5 Precious Purple Equipment Blueprint

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Lin Xuan's voice made everyone's eyes gather on him.

Yang Wei was the most shocked.

As the overseer, he knew best what kind of strength Lin Xuan had.

Three days ago, he was still at level one of the Zero Realm. After failing twice in a row, he definitely could not complete the mission this time.

If not for Lu Luo's sudden appearance, Yang Wei would have also kicked Lin Xuan away.

"You? Stop joking," Yang Wei said in a strange tone. "Lu Luo hates it when others lie to her. If you lie about the gallbladder, the consequences will be very tragic."

Lin Xuan ignored Yang Wei's words and walked closer to Lu Luo.

"Do you really have it?"

Lu Luo glanced at the young man.

She hated being deceived. The last person who had deceived her was the overseer of District D, and she had directly cut off his arm.

Their superior "manager" had no choice but to step forward to mediate this matter. In the end, it was left unsettled.

Lin Xuan directly took out six Black Scaled Snake Galls.

The six snake gallbladders emitted a delicate fragrance, as if they had just been taken out of the snake's body.

Lu Luo's eyes lit up. "How did you get so many snake gallbladders?"

Lin Xuan had long thought of an excuse. He pretended to be anxious and said, "I was lucky and found a black-scaled snake lair. Those black-scaled snakes were fighting the Demon Poison Toad and both sides were injured. I poured oil and set fire to all of them."

The Black Scaled Snake and the Demon Poison Toad were natural enemies. The two sides were irreconcilable. Both sides' flame resistance was very low and it was very easy for them to be severely injured by the flames.

Of course, it was impossible for everyone to believe this excuse. At most, everyone was only doubtful.

Lu Luo nodded. "Very good, our agreement is valid. From now on, you will leave District B and join District C."

The wasteland reclaimers' eyes widened.


How did this brat get six!? It was actually six!

Zhao Yong, who had just offered a snake gallbladder to Yang Wei, was also very shocked.

The Black Scale Snake was a level three Zero Realm demon beast, but it was very difficult to catch up to because it was highly toxic and agile.

He was also very lucky to have encountered an injured Black Scale Snake. It took him quite a lot of effort to kill it.

How did Lin Xuan do this? Wasn't he still at the level one of the Zero Realm three days ago?

Yang Wei's eyes turned red.

Six snake gallbladders!

He did not eat all ten snake gallbladders. He also wanted this thing!

"Lin Xuan… you still have a chance. Give me those six snake gallbladders and I'll let you be my lackey! You don't have to risk your life in the mystic realm anymore!" Yang Wei shouted.

Lin Xuan shook his head firmly.

What a joke.

If he did not go to the mystic realm, there would be no way to explain how he obtained so many items.

Yang Wei was furious. The strength of a level four Third Realm martial artist erupted, and in an instant, it was about to appear in front of Lin Xuan and grab his throat.

However, Lu Luo's body flashed and she blocked in front of Lin Xuan.

She grabbed Yang Wei's arm with one hand and threw him far away again as if he was trash.

"From today onwards, this Lin… Lin Xuan will be working under me. Other than me, no one can touch him."

Lu Luo stared coldly at Yang Wei.

Although she almost forgot Lin Xuan's name, this did not reduce the threat in her voice.

Yang Wei crawled up from the ground and squeezed out a word from the gap of his teeth, "Alright…"

Lin Xuan quickly packed his things and followed Lu Luo to District C.

Lu Luo led him to a dormitory. This dormitory had 12 beds. She pointed at an empty bed.

"This is your new dormitory. According to the rules, you should rest for a day after being in the mystic realm for three days. I saw that there are already two bad records in your collar. According to the agreement, I should only have gotten rid of one, but you gave me six snake gallbladders. I'll help you get rid of all of them."

Lu Luo picked up her scanner and swept her gaze over Lin Xuan's collar. As she removed the "bad records", she also looked at Lin Xuan's level, attributes, and equipment. There was nothing special.

"In addition, I'll give you a chance to get an uncommon green equipment from the Equipment Department."

"Yang Wei will definitely be dissatisfied with you. In the future, go to District B less and be more careful when you encounter the wasteland reclaimers in District B."

Lu Luo reminded again.

"Yes." Lin Xuan hurriedly nodded.

Although this overseer appeared very cold, the feeling he gave off was already much better than Yang Wei.

"However, I don't want to rest. I still want to go to the mystic realm," Lin Xuan said.

Lu Luo looked at him curiously and waved her hand. "It's your problem if you want to rest. I won't interfere, but you have to hand over ten pieces every three days. That's the bottom line."

Lin Xuan nodded and watched as Lu Luo left.

"With a different overseer, I can finally become stronger and not have to worry about being obstructed."

After resting for a moment, he directly went to the Equipment Department and received an equipment.

The equipment he chose was an uncommon green shield. This shield would be displayed to others in the future.

Name: Desire Shield

Level: Level Three Zero Realm

Grade: Uncommon Green

Equipment Requirement: Constitution 10

Effect: Constitution+1.

Effect 2: The general coin obtained from battle+2%.

After obtaining the Desire Shield, Lin Xuan rushed through the door of light and headed straight for the Giant Rock Cave.

Today was a rest day, and most of the wasteland reclaimer of the Germinal Organization were resting. Lin Xuan's actions immediately attracted the attention of the others.

"Damn, this guy doesn't care about his life."

"Sigh, he's also a bitter person. Let's not say anything else."

"I hope he can come back alive. In such a high level mystic realm, it's very easy to leave behind hidden injuries."

The wasteland reclaimers of District C looked at his back pitifully.

The wasteland reclaimers in District B also saw Lin Xuan's figure and turned around to report to Yang Wei.

"You rushed to fawn on Lu Luo as soon as you arrived at District C, how despicable." Yang Wei sneered, but everyone could hear the jealousy in his voice.

"Boss, should we teach him a lesson?" asked a wasteland reclaimer.

"Don't do anything for the time being," Yang Wei said indifferently, "If he gets beaten up as soon as he enters District C, others will definitely say that I'm not magnanimous."

The wasteland reclaimers hurriedly nodded in a flattering manner. When he heard them praise him with the words "benevolent, magnanimous," and "noble", Yang Wei was very happy. His ears even turned soft.

Of course, the wasteland reclaimers were very open-minded. They knew that it was because Yang Wei was afraid of offending that cold-faced violent loli.

Ten days later.

During this period of time, Lin Xuan completed his missions obediently. Every time, he would hand in one or two more items. This way, it wouldn't be too conspicuous. Moreover, it would also make the Overseer happy.

His level in the Germinal Organization had also increased from the previous one-star wasteland reclaimer to a two-star wasteland reclaimer. His treatment had improved greatly, and he was given 20 general coins every week.

These things were naturally better than nothing to him. However, it was only equivalent to a fraction of his gains from his training.

On the ninth floor of the Giant Rock Cave.

This time, Lin Xuan did not stay at the safety station. Instead, he found a natural cave.

Since he had been staying at the safety station, there were definitely people who could recognize him. This made him feel strange, and it even made him more suspicious.

How did a wasteland reclaimer who always stayed at the safety station complete the mission given by the Germinal Organization?

In these ten days, Lin Xuan had obtained a large number of general coins and had his consciousness space increase from level 2 to level 3.

After upgrading to a level 3 consciousness space, he automatically unlocked the first forging table.

The forging table could be used to forge equipment and runes.

However, forging equipment required blueprints. Lin Xuan did not have any blueprints at the moment.

[Current Area: Level 9 of the Giant Rock Cave (9 general coin / minute, 45 experience points / minute)]

[The Gold Swallowing Lizard has been training for 5 hours and has reached the upper limit of its training time. You have received 2700 general coins, 13,500 experience points, 15 Zero Realm skill books, 26 Zero Realm equipment… Do you wish to collect?]


A large number of items immediately appeared in his consciousness space.

The two smelting tables immediately began to work, producing a large number of iron ingots, copper ingots, cloud iron ingots, mountain bronze ingots, In turn, this would produce white grade and green grade equipment essence.

That's right. Lin Xuan did not even care about uncommon green equipment anymore. All he wanted was equipment above green.

"Eh, there's a precious purple equipment blueprint?"

Lin Xuan was immediately overjoyed.

This was the first time he had obtained a blueprint.

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