1 I Can Travel to Ancient Times

The sun shone through the window. Lu Zheng opened his eyes in a daze. He used his hand to block the sunlight that shone in because he had forgotten to draw the curtains last night and pulled the blanket over his body. After a while, his mind started to work.

With a quiver, he immediately focused his mind and "saw" a jade seal floating in his mind.

The jade seal was about the size of a fist. It was green and white in color, and the bottom was flat without any characters on it. It floated in his consciousness, emitting a faint light.

"It's still here. That's great, it's not a dream!" Lu Zheng muttered to himself.

This was the 18th time this month that he had seen this in the morning.

It was simply too shocking.

Because this was actually connected to an ancient world, it could help transport him back and forth in time.

At any given time, his physical body would transmigrate, and he would even bring along whatever objects that he could carry!

Lu Zheng took a moment to catch his breath. He rolled off the bed and pulled over a white cloth tunic next to him.

Just as he was about to put it on, he realized that he was in the modern world, so he took a short-sleeved shirt and put it on, then made the bed.

At the same time, he tidied up the clothes that he wore in the ancient world, an outer garment, a dark blue cotton robe, a hat, a pair of thin-soled boots, and the wig he bought online and put them aside.

After washing up, Lu Zheng picked up his phone and looked at a delivery notification. He nodded in satisfaction and left the house feeling refreshed.

He had breakfast and picked up the package in less than an hour. Lu Zheng returned to his rented apartment and opened the package expectantly.

There was a four-piece bedding set.

A thin velvet quilt.

A purple clay tea set.

A set of porcelain tableware.

"The kitchen knives and condiments have been sent over. With these plates and bowls, it'll be done."

In addition to the toiletries that had been sent over previously, Lu Zheng said that he had almost finished decorating his ancient home.

This meant that even if he could conveniently stay in the ancient world the whole day. He had also already prepared five big bags of toilet paper.

"The bedding is here. All that's left is a maidservant who can warm my bed. Then, I'll live a comfortable life as a rich man."

Lu Zheng changed back into the clothes he was wearing before. He hugged the packages to his chest and communicated with the jade seal in his mind. In a blink of an eye, he disappeared from this world.


The world in front of him had changed.

The walls were made of white bricks. The sunlight shone through the paper on the windows, faintly illuminating Lu Zheng's bedroom.

The brand new bed frame was placed in the innermost part, next to it were clothes hangers and wardrobes. Several large wooden boxes were piled on the wall, and there was also a set of tables and chairs placed against the wall. There was only one oil lamp on the table.

The furniture was all made of the best Paulownia wood, and flowers were carved onto the surface. It took the best carpenter in the county two months to build it.

Lu Zheng put down the things in his hands and replaced the thin quilt on the bed with a four-piece silk set. He took out the bowls, chopsticks, and tea set and placed them in the rattan basket that he had prepared earlier. He transmigrated again and returned the boxes to the modern world. Then, he carried the wooden box and walked out of his bedroom.

"Uncle Li!"

"I'm here, young master, you're up!" An old man in rags jogged over from the front yard.

"Move all of these to the kitchen."


Uncle Li took the basket from Lu Zheng and glanced at the exquisite plates and bowls in it. A hint of surprise flashed across his eyes. He didn't ask any further questions and carried it to the front yard.

Lu Zheng stretched lazily and looked at the backyard.

There were two persimmon trees in the courtyard. Under the trees, there was a stone table and stone bench. There was a bedroom and a study on each side respectively.

The small courtyard was quiet and peaceful. This was his new home in this world.


Lu Zheng, a young man, had just graduated from university. The company he was supposed to work at was laying off employees, so he lost his job as soon as he graduated. He was now looking for a new job in the city that was situated along the coast.

Eighteen days ago, he visited a temple and saw a stall selling all sorts of jade seals. Lu Zheng remembered that his father liked to write, so he wanted to buy a seal and give it to his father when he returned for the new year.

Then, the seal went into his mind that night.

That's right, there was no need to bind it with blood, the seal just moved in on its own. It was just that unreasonable.

Lu Zheng, who was familiar with all kinds of online novels, immediately knew that a spirit had come to him.

However, he didn't have a poor childhood, nor had any strong beliefs, why would a spirit come to him?

In the beginning, Lu Zheng was still unfamiliar with the jade seal's functions and usage. Thus, he was shocked when he accidentally transmigrated to another world.

Thankfully, he wasn't harmed. After familiarizing himself with the jade seal's usage, he immediately put aside his doubts and began to explore the other world in excitement.

Then, he returned half an hour later ...

This was because he had seen someone from a different world. After observing from a distance, he found that his clothes were really out of place in this world.

Lu Zheng, who had calmed down, first observed carefully from a distance. Then, he returned to the modern world and purchased a set of ancient clothes, as well as a bullet-proof vest and a taser to ensure his safety. He then returned to the other world and continued his exploration.

As Lu Zheng was in the outskirts of Tonglin County when he first transmigrated, he quickly met some merchants and commoners.

After realizing that the people of this world dressed exactly like him, Lu Zheng's disguise became perfect. He mixed in with the crowd and entered Tonglin County with ease.

After that, he spent two days trying to understand this world.

Although the language and culture were almost the same as ancient China, which was quite similar to the Song and Ming dynasties, this was a world that Lu Zheng was completely unfamiliar with.

Strange geography, strange history, and strange dynasty.

"A parallel world?"

When he learned that the great Jing dynasty had been around for hundreds of years and that the country was thriving, Lu Zheng was elated. He felt that he had hit the jackpot.

"I'm so lucky to be in such a peaceful world!"

After getting a general understanding of the customs, security, prices, and so on of the great Jing dynasty, Lu Zheng returned to the modern world and purchased a pair of glass lion ornaments online.

Then, he made up a melodramatic plot that was common in modern times.

His family had fallen apart and he was too ashamed to see his friends, so he left for a foreign land and started over.

Needless to say, the people of the great Jing dynasty were quite fond of this story. Thus, Lu Zheng pawned his secret "heirloom" for 500 coins from the largest pawnshop in the county. He registered himself with the county authority and immediately bought a house with a courtyard.

Uncle Li and Aunt Liu were the servants who came with the house. Both the house and the contract were handed over to Lu Zheng.

Uncle Li watched the door and swept the house, while Aunt Liu cooked and washed.

Over the next few days, Lu Zheng was busy setting up his new home in Tonglin County.

Some furniture, clothes, daily necessities, and so on were bought from this world. Lu Zheng had brought some small items from the modern world that were not technologically advanced but were luxurious and exquisite.

For example, spices, porcelain tableware, and clay tea sets.

Of course, there was also toilet paper! The papyrus in this world was too hard!

In order to prevent Uncle Li and Aunt Liu from suspecting anything, Lu Zheng had placed several large boxes in his bedroom and forbade them from entering.

As for the new items, he said that brought them from his hometown and was in the middle of unpacking.


Just like that, 18 days passed.

In fact, Lu Zheng had not thought of what he wanted to do in this world. His initial plan was to get a new identity and buy a property. He wanted to be a wealthy man who could transmigrate between the two worlds without arousing suspicion.

He didn't show his face nor take risks, and lived a safe and comfortable life as a rich master.

At least he didn't have to work 9-5 anymore, right?

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