40 Influence and Disagreement

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Ning Shi walked up to the podium in the conference room.

"As far as I know, the Special Affairs Exchange Bureau has already introduced the awakener level certification system. Once an awakener is successfully certified, its effect is equivalent to a graduation certificate, and he can rely on the certification to obtain employment."

"The existing awakener level certification system is completely tailored for elemental-type and spiritual-type ability users, and it doesn't apply to strength-type awakeners at all."

The teachers below were stunned. They didn't expect Ning Shi to not talk about the teaching policy when he went on stage. Instead, he first talked about the issue of awakener certification.

Some people might think that this had nothing to do with teaching, but Ning Shi felt that it was extremely important. If strength-type awakeners didn't have a gradation system that was suitable for them, how would the school understand and track the teaching results?

After students graduated, if they didn't have a gradation certification that matched their strength, they would naturally be one level lower than other awakeners.

After a strength-type awakener's ability was awakened, the strength, speed, physical strength and recovery ability of the body would gradually increase. There was no such thing as releasing special abilities or engraving special ability moves.

"I suggest that we first implement a simple level classification system in the school. Those whose fist strength exceeds 1000 kg will be a Tier 1 strength-type awakener, those whose fist strength exceeds 2000 kg will be a Tier 2 awakener, those whose fist strength exceeds 3000 kg will be a Tier 3 awakener, and those whose fist strength exceeds 5000 kg will be a Tier 4 awakener."

"This is an example. As for the specific grading values, all the teachers can discuss and decide together."

"If our grading system is used well, we can try to recommend it to the authorities in the future, and the authorities can promote it throughout the country."

The teachers below the stage nodded one after another.

"As for teaching, I suggest that all the students be graded according to the time of admission, up to the fourth grade. In other words, this batch of students will graduate in four years at the latest."

"Students who have reached Tier 4 awakener and are proficient in two or more martial arts techniques can apply to graduate early..."

Ning Shi explained his plans one by one. The teachers also joined in the discussion, and one teaching policy after another was gradually formulated.

As the principal, Ning Shi had a small house on the hillside of the school to live in. The chefs in the school cafeteria had already moved in and provided meals to the principal on a regular basis.

Ning Shi was ready to move out of the rented house and move into the school directly.

Yun Moxiang still had something to do. Seeing that the meeting was going smoothly, she had to leave first.

Before she left, she said to Ning Shi, "Consultant Ning, as the principal, you have 50 special enrollment slots. If you feel that it's not enough, you can increase them appropriately."

Ning Shi frowned. "What do you mean by special enrollment slots? I can recruit students at will?"

Yun Moxiang stroked her hair and replied.

"It seems that you don't understand the influence of the Donglin City's First Strength Awakener School. Li Daqiang, Duan Qixun and the others are all masters of the martial arts world in the country. They are respected seniors in the strength-type awakener circle. It's not an exaggeration to say that the world is full of their students."

"Such a group of people are all gathered in a school to be teachers. The principal of this school is also recognized as the number one strength-type awakener. As long as they are strength-type awakeners, who wouldn't want to come here to study?"

"The First Strength Awakener School's enrollment quota is only 5000 people, but there are a total of 6.15 million strength-type awakeners at the right age. One can imagine how precious the enrollment quota is."

Ning Shi understood. He asked in return, "How does the government allocate student quotas?"

"We have organized a test for awakened youths to record their growth in physical fitness after awakening. Those ranked in the top 2000 will be directly admitted."

Hearing Yun Moxiang's words, Ning Shi continued to ask, "Isn't this unfair to the young awakeners? Why only the top 2000?"

"There is no absolute fairness. The young awakeners before the age of 18 can apply to our school again every year. They have more opportunities."

"Only the top 2000 students will be admitted because there are still 3000 places that have to take into account local opinions and economic benefits."

"Every state needs to have admission places, especially for the awakeners in the backward areas. They need to be taken care of."

Yun Moxiang pointed at the high-tech intelligent training room in the school.

"As for the economic benefits, it's a very practical problem. Just the construction of this training room alone cost more than 100 million yuan."

"Running a school is very expensive. We can't always rely on the official funds and subsidies. Under the circumstances where there is not much difference in the students' qualifications, those who are willing to donate education funds can have priority in obtaining admission places."

Ning Shi laughed. "Be more direct. How much is an admission spot?"

"It starts at one million. There's no cap on it. After all, it's a donation."

D*mn, 3000 places would be at least three billion. With more donors, it wouldn't be a problem to earn more than ten billion if they competed.

Education emphasized fairness. If they relied on recruiting students to earn money, it would be completely inconsistent with Ning Shi's original intention of being a principal.

"I don't accept using recruitment quotas to induce donations. Absolutely not!"

Ning Shi was about to continue refuting when his mother, Wang Yan, called.

Ning Shi picked up. His mother's voice was a little hesitant and uncertain.

"Little Shi, you're a principal now? Haven't you always been working as a programmer?"

Afraid that his mother would nag at him, Ning Shi had never told her about his resignation.

"I quit my job as a programmer. I'm an awakener. The authorities saw that I was quite capable, so they made me a principal."

Hearing this, Wang Yan's voice immediately rose by an octave.

"Little b*stard, you really have no conscience. You didn't even tell mom about such a big matter. When mom knew about your news, she still had to rely on her friends to relay it. I'm so angry!"

After his mother scolded him on the other end of the phone, she asked again, "Is it dangerous to be the principal? Son, don't do anything dangerous. I heard that awakeners like to fight and get into fights. They are prone to death and injury. You mustn't be impulsive. You have to endure everything for a while and take a step back..."

Seeing that his mother was going to nag him again, Ning Shi hurriedly interrupted her.

"Mom, why are you looking for me? Hurry up and tell me. There are many urgent matters at my school."

"It's like this. Mom has a business friend, President Zhang. You've met him before. He attended your university graduation banquet. President Zhang has a son who is 16 years old this year. He is very good. After eating the awakening potion, he successfully awakened. He is a strength-type awakener."

Ning Shi was speechless. Here was someone who's using the backdoor. No wonder the government wanted to give him 50 special enrollment slots.

His mother continued, "President Zhang's son wants to enter your school. He's not taking advantage of you. He's willing to give a donation of one million yuan. Son, you're the principal. This small matter shouldn't be a problem, right? I've already given President Zhang my word."

Yun Moxiang stood beside Ning Shi and heard the contents of the phone call clearly. The corners of her mouth curled up into a smile. As a social person, relationships were like a big net that you couldn't escape even if you wanted to.

She thought to herself, "This time, Ning Shi won't object anymore. His mother is begging for it."

However, Ning Shi's reaction was unexpected.

"Mom, the enrollment policy has already been set. It will be based on the rankings. I can't decide. In the future, if this kind of business friend comes to you, you can directly refuse."

"If he's a benefactor or a blood relative who you can't refuse, I'll teach him myself and he won't need to go to school."

"Your son doesn't want to do these dirty things. Mom, don't make things difficult for me."

Wang Yan on the other end of the phone heard her son's words, but she wasn't angry.

"Alright, why would a mother make things difficult for her son? I'll reject President Zhang's offer. Take care of your body and don't tire yourself out. If there's anything you need to tell me, do you hear me?"

"Alright, Mom. Take care of yourself too. I'm hanging up. Let's talk at home another day."

Ning Shi hung up the phone, stared at Yun Moxiang and said resolutely.

"You heard it too. I even rejected my own mother. I don't want the special enrollment slots. The 5000 enrollment slots will be determined according to fair rules. I absolutely won't allow any money to be involved!"

It was not that Ning Shi did not know how to be flexible. After working for five years, he had already understood the ways of society and would be more tactful.

But this time, he wanted to stick to his original intention.

Education fairness was the foundation of all fairness. If he lost education fairness, he would lose not only the path to promotion, but also the hope of society.

"If the government doesn't agree, then please find someone else to be the principal!"

Yun Moxiang shook her head and sighed.

"I didn't expect Consultant Ning to be an idealist. Unfortunately, reality is cruel."

"The registration fee for students is 5000 yuan a year, and the accommodation fee is 800 yuan a semester. These are just small expenses."

"For strength-type awakeners, food is the biggest expense. To exercise, you must eat well. Consultant Ning, as a strength-type awakener, you should know your appetite."

"Your one serving is equivalent to a full-day meal of others, and after vigorous exercising, you all tend to eat more."

Yun Moxiang asked, "The awakeners of poor families can't afford this money. How do you, as the principal, solve it? Also, the depreciation of training equipment and the maintenance of school facilities, which one doesn't need money?"

Ning Shi was so angry that he laughed. He handed over the consultant's ID and the key to the principal's residence.

"It should be the official job to guarantee the admission of poor students and give them food subsidies. Where does the official money come from? Do you need me to remind you?"

"Running a school for education is a major matter of people's livelihood that doesn't care about benefits. If you want me to be a principal who is responsible for profits and losses, you'd better find an economics master or a well-known entrepreneur to be the principal!"

"Using the enrollment quota to make money is no different from selling official titles in ancient times. The person who came up with this idea is definitely a big idiot!"

"I don't want to work with such a big idiot. I don't want to be a consultant anymore."

Using the enrollment quota to induce donations was the idea of Yun Moxiang's immediate superior, the director of the Special Affairs Exchange Bureau, Tian Jun. 

Yun Moxiang also felt that this idea was not bad, so she followed it.

This was a common problem for the staff of the Exchange Bureau. Working in the Exchange Bureau did not require them to fight on the front lines. They were responsible for dealing with personnel issues. Knowing how to be tactful and flexible was more important than being strong in battle.

At this moment, seeing that Ning Shi wanted to give up the responsibility, Yun Moxiang was a little flustered. It was the old minister's idea to make Ning Shi the principal, and they had also gone through layers of reporting.

It was impossible to change the person now.

"Consultant Ning, calm down. Think about the teachers and students who are coming for you. Regarding the enrollment policy, I will immediately consult my superior and give you a satisfactory answer."

Yun Moxiang did not take the documents and keys that Ning Shi handed over. She picked up the phone and walked to a distance to make a call.

Ten minutes later, Yun Moxiang put away the phone and walked over.

"Consultant Ning, Minister Hu said that you have full authority over the school's matters. The government will settle all the expenses and subsidies for the money. This time, the enrollment will be ranked in the top 4000 places, and the remaining 1000 places will take care of the poor and backward areas."

"We will return all the donations we received previously."

"What do you think?"

Ning Shi put away the documents and said seriously, "Miss Yun, although I, Ning Shi, am easy to talk to, I am also a person of principles. In the future, it's better to give a heads-up on such a big matter."

"If the situation turns sour, it will not look good for everyone!"

Yun Moxiang nodded bitterly. Ning Shi did not speak anymore. He turned around to find the teachers and continued to discuss the teaching policy.

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