29 Survival Rules of the Extreme Wilderness Tribe

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After Yun Moxiang left, Ning Shi went online to search for information related to the "Song of Ten Thousand Years" and the "Back-pushing Sketch".

"Thousands of waves in the world attract insects and beast spirits."

This was the prediction of the 21st century in the "Song of Ten Thousand Years". For a whole hundred years, it was only one sentence. No wonder Yun Moxiang said that the ancient people's language was simple.

The meaning of this sentence was the same as the "Centuries".

As for the "Back-pushing Sketch", there were many versions on the Internet, and many netizens were bragging about it. Ning Shi could not be sure which version was the real version, and one of them described the current society in this way.

"The rise of insects and snakes, the myriad worlds in the universe."

According to Yun Moxiang, the insect disaster that rushed out of the world boundary should have come from another world. In the ancient prophecy, besides mentioning the disaster, they also mentioned the myriad worlds.

If the prophecy was true, would there be more passages to other worlds in the future?

The game he was playing was called "Centuries". Was it a coincidence or was it really related to the same-titled book?

Ning Shi had all sorts of speculations but there were too few clues to make a judgment.

"Looks like I still have to maintain a good relationship with the authorities. A lot of information is only known through official channels. If I stay at home and play games all day, the information is too limited."

In any case, the game avatar could hang up.

Ning Shi thought for a long time and gave Yun Moxiang a call.

"If the consultant really doesn't have a mandatory mission, I agree to become a consultant of the Special Affairs Department. I can also become the principal. Let me be blunt. I can't guarantee the effectiveness of my teaching."

Ning Shi agreed to the Special Affairs Department's invitation. After completing the mission, Yun Moxiang smiled and said lightly.

"Consultants are freelance. You can rest assured about that. Up until now, there are a total of 11 consultants from the Special Affairs Department. Each consultant has a special liaison officer. From now on, I will be your Special Affairs Department's liaison officer. If you have any problems, you can look for me directly."

"I will complete the relevant procedures and documents in the next few days and bring them to you."

"The consultant of the Special Affairs Department is the highest-level consultant. The procedures will be more complicated and it will take a little longer. You have to be mentally prepared."

Ning Shi originally wanted to ask if he needed his ID card, bank card and other related documents. After all, he had found a new workplace. However, when he thought about the power of the authorities, Yun Moxiang probably knew all of his information, so he did not mention this matter anymore and said instead.

"I need the original collection of poems from 'Centuries', as well as relevant information about the insect plague. It would be best if there is a video recording."

"In order to keep it confidential, this information is not convenient to transmit over the Internet. After I complete the procedures here, your account level and authority on the awakener forum will become the high-level authority."

"There is a 'family matters' section in the forum. This section is an encrypted cloud space set up by the government. You can directly enter this section to check the relevant information."

"Okay, let me know when the procedures are done."

Ning Shi hung up the phone, found a restaurant for lunch and entered the game again.

At this moment, he was sitting in a large wooden house.

The wooden house was covered with carpets made of various animal skins. The wooden table, wine glasses, and various cutlery were a size bigger than those used by ordinary humans.

The walls were hung with the heads of various wild beasts, as well as weapons made of bone sticks. The wooden house was filled with a sense of desolation.

Ning Shi took a sip of the bitter wheat wine in front of him and secretly checked the log of his avatar.

[After 13 hours of riding, the avatar arrived at the extreme wilderness tribe in the northern ice fields.]

[The avatar fought with the tribe leader, Maku Gu, and won.]

[The avatar signed a servant contract with Maku Gu and shared his regeneration (purple) talent. Maku Gu's character template activated.]

[The avatar signed a servant contract with Maggie, sharing regeneration (purple) talent. Maggie's character template activated.]


Ning Shi was shocked when he saw the hack log. Was the avatar's hack so efficient?

In just over three hours, he had settled the extreme wilderness tribe and made all the berserkers his servants.

[The avatar has completed the test of the God of power. Obtained one power fruit from the God of power. After consuming it, vitality +1.]

[Under the blessing of the God of power, the avatar has formed a shared contract with 502 extreme barbarians. Strength has increased greatly and vitality +1.]

The system hack was really fierce. Ning Shi felt that he was a little redundant.

"Perhaps my first perspective of the game has hindered the development of the avatar."

Ning Shi mocked himself.

The purpose of coming to the extreme wilderness tribe had been settled by the avatar. Moreover, his physique had also increased by 2 points, reaching a terrifying 37 points.

According to the game's notification, there were Gods in the game world.

The avatar had received the power fruit bestowed by the God of power, Torrell. It was also thanks to the God of power's blessing that he could share with the 502 original bodies of the extreme barbarians.

One had to know that the original body was burdened by the original body sharing contract. With Ning Shi's powerful physique, it was not a problem to form contact with one to two hundred extreme barbarians.

But to form a contract with 502 extreme barbarians in one go was impossible in such a short period.

Ning Shi also guessed why the God of power wanted to help.

The extreme barbarians lived too hard and were too poor. Even the wine used to entertain Ning Shi was a bitter ale that was difficult to swallow.

This wooden house was their most luxurious residence, but it still looked extremely empty. It sounded like it was in the wilderness, but to put it bluntly, it was desolate.

The living environment in the northern ice fields was too harsh. Not only was the climate poor and resources poor, but the ice fields were also filled with wild beasts.

Different from magical beasts, wild beasts did not know how to use magic. However, their physiques were extremely strong and their bodies were huge. Just by relying on their bodies, they were already better than most magical beasts. They were extremely difficult to deal with.

Furthermore, wild beast meat had a sour and astringent taste. It was very unpalatable. After killing wild beasts, there was no magic core income, and they could not sell their meat. Only their fur was worth a bit of money.

One could imagine the hardships of the extreme wilderness tribe.

Under such circumstances, the population of the tribe was decreasing year by year. Until now, there were only about 3000 people left. To a tribe, this represented an endangered number for a race. 

In the Moen Continent, the only people who believed in the God of power, Torrell, were the extreme barbarians.

Under such circumstances, in order to save his believers, it was reasonable for the God of power to help Ning Shi.

Since the contract had been signed, Ning Shi didn't pretend to drink anymore. He stood up and said to the tribal leader, Maku Gu.

"Maku Gu, throw away the unnecessary resources and leave enough food for three days. We will travel light. When we arrive at Duohuang, we will have everything."

"Yes, Boss!" After thinking for a while, the tribal leader, Maku Gu, expressed his thoughts. He asked hesitantly, "Boss, isn't it too risky to leave only three days of food? The entire tribe will be moving over. With the elderly, the weak, the women and the children, we won't be able to move fast."

"It might take three to four days to reach Duohuang. If we don't have any food in Duohuang, the tribe will starve to death."

Ning Shi didn't answer Maku Gu's question directly. Instead, he asked him a question.

"In the northern ice fields, where the living environment is so harsh, how did the extreme wilderness tribe survive?"

Maku Gu said loudly.

"Barbarity! The barbarity that gnaws everything! The barbarity that is even more reckless than a wild beast!"

Ning Shi reached out and patted Maku Gu's shoulder.

"Remember this sentence. The rules of the game in Duohuang City and the northern ice fields are the same. Only by maintaining barbarity can the tribe survive in Duhuang."

"Just bring rations and weapons for three days. Throw away everything else. What will we do when we reach Duohuang? What if we don't have enough food?"

Ning Shi stared at Maku Gu and asked.

Maku Gu raised the mace in his hand. His expression was ferocious and his eyes were cold.

"Seize! Seize at all costs!"

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