9 Magical Applications and Gold Sale

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Since the download had been completed, he naturally had to test it out. Tang Zhen couldn't help but be a little excited as he imagined the magical abilities these apps had.

"What should I experiment with first… I'll try the primary map first!"

After making up his mind, Tang Zhen first chose to activate the primary map.

At the same time, a very clear active image appeared on the cell phone screen. On careful look, it was the terrain near his house.

This image was as if someone was broadcasting it live from a high altitude. The scene was very clear, but the vision was only limited to the scenery on the street. Unfortunately, the scene in the room was not displayed.

Even so, the ability of this map was considered extremely strong!

Tang Zhen wasn't too greedy. Just these real-time images were enough to increase his safety a lot.

Tang Zhen took a closer look and realized that this primary map could actually be upgraded, but the cost was also extremely shocking. It actually cost 100,000 gold coins to upgrade from a primary map to an intermediate map. Of course, the range displayed was also expanded by another kilometer.

However, compared to the primary map, the function of the intermediate map was also much stronger.

Apart from that, additions could also be added to the map, such as the friend and foe recognition function plugin, the vertical attack function plugin, the map cannon function plugin, the teleportation function plugin, and so on. Tang Zhen was stunned!

Not to mention whether these functional plug-ins were as awesome as introduced, just the terrifying download price was enough to make people dumbfounded. For example, one of the plug-ins was called "terrain modification". According to the introduction, it could modify the terrain in the map. It could be used for a minute every time and once a day, but the download price was actually as high as a million!

God knew when Tang Zhen would be able to accumulate a million gold coins. That meant 100,000 level-one brain beads! What would it be like if 100,000 monsters gathered together? Just thinking about it made Tang Zhen's hair stand on end.

After familiarizing himself with the map function, Tang Zhen opened the projection function in his eyes.

A translucent cell phone screen image directly appeared in front of his eyes. It was identical to the content displayed on the cell phone. Even the map image that was opened was displayed in front of his eyes.

Moreover, these images didn't affect his vision. When he moved his attention away from these images, the images would automatically fade away. When he wanted to browse the cell phone screen again, the disappearing image would appear in front of his eyes again.

Moreover, as he willed it, the screen could also operate as he pleased. Be it opening the software or enlarging and shrinking, everything could be changed freely. It was simply a divine weapon.

This function was extremely helpful to Tang Zhen. After all, it was troublesome to hold the cell phone in his hand at all times. Especially in battle, he couldn't free his hands to operate it. Now that he had the function of the projection in his eyes, it was equivalent to undoing his tied hands and feet.

He took out a cell phone cover and placed the cell phone in. After experimenting, he found out that it was indeed very convenient. It was just that the operation speed was a little slow.

Tang Zhen simply used the eye projection function and continued to check the remaining applications.

After the elementary monster detector was activated by Tang Zhen, it showed that it couldn't be used in the current area. It also hinted that he could integrate it into the elementary map, but the cost was 10,000 gold coins.

After the monster monitor was integrated into the map, every time the monster entered the range of the map display, the map would be marked with a red light to alert him. Of course, the monster level displayed was the same as the beginner monster detector, and high-level monsters couldn't be displayed.

Tang Zhen curled his lips after seeing it. He couldn't take out 10,000 gold coins to upgrade the map now, so he could only directly skip it.

Next was the application that made Tang Zhen the most excited, which was the miniature storage space. It could also be called a "personal warehouse".

However, when Tang Zhen opened this app, a notification suddenly appeared in front of him. [Due to the low configuration and version, this machine can only run four applications at the same time. This problem can be solved after upgrading. If you want to upgrade, please pay gold coins first!]

Everything required gold coins! How annoying!

Tang Zhen was really not in the mood to complain about this, nor did he pay too much attention to this hint. In any case, he no longer had gold coins. According to Tang Zhen's estimation, these four applications were enough. As for the problem of leveling up, he would consider solving this problem when he had enough gold coins in the future.

Just as he had expected, this storage space was especially useful. It only took a thought for him to store items.

After trying a few times, Tang Zhen could confirm that even other applications couldn't be used anymore, but as long as this app could still be used normally, he could still do well.

After trying a few more times, Tang Zhen took out all the items in the storage space. After hiding the money and precious metals he brought back, he placed some rice, flour, oil, and salt in the storage space.

He didn't bring these things to eat, but to sell them and see how many brain beads he could exchange for.

Although the weapons were profitable, wouldn't it be better if there was an additional income channel!

After soaking a bowl of noodles to fill his stomach, he took out two packs of cigarettes from the cabinet. After taking a deep breath, he activated the teleportation again. As expected, as his vision blurred, he returned to the narrow inn cubicle.

Tang Zhen let out a long sigh of relief and took out a cigarette from his pocket to light it. However, just as he smoked a few times, Qian Long smelled the smoke and opened the door to come over. After laughing for a while, Qian Long asked to leave with a box of cigarettes. After that, he quickly took out a cigarette and lit it before returning to the house to smoke happily.

This night, the howls of monsters came from time to time. It only subsided when the next morning arrived. Tang Zhen woke up early and stretched. The dry bed made him feel especially uncomfortable.

He handed the rice, flour, oil, and salt that he had long taken out of his storage space to Qian Long and let him keep a portion for himself as food. He would sell the rest to see what price he could sell it for.

At the same time, Tang Zhen also told Qian Long that he would leave here for a few days for something and asked him to guard here and wait for his return.

When he saw the food Tang Zhen handed to him, Qian Long was a little surprised. This was because this food was different from the food he had seen in the past. There was no sand or mold mixed in.

This kind of food was relatively rare in the recipes of wanderers, especially since there was precious oil and salt in these foods. It was even a very rare resource. According to the price in the market, this food was worth at least hundreds of level-one brain beads.

For any wanderer, goods worth hundreds of level-one brain beads were a huge sum, but now, Tang Zhen had directly entrusted it to him.

The time the two of them had known each other was very short, but they hit it off very well and could also trust each other. This was very rare.

Qian Long's gaze stopped on the food for a long time before he looked up at Tang Zhen and said, "Be careful!"

Tang Zhen smiled and nodded. He turned and walked out of the town's door. After walking along the path between the weeds for another half an hour, his figure quickly disappeared into the grass.

In fact, Tang Zhen, who had entered the grass, immediately activated the teleportation and returned to his home in an instant.

He let out a long sigh and swept his gaze across the bare surroundings. Tang Zhen's eyes suddenly erupted with an indescribable light. He knew that from this moment onwards, he would step onto a path filled with wealth and risk.

He looked out of the window and pulled the curtains closed. He turned on the lights and began to sort out his gains from the alternate world.

The first to count was cash. It had been confirmed that it was real money in circulation. There was a total of about 480,000 yuan, equivalent to the total salary he had saved up after not eating or drinking for ten years. In the city he lived in, this money was enough to buy a pretty good house.

Then, there was the gold and silver jewelry. Tang Zhen didn't know much about the market price of these things, so he decided to pick out the pearl jade and put it aside. Then, he categorized the gold together and took out the ether gas bottle at home. After melting all the gold, he poured it into a mold made of aluminum and titanium alloy grooves and poured it into gold bars.

Looking at the dazzling pile of gold bars in front of him, Tang Zhen's heart was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

After dealing with all the gains, Tang Zhen stretched and lay on the bed to rest. However, his mind was in a mess. The stimulation of wealth made him unable to sleep at all.

After washing up and cleaning up, Tang Zhen left the house with the gold bars and took a car to a nearby gold store.

Near the pedestrian street, Tang Zhen walked into a store called the Riches Pawnshop. After asking for the information he wanted, he decided to sell it here.

After the Appraisal came the sale. The purity of the gold sold by Tang Zhen was very high, and its weight was more than 1,200 grams. Although the price was much cheaper than the jewelry store, the total price was also close to 320,000.

When Tang Zhen confirmed that he had gained another 300,000, his mind was a little blank. In just a few days, the cash he obtained was nearly 800,000. This was definitely an astronomical figure for Tang Zhen, who had always lived at the bottom of society!

The huge benefits were the motivation for people to fight and take risks. At this moment, Tang Zhen was undoubtedly stunned by this money. While he was shocked, it also made his intention to go to the alternate world to become rich extremely firm.

The small figures at the bottom generally didn't have any big dreams. Usually, they were forced by money and only wanted to live comfortably.

Walking out of the Golden Pavilion in a daze, Tang Zhen looked at the busy street and felt a little confident and heroic for the first time. At this moment, he firmly believed that he would one day become the richest person in this city and live the life he wanted.

After letting his imagination run wild for a while, Tang Zhen returned to his senses and took a car to the passenger station, preparing to head to the provincial capital where his sister was studying.

He had prepared the money for his sister. He knew that his sister was beautiful and sensible, and she would never spend a single cent. He and his sister had an extremely good relationship, and their attitude towards his adoptive father was the same.

Although his adoptive father didn't put much effort into the growth of the siblings, he and his sister were indebted to the other party after all. Therefore, apart from faint complaints, Tang Zhen never hated his adoptive father. He even worked hard to earn money to help repay the other party's debts.

His sister had grown up in such a family since she was young. She was clearly much more sensible than children her age. She also valued family very much. In order to relieve the pressure on the family, Tang Zhen's sister, Tang Yajie, had started working and studying very early. Her grades had always been at the top.

Tang Zhen had always been paying attention to his sister's performance. Now that he had the ability to change this difficult situation, he would naturally do his best, even if he had to do everything he could.

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