10 Lena's Departure

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Ning Shi did not enter the game for the whole morning. Instead, he browsed the awakener forum.

He learned that the Yunmeng Kingdom officially dealt with the affairs of the awakeners. There were two main agencies, the Special Affairs Investigation Department and the Special Affairs Exchange Bureau.

The former was like a big stick, while the latter was like a carrot. They used both soft and hard tactics.

Thanks to the management of the government, the ordinary people of Yunmeng Kingdom were safe and sound. They were not like the foreign countries, where all kinds of evil sects and organizations were rampant and bloody.

After logging into his account, Ning Shi gave himself a forum nickname, "Black Bear".

The government was highly efficient. Not long after Ning Shi logged in, his account name already had the authentication information.

"'Black Bear' √ Strength-type awakener".

After browsing through the various sections of the forum, Ning Shi found that the strength-type section was the most harmonious.

Perhaps it was because they were at the lowest level of the awakeners, the strength-type awakeners were more united and there were many cultivation experiences of special abilities in the section.

There were many high-quality posts at the top, and many martial arts were shared.

"Bajiquan, from practice to in-depth analysis of actual combat."

"Cloud Shadow Steps, create your footwork and share it with everyone, to make people smile."

"Analysis of the basic moves of swordsmanship, learn from the basics, god-level swordsmanship needs a solid foundation!"

"Analysis of the human body's structure, how to use force scientifically."

"The complete collection of willpower training methods, hand-by-hand teaching you how to fight against spiritual-type special abilities."

Seeing the martial arts in these posts, Ning Shi was eager to learn new things. He followed the teaching in the posts and began to learn fist techniques, movement techniques and swordsmanship.

In the game world, the skills of bloodline warriors were completely derived from bloodline abilities. Many close combat skills were learned by oneself and there was no place that offered systematic teaching.

Ning Shi was worried about where to learn close combat skills but he did not expect the awakener forum to be of great help.

After studying for three whole days, Ning Shi finally learned Bajiquan, Cloud Shadow Steps, and basic swordsmanship with the terrifying learning ability brought by his 13 spiritual power points.

On the character interface, Ning Shi's skill bar also had three new skills.

Bajiquan Level 1, Cloud Shadow Steps Level 1 and basic swordsmanship Level 1.

Self-taught skills could also add points and one skill point could go up one level.

Ning Shi directly used up 6 skill points, raising Bajiquan, Cloud Shadow Steps and basic swordsmanship to Level 3.

In an instant, countless martial arts experience was input into Ning Shi's head.

A Level 3 Bajiquan could release up to two times his strength.

When Cloud Shadow Steps reached Level 3, Ning Shi's movement speed was so fast that it blurred. It was as if he had teleported.

As for his swordsmanship, it had already reached the level where he could send and receive strokes at will. He could cut a fly on the glass with his knife, and the fly would be cut in half. There was not a single trace on the glass.

Ning Shi was extremely satisfied. With these three skills, his combat ability increased by several times.

Ning Shi was ready to test his power in the game. He entered the game and checked the system log.

[Avatar has completed the mission "Lena's Challenge". Defeated Lena. experience points +200, character intimacy +2, current character intimacy: 93.]

[Avatar invites Lena to dinner 6 times, character intimacy +1, current character intimacy: 94.]

[Avatar killed beginner magical beast wind wolf, experience points +300, obtained one beginner wind-type magic core.]

[Avatar killed beginner magical beast lightning ferret, experience points +300, obtained one lightning ferret bloodline.]

[Avatar killed beginner magical beast giant ant, experience points +300, obtained one giant ant bloodline.]


[Experience points reach 4800. The system hack has allocated the hunter profession. Hunter level has been upgraded to Level 10 (maximum level). Skill points +2. Potential points +2.]

[Avatar received a letter from Lena, character intimacy +1, current character intimacy: 95.]

[Avatar kills beginner magical beast black bull, experience points +200, obtained one beginner earth-type magic core.]


Since all the missions in the novice village had been completed, the avatar had been hunting and leveling up in the dark forest for the past few days. In total, it had killed 31 beginner magical beasts. In addition to the 200 experience points from "Lena's Challenge" mission, it obtained a total of 8000 experience points.

The hunter level had reached the maximum Level 10 and the level of the bloodline warrior was currently Level 2 (3200/5000).

As the level increased, continue staying in the novice village would slow down the development. 

In three days, the hunter level had only increased by one level.

Ning Shi planned to head to the main city.

Ning Shi clicked on the first perspective and entered the game.

The sun had just risen. The sunlight penetrated through the thin mist and sprinkled on Black Bear Village. It was a quiet and peaceful scene.

Ning Shi walked out of the stone house and went to Village Chief Grimm's house. He was ready to say goodbye to Lena temporarily.

"Hey! Uncle Grimm, is Lena here?"

Grimm looked a bit haggard and he didn't tidy up the stubble on his face. Hearing Ning Shi's words, he was stunned for a moment and then asked, "Child, didn't Lena leave a letter for you? She went to Rose City."

Ning Shi then remembered that there was a letter from Lena in the log. He hurriedly took it out and opened it.

"Dear Ning Shi, when you see this letter, I'm already in Rose City."

"Grimm always told me that everyone has their responsibilities. This time, it's my turn."

"I must return to Rose City and take back the glory that belongs to me."

"I implore you to meet me again on December 22nd at Fragrant Lime Street No. 22 in Rose City. Before that, don't come to Rose City."

"My heart will always belong to you."

"Love, Lena."

Ning Shi handed the letter directly to Grimm and asked, "Uncle Grimm, Please explain the reason to me. Otherwise, my curiosity will drive me to go to Rose City ahead of schedule."

Grimm took the letter, glanced at it and said in a hoarse voice.

"Lena is not my biological daughter. I found her by the river. Her full name should be Lena-Alice. She is the youngest daughter of Dubo-Alice, the current Duke of Rose."

"Lena is the daughter of the Duke and a maid. She is an illegitimate child. According to the laws of the empire, she does not have the right to inherit the title of nobility. She is not interested in the title of nobility."

"I thought that she would live happily in Black Bear Village. Unfortunately, something unfortunate happened. The Duke of Rose's family took an airship to the Ubisoft villa to escape the summer heat. On the way, they were attacked by the Taikoo Red Dragon. The entire family was killed off by the dragon. Not a single legitimate heir was left behind."

"Seeing that the Duke's title of nobility was about to be taken back by the empire and that his fiefs were about to be taken over by the royal family, the Duke of Rose's subordinates and vassals thought of the Duke's illegitimate children."

"They were divided into three forces, and each of them found three illegitimate children. They were appointed as the Duke's heir, and the ones who supported Lena were the Duke's Rose Knights."

Seeing that Uncle Grimm had lost his daughter and was in low spirits, Ning Shi's heart was also filled with grief. He had already forgotten that this was the game world.

He anxiously said, "Lena's trip this time, not only will she have to face the struggle of the other two illegitimate forces, but she also has to be wary of the actions of the empire's royal family. How can her safety be guaranteed? It's unwise to rashly fight for the title of nobility."

"There's no need to worry about Lena's safety." Grimm shook his head. "The death of Duke of Rose's entire family this time has already pierced the nerves of the empire's great noble groups."

The nobles were not stupid. Duke Dubo's airship was traveling on a safe route. How could it be so coincidental that it would encounter a Taikoo red dragon? The royal family's methods were too brutal. The nobles from all over expressed their dissatisfaction.

The royal family also knew that their actions had touched the bottom line of the nobles. To appease these nobles, the royal family of the empire would not only not assassinate the three illegitimate children, but would also send people to protect them.

"Moreover, the Rose Knights are supporting Lena. Their leader, Count Tagore, is a super expert with a Level 8 thunderstorm tiger bloodline. His professional level has reached Level 38, and his combat strength is incomparably tyrannical. He will protect Lena well."

Hearing this, Ning Shi instantly understood why Lena did not let him go to Rose City.

"Lena is not in danger, but you and I are in danger. The enemy cannot attack Lena herself. They will likely use the family she cares about the most as a bargaining chip to threaten Lena. Uncle Grimm, we must leave Black Bear Village."

After Ning Shi's reminder, Grimm woke up. He had now become Lena's biggest weakness.

"Good child, thank God I have you. I will pack my things. Today, I will take the teleportation array and go to the Copper Furnace Mountains to find my dwarf friend Grace. That is the dwarf's territory. It is safe there.".

"You don't have to worry too much. With the royal family as the enemy, the Duke's vassals will not allow the scope of the battle to spread. To preserve their strength, this battle for the title of nobility will be decided by the arena."

"Half a year later, on December 22nd, the three illegitimate children will battle in the arena. The winner will obtain the title of nobility."

"Battle in the arena? That's not fair to Lena. She's only 18 years old."

"That's right. The other two heirs, Gray, 23 years old, bloodline Level 3, profession Level 12; Allie, 24 years old, bloodline Level 4, profession Level 16. Lena has just become a bloodline warrior, so the gap is huge.".

"For the sake of fairness, this competition is a team competition, a 3v3. Each heir can invite two external helpers who are not older than 30 years old."

External helpers? This was good. This way, Ning Shi would have the chance to play!

"Uncle Grimm, I want to find a place with many magical beasts and full of battles to hone my combat skills. I don't know where is suitable?"

Grimm returned to his house and took out a map. He handed it to Ning Shi. "This is the map of the Brad Empire that I collected when I was adventuring in the early years."

"According to your request, the most suitable place is the desolate north plateau."

"Desolate north plateau?"

"That's right. The desolate north plateau is vast and boundless. The plateau is filled with forests and rivers. It is extremely suitable for the growth of magical beasts. Geographically, the desolate north plateau is located in the middle of the Brad Empire, the Ole Empire and the Elven Empire. It is a chaotic land without an owner. The battles are endless."

Ning Shi was delighted. The desolate north plateau was good. There were many magical beasts. They were all experienced creatures. If there was a battle, there would be a mission.

"The speed of leveling up must be accelerated! Half a year later, I want to step onto the stage as an external helper to help Lena seize the Duke's title of nobility."

After knowing Lena's background, Ning Shi instantly understood her intention to make a name for herself on the continent. She wanted to fight for her reputation and prove herself.

The ones that were born with power and money must be kings? An illegitimate child could also become a powerhouse!

"Ning Shi, I'm ready to leave. I'm going to the desolate north plateau. You have to first teleport to the Magic Horn City, then to the Wild Lion City and finally to the largest city in the desolate north plateau, Duohuang!"

"Okay, Uncle Grimm, see you in half a year!"

"See you in half a year!"

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