I Have 10 Training Avatars

Lin Xuan transmigrated into a world where demon beasts rampaged. He became one of the lowest ranking wasteland reclaimers in the Germinal Organization to explore the mystic realms. The Zero Realm mystic realm was the Giant Rock Cave. The First Realm mystic realm was the Demon Ant Nest. The Second Realm mystic realm was the Tree King Sea. [Congratulations on seizing a Gold Swallowing Lizard as one of your avatars for gaining more experience. Do you want it to begin its training?] [Your current location is first floor of the Giant Rock Cave. (1 coin per minute. 5 exp points per minute)] [Gold Swallowing Lizard has been training for 4 hours. Do you wish to collect its experience?] Lin Xuan’s eyes were wide open. He was well-versed in how this worked. This was similar to the AFK games that he played in his previous world. As such, he began his comfortable journey of becoming the strongest. Up until one point, the Germinal Organization discovered that he was abnormal and decided to deal with him. It only then did Lin Xuan realize that even Seventh Realm fighters and the managers of the organization were inferior to him.

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The First Training Avatar

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Where am I? My body hurts.

Lin Xuan opened his eyes and found himself in a hall, standing in a crowd.

However, the surrounding people did not dare to speak loudly and only whispered.

The strange thing was that everyone had a collar on their necks.

Outside the crowd, a robust man walked back and forth with two thugs, staring coldly at everyone.

"Are these people all part of the BDSM community…?"

At this moment, he felt some discomfort in his neck. He looked down and realized that he had one on his neck too. "Oh, I have one too. Then it's fine."

At this moment, he realized that his body seemed to have gotten smaller. He no longer had an eight-pack and a well-defined strong body from before. Instead, it was a little shriveled and malnourished.

He looked ahead and saw three glowing doors.

At this moment, Lin Xuan's mind ached. A large number of memories surged in his mind. Only then did he realize that he had transmigrated.

This world was similar to Earth. After the global digitization of the New Era occurred, everyone's Constitution, Strength, Agility, Spirit, and other attributes could be seen on their personal panels. Everyone also obtained a storage space. This was an independent storage space similar to a small dimension.

At the same time as the global digitization occured, doors of light appeared one after another. These doors of light led to mystic realms. The bigger the door of light, the more dangerous the mystic realm.

A large number of demon beasts surged out from the doors of light and killed humans, wreaking havoc in this world. The humans were unable to resist these powerful demon beasts and were forced to retreat step by step, their population decreasing.

However, people also discovered that they could obtain experience points, general coins, materialized equipment, materials, skill books, and runes after killing these demon beasts. From this, the first batch of martial artists gradually led the humans to counterattack and rushed into some of the mystic realms.

Some powerful organizations were even able to completely occupy some mystic realms with low demon strength and privatized the land there. They used it to nurture their own martial artists and obtain various treasures.

After many years of exploration, humans discovered that some mystic realms only had level nine Zero Realm demon beasts. Thus, they called these realms Zero Realm mystic realms. This kind of mystic realm was suitable for Zero Realm martial artists to explore.

Other mystic realms also only had First Realm demon beasts that were suitable for First Realm martial artists to explore.

After these martial artists matured in the Zero Realm, First Realm, and Second Realm mystic realms, they realized that it was time to explore even more dangerous and chaotic mystic realms.

Even so, demon beasts would still frequently rush out of the mystic realm, killing the commoners. Many places in the world were still occupied by the demon beasts. The entire world was chaotic and dangerous, and countless people were homeless.

Lin Xuan's previous self was the victim of the demon disaster. His entire family had been eaten by the demon beasts, and he was the only one who had escaped.

However, he was only an insignificant level one First Realm martial artist. He could not even be considered an official martial artist. It was very difficult for him to earn a living anywhere.

Soon after, the East Lake City he was in was established. This city was controlled by an organization called the "Germinal Organization". If he wanted to go to the nearest big city, he would have to cross the wilderness where a large number of demon beasts gathered.

He had three choices in front of him. His first choice was to enter the mystic realm alone with no items and knowledge.

His second choice was to hide in a corner of the city and never increase his strength. One day, he would be eaten by a wandering demon as a snack.

His third choice was to sign a slavery contract with the Germinal Organization and sell himself for three years. He could put on a collar and become the lowest-level wasteland reclaimer of the organization.

In the end, Lin Xuan's previous self still chose to become a wasteland reclaimer. After all, the Germinal Organization had a deep foundation and could provide a large amount of information on mystic realms and risk-taking techniques. It was better than going in alone.

In the past three years, he had to serve the Germinal Organization and constantly went to the mystic realm controlled by the Germinal Organization to hunt for various treasures. The Germinal Organization assured their safety and distributed a certain number of general coins every week.

The collar on their necks would record the entry and exit of items from the wasteland reclaimers' storage space. Therefore, the wasteland reclaimers were unable to hide their items. At most, they would only be able to secretly transact with the other wasteland reclaimers. However, their bodies would also be searched when they returned to the Germinal Organization. When it came to items of extremely high grade, the Germinal Organization's selection of items was "prioritized". Although this was what they said, it was actually mandatory.

The robust man was Lin Xuan and the others' overseer. He was in charge of supervising them and making sure that they completed their missions.

If they completed the mission and did more than they were asked to, they would naturally be rewarded. The reward could be a skill book, equipment, or an increase in their status in the Germinal Organization.

If they could not complete the mission, they would leave a bad record in the collar. After three bad records, the Germinal Organization could unilaterally terminate the contract, take away all the property of the wasteland reclaimers, and expel them from the organization.

Yesterday, Lin Xuan's previous self had failed to complete the mission and had instead been severely injured. His overseer had not provided any medicine for him. There were many refugees outside. If one of them had died, more people would fight to fill the position.

When he was queuing here just now, his previous self was already on the verge of death. If he stood for too long, he would even die.

Lin Xuan had just transmigrated into this body.

His heart sank to the bottom.

This was the start of his transmigration?

At this moment, the Overseer shouted through the loudspeaker.

"Wasteland reclaimers of District B, immediately use the teleportation gate to travel to the Zero Realm Giant Rock Cave! You have three days. Each of you has to bring back at least ten Zero Realm items from the Giant Rock Cave!"

The crowd in front all rushed into the door of light and quickly disappeared, afraid to fall behind at all.

The Overseer saw Lin Xuan behind and immediately shouted.

"Why are you still dawdling?! You didn't complete the mission last time! If you don't want to work, there are many people outside who are willing to work!"

Lin Xuan hurriedly stepped through the door of light.

The Overseer snorted. "If you don't complete the mission, watch how I deal with you."

The process of passing through the door of light was not easy.

Lin Xuan felt as if he was a dough being kneaded wantonly. His intestines surged and his entire perception began to spin.

However, this feeling came and went quickly.

Soon, he stepped on the firm ground.

Lin Xuan opened his eyes and saw a huge desert. Not far away, there was a huge pit that led downwards. The radius of the pit was more than 500 meters, and it looked like the mouth of a super huge beast.

This was one of the many mystic realms controlled by the Germinal Organization.

Many wasteland reclaimers walked out of the door of light and entered the huge rock cave in groups of three to five.

This scene truly shocked Lin Xuan.

He also noticed that most wasteland reclaimers wore collars. Only a small number of people did not have collars. They were lone wolves who insisted on being arrogant. They still had to pay for passing through the door of light and could easily die in a corner of the mystic realm.

Lin Xuan sighed and mixed into the crowd, preparing to enter the giant rock cave.

At the same time, he opened his data panel.

Name: Lin Xuan

Level: level one Zero Realm

Experience: 820 / 1000

Attributes: Constitution 8, Strength 7, Spirit 8, Agility 3 (average adult value is 10)

Skill: Sneak Attack, Oily Feet, Mining

Equipment: wasteland reclaimer's Collar, Iron Dagger, Barbaric Bull Breastplate

Item: 2 pieces of flavored compressed biscuits, a bottle of mineral water

Lin Xuan smiled helplessly.

Then, memories related to the Giant Rock Cave began to appear in his mind.

The Giant Rock Cave was 1,000 meters deep and had a floor every 100 meters.

In the first floor, there were level one Zero Realm demon beasts.

In the second floor, there were level two Zero Realm demon beasts, and so on.

On the tenth floor lived the "mystic realm kings". Although these were level nine Zero Realm demon beasts, they were far stronger than ordinary level nine Zero Realm demon beasts. Level nine Zero Realm martial artists had to team up to challenge it.

"The level of this body is too low. It's very dangerous to enter the mystic realm. This is not a game. If I die, I'll really die."

At this moment, he suddenly heard a commotion in front of him.

"Why is there a Gold Swallowing Lizard's corpse here? How unlucky!"

Immediately after, a half-meter-long lizard was thrown into the distance.

Lin Xuan glanced over and discovered that the lizard was covered in green light and was bleeding from all seven apertures. Its death was extremely tragic.

"Gold Swallowing Lizard?"

Lin Xuan immediately recalled.

The Gold Swallowing Lizards liked to eat all kinds of metals, so they had very durable scales. Although they were only Zero Realm demon beasts, many demon beasts that were several levels higher than them were unable to do anything to them. Even if they could be killed, their scales still could not be obtained. Therefore, many people decided to not waste time with them.

Martial artists also did not like this kind of demon beast. This was because not only did the Gold Swallowing Lizards have rough skin and thick flesh, but they also liked to provoke others. They were also known as Big Brother Flathead from the Giant Rock Cave.

When martial artists encountered them, they hurriedly avoided them.

The few wasteland reclaimers naturally did not have a good expression when they saw the golden lizard corpse.

Lin Xuan was about to circle around when a voice sounded in his mind.

[Dead target detected, analysis in progress…]

[Gold Swallowing Lizard, level one Zero Realm demon beast. Attributes: Constitution 15, Strength 13, Agility 5, Spirit 1. Skills: Ground Digging, Gold Swallowing, Armor.]

[Cause of death: Poisoned.]

[Currently, you have an extra avatar slot. Do you want to possess the Gold Swallowing Lizard and use it as a training avatar?]

[Remarks: This dead target will immediately be revived with full health.]

Lin Xuan was stunned. Other martial artists did not have such avatars. This was probably his cheat code.

Joy immediately rose on his face as he immediately muttered, "Yes."

In an instant, he felt that he had a reaction to the golden lizard.

The Gold Swallowing Lizard suddenly rolled over and got up, its eyes rolling.


The surrounding wasteland reclaimers were shocked and subconsciously punched and kicked.

The Gold Swallowing Lizard crawled clumsily. The wasteland reclaimers' attacks did not hurt it at all.

Soon, the Gold Swallowing Lizard used a skill to dig through the rocks and quickly disappeared in front of the many martial artists.

"What's going on? The poison has spread all over its body, but it is still alive and kicking?"

"How would I know? It might not be dead."

After a short moment of surprise, the wasteland reclaimers no longer cared about this matter and continued to enter the huge rock cave.

Lin Xuan was pleasantly surprised.

Two first-person point of views appeared in front of him.

One of them was the view of his main body, and the other was the view of the Gold Swallowing Lizard.

Then, Lin Xuan discovered that there were also training options in his side view. These options included attack and defense, active attack, and passive defense.

"Let's go with attack and defense." Lin Xuan casually tapped one.

[You have set up a training strategy. Do you want to start training?]

Lin Xuan seemed to understand and muttered, "Yes."

Then, he saw two lines appear from the bottom right of the Gold Swallowing Lizard's side view.

[Current Area: Giant Rock Cave First floor (1 general coin / minute, 5 experience points / minute)]

[The Gold Swallowing Lizard has been training for 1 minute and has received 1 general coin and 5 experience points. Do you wish to collect?]