179 A Small World and a New World (2)

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This world was like one of his hands or an organ. Ning Shi could sense it and could enter and exit at will.

He tried it and found that he could put any material and living beings into the small world. When there were more materials and living beings in the small world, the inside of the world would seem livelier.

However, the current small world was nothing but a void.

Living beings couldn't survive in it.

[ Level 1 small world has been created. Host, please give the small world a name. Once the name of the small world is confirmed, it cannot be changed. Please consider this carefully. ]

Ning Shi remembered his identity and named the small world Yanhuang without hesitation.

In the game system, the introduction of the small world changed.

[ World name: Yanhuang Small World ]

[ World level: Level 1 small world ]

[ World origin power production speed: 10 units/day ]

[ World origin power balance: 100 units ]


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