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I Have 108 Older Sisters

Sixth Master Of Eastern Mountain

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Assuming that the father has a single wife makes this impossible. So let us assume that the father has 3 wives, all married at the age of 20, and are making babies until 55. That is 35 years, and if each child takes 9 months, you will get 140 total children in total. 2 wives will only make 94 babies. Therefore, adding in small rest parts, and the latter 10 years being harder to have children, the MC's father should have 3 wives. Of course, realistically speaking, they must be very rich, and very lucky to not have any premature births. So, the husband should have nine wives due to the fact that 18 months is the normal rest time before becoming pregnant again. All of this assumes that there are no twins, because a natural twin being born is around 1 / 250.

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Ok people all the reviews I have seen were from people who didn’t even read the book. From what I have seen it is a classic some rich lady finds the MC and give anything he wants money, cars, companies it’s a well written story but at chapter 11 is when you have to start paying


the father probably has more than one wives or the mother kept giving birth to twins or triplets


i was very intrigued with the story but soon as it hit chapter 11 i saw a pay wall. I’m speechless with how disgusting the author is with their pay to read mindset, minimum paywall is at chapter 30 but at 11? yeah no this a novel i’m happy throwing in the trash.


It's like him and his little sister in... a huge drug trip. Very trippy. I don't even know if this is worth reading.. Lol. Honestly, only times I see plots like these executed well would be in JPs.


must be picked or war raw link pls😄 ...........................................................................................................................


Honestly, I thought I would give this a read even though it’s not what I usually like, but it was a mistake. Unfortunately, the novel is bad.


I want to read some bllsht kindly pick this up 😂, kinda sound like a ripoff of 108 maidens something, I think they aren't his biological sisters.


How the f does this have 1000 chapters with only 10 reviews. I dont know if I should read with 0 real analytical review


a grand total of 110 kids !!! .... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....................................................


Review as of chapter 75. The “sisters” are only sisters in the Chinese sense. As in, it’s a polite way to refer to someone of the same generation as you, much like they call older people aunt and uncle despite the lack of a relation between them. To risk a small spoiler, they aren’t even from the same clan, let alone blood relatives. The main character is *irredeemably* stupid. Like, I’m amazed he can even continue breathing unaided because he is obviously braindead. He continues charging headfirst into conflict after conflict without even making anything even approaching a plan. He’s a cultivator, but so far he’s only cultivated once, and even that attempt would have failed if not for Great Wall-thickness plot armor. Seriously, his plot armor could easily repel an entire invading army of intellectually superior foes. The worldbuilding and story development are bog standard for the urban face-slapping genre. It’s a constant parade of arrogant young master after arrogant young master, and so forth. If you’ve read one urban novel, you’ve read them all. This is neither a plus nor a minus, but is instead both at once. If you like this kind of novel, you’ll like this novel. If you don’t, you probably won’t. One thing I will say, though, is that the character designs *really* drag this novel down in the story department. Especially in the story development aspect, since it’s so far just been the braindead MC hopping from one fire to another fire all to rescue a series of repeat damsels in distress from increasingly unbelievable situations that I’m fairly sure only exist for the author to fulfill his own wishes in story form. I haven’t caught up to anywhere near current releases, so I don’t know if the updates are stable or not. Translation quality, though, has so far been very, very high. With webnovel switching so many novels from 100% human translation to edited MTL lately, though, I have no idea if that’ll continue to be the case later on down the line.


For those who can't read after 11 chapter, don't worry u didn't lose anything, this novel only known something like this:until mc is reunited with those sisters all of them are powerful, after that all are small women's and mc have to fight gangsters, aliens etc. to protect them: every chapter is full of drinking, fighting and stupid cliches.


can some one gime me the link to raw chapters of this novel ,or a website where i ca n read this novel for free.like novelpub/panda-novel/mtlnovel website.




This book left the meaning of 108 sisters and never went back to them. Definitely not worth the amount of coins to read.


deym ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Si estás leyendo este comentario tus padres morirán dentro de 5 años. Para deshacer esta maldición necesitas copiar esto y pegarlo en otros 5 manga. Lo siento, también me maldijeron, no se puede subestimar la maldición de personas al azar.


find it interesting different from others I have read


Reveal spoiler


So far so good. A little simplistic but enjoyable.