59 A New World

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If other people had heard Hei Teng's inhuman words, they might have been extremely angry. However, Hao Meng was in smart mode, so her emotions were extremely indifferent. Her face was as calm as an ancient well.

It was only because Hei Teng had attacked her and wanted to make her his food that Hao Meng was not going to be soft-hearted.

Her bright eyes blinked, and his entire body collapsed to the ground. Hei Teng was brain dead.

"The facilities and terrain here are not suitable for building an experimental base. Let's move to another place."

Hao Meng said to the air. Mo Yun, who was in the alternate dimension, nodded.

As a developed country, the Bei Shi Nation had developed a lot of underground spaces, so there must be underground shopping malls.

Not every underground garage or shopping mall had people. The insect disaster happened too quickly, and more people didn't have time to know the secrets of the insects.


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