"Don't say that we don't know the location of their duel. Even if we do, we don't have the authority to mobilize the army at will.

The use of heavy weapons was barely able to deal with ordinary Tier 4 awakeners, using them to deal with a Tier 7 awakener would be futile.

"You better mind your own business."

Hearing Wang Yunlin's words, Wang Zhiguo was furious. In addition to the excessive blood loss caused by the broken arm, he could not calm down and eventually fainted.

"Dad! Are you alright? Don't scare me! You mustn't die!"

Wang Yuwei pounced on Wang Zhiguo's body and cried until his eyes were red and swollen.

Wang Yunlin panicked when he saw that Wang Zhiguo had fainted. Although the chances of Ning Shi winning were not high, he might not necessarily die.

In a duel between high-level powerhouses, unless they fought to the death or could crush the other party in terms of speed, it was very difficult not to have casualties. 

What if Ning Shi, this jinx, came back and found out that his uncle was dead and vented his anger on him?

The wound on his face from the punch was still burning.

"Hurry, he can't wait for an ambulance. Hurry up and drive him to the nearest hospital."

A few minutes later, Advisor Zhao arrived. After understanding the situation, he made it clear that he wanted to stay at the scene to protect the people.

What he meant was that he would not go after the Flame Messenger Brian.

Brian did not cause any sensational damage in the country. Without external pressure, Advisor Zhao would not be willing to risk his life against cultists of the same level.

Wang Yunlin had already guessed Advisor Zhao's reaction, so he was not surprised. After he dealt with the injured, he was busy dealing with the media interviews.

The incident at the Pearl Hotel was finally defined as a fight between the awakeners under the media coverage. It affected the guests who were attending the banquet at the hotel.

The Investigation Department reacted quickly and decisively. They rushed to the scene in time and killed the awakeners in the fight, preventing the increase in casualties among the people.

Dongping Mountain was several hundred of meters high and located on the outskirts of Donglin City.

The mountain was geographically remote and had no scenery. It was a wild mountain that no one cared about.

The mountain was overgrown with weeds and lush trees, and was home to numerous snakes, insects, rats and ants.

It was midsummer and the chirping of cicadas and birds should have been incessant. However, at this moment, the entire Dongping Mountain was silent.

The weeds and trees were all burned to ashes, and half of the mountain had been cut off. The rest of the mountain was full of potholes.

A man, who was completely black and naked, walked down the rocky hillside.

Ning Shi looked at the sun that had already reached the top of his head. Being exposed to the scorching sun at noon, he only felt that his charred body was even hotter, and the burned parts began to hurt again.

"This battle was still a little thrilling. If it weren't for my high physique and the strong recovery ability of my regeneration talent, I really wouldn't have been able to withstand Brian's flame attack."

Ning Shi and Brian walked to the outskirts of Donglin City and started fighting.

Ning Shi's physique was extremely strong, while Brian's special ability was endless. The two of them fought for two hours, from the plains in the suburbs all the way to Dongping Mountain.

In the end, Ning Shi's technique was still better. With a violent slash, he cut Brian in half.

The reason why he was able to win this battle was mainly because of his strong physique and recovery ability. He had forcefully exhausted Brian's elemental transformation ability, and in the end, Brain was vulnerable to physical attacks. In a moment of carelessness, he was killed by Ning Shi.

The process of the battle seemed dangerous, but in reality, Ning Shi had always been very safe. Brian's flame attacks had never been able to cause any fatal damage to Ning Shi.

Thus, Ning Shi held the trump card of his "electrostatic field" talent in his hands and had never used it.

Ning Shi estimated that if he used the lightning damage from the electrostatic field, he should be able to quickly resolve the battle. His current combat strength was estimated to be about the same as a Tier 8 awakener.

In just a short month, he had evolved from an ordinary person to a Tier 8 powerhouse. The feeling of being able to cheat was truly satisfying.

Ning Shi found an empty reservoir, took a bath in the water and rested for a while.

In less than 10 minutes, the charred skin on his body had completely faded, and new skin had grown out.

The hair on his body had also grown back, and his hair and eyebrows had returned to their original positions.

Looking down at his crotch, Ning Shi let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it had grown back. Otherwise, he would have become a naked chicken, which would really damaged his dignity.

Looking at himself in the water, his face was as fair as jade, his eyes were like stars and his entire body was filled with streamlined muscles. His new skin was white touched with red. Ning Shi nodded his head in satisfaction. As expected of a super handsome guy with a visual of 8 points.

However, there was a problem now. His clothes had been burned during the battle. Now that he was naked, how was he going to meet people?

Just as Ning Shi was about to secretly borrow a piece of clothing from a family in the countryside, a petite woman in black appeared out of thin air.

Ning Shi was shocked. "Who are you?"

Fortunately, he was in the water and was not exposed. When a boy went out, he had to protect himself well.

The woman in black had slim eyebrows and a small face. Her lips were like grease, and her eyes were not big, but her facial features were extremely beautiful.

From the moment she appeared, her expression was always cold.

"My name is Mo Yu. I'm here to protect you... on Miss Hao's orders."

"Hao Meng?"


Hao Meng sent someone to protect me? Ning Shi did not know what to say, so he asked casually.

"You only came after the battle ended?"

"I was always here. You were not in danger."

Mo Yu's answer was very simple. She took out a set of clothes and placed them by the reservoir.

"Here are the clothes."

Before she finished her sentence, she had already disappeared.

Ning Shi looked at Mo Yu the entire time. He had no idea how she had left.

He felt a great danger from Mo Yu, and it was even more dangerous than Brian's.

"What exactly is Hao Meng doing? Her subordinates are all so powerful."

Ning Shi muttered to himself for a while before putting on the clothes by the shore.

The T-shirt and beach pants actually fit very well.

Thinking back to what Mo Yu had said, she had been there the entire time.

She had probably seen everything that she shouldn't have seen, so the clothes she had bought fit so well?

Ning Shi: "..."

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