2 Gains! Level Two Zero Realm Martial Artist

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As time passed, his gains continued to increase.

Lin Xuan was overjoyed. Wasn't this the kind of hacker game that he had seen before he transmigrated?

He understood. He completely understood.

He did not need to take the risk of entering the mystic realm at all. All he needed to do was collect the gains from his avatars' training periodically.

He muttered the word"collect."

Then, as if a strange space had been opened in his mind, with a capacity of 10 cubic meters, a general coin and five light spots immediately appeared. The latter was the experience points.

At the edge of the consciousness space, there was a strange furnace that was currently in a gray state.

Lin Xuan immediately had relevant information in his mind.

[Consciousness Space: Level 1]

Capacity: 10 cubic meters

[Smelting Table: Locked]

Seeing this, Lin Xuan was pleasantly surprised.

The Wasteland Reclaimer Collar would record everything he obtained from his storage bag. However, the gains from the avatar's training would appear in his consciousness space. In this way, he could avoid the record of the wasteland reclaimer Collar.

He identified the direction and walked straight to the safety station.

The safety station was set up by the experts of the Germinal Organization. There was also a safety station on every floor of the Giant Rock Cave. It was said that in the mystic realms that were not controlled by the Germinal Organization, the experts of the other organizations would also set up safety stations. However, it was unknown if this was true.

The safety station had runes set up by powerful martial artists that could disperse and resist demon beasts. Moreover, the safety stand did not allow martial artists to fight each other. It was extremely safe.

Lin Xuan entered the safety station and found a corner to sit down and rest.

It was too dangerous to enter a dungeon and take risks.

Staying at the safety station and receiving training rewards was the way to go.

"I'll set a small goal. I'll advance to the level nine Zero Realm first before leaving the mountain."

Lin Xuan nodded slightly and leaned against the wall.

This body had not recovered from the injuries it suffered yesterday. Moreover, he had just transmigrated and had received so much information at once. It indeed made him feel somewhat exhausted both physically and mentally. Soon, he fell asleep.

After waking up, Lin Xuan stretched his back, his bones popping.

He immediately checked his gains.

[The Gold Swallowing Lizard has been training for 3 hours and has reached the upper limit of its training time. You have received 180 general coins, 900 experience points, 1 Zero Realm skill book, 1 Zero Realm equipment, 25 iron ores, and 6 bronze mines. Do you wish to collect?]

Lin Xuan muttered to himself. Indeed, there was a time limit for training. Then, he began to mutter the word "collect".


A large number of items appeared in the consciousness space.

Naturally, the experience points were the most important.

Experience points were the most important resource for martial artists to become stronger.

Warriors could obtain experience points through combat, production, and reading.

After investing in the experience, he could level up. Not only could he level up his cultivation, but he could also level up his skills.

Lin Xuan immediately extracted all the experience points and used them to increase his cultivation level


His experience bar soared and immediately increased from level one to level two of Zero Realm. At the same time, he obtained two attribute points.

A Zero Realm martial artist could obtain 2 attribute points per level. A First Realm martial artist could obtain 3 attribute points per level, and so on.

"I'll open the skill book and take a look."

Lin Xuan opened the skill book and looked at a ring.

Name: Iron Wall

Level: level one Zero Realm

Grade: Ordinary White

Learning Requirements: Constitution 8, Spirit 5

Effect: Consumes 30% of magic power, causing constitution to increase by 2 and physical resistance to increase by 10% for 3 minutes.

Name: Protection Ring

Level: level one Zero Realm

Grade: Uncommon Green

Equipment Requirement: None

Effect: Constitution+1, Physical Resistance+5%.

Lin Xuan was overjoyed. These were all good stuff.

Since he did not need to enter the dungeon, he did not need any attack power. All he needed to do was defend.

Defense was reflected in one's Constitution. The higher one's Constitution was, the higher the damage reduction rate for physical and magic attack. It also increased one's life recovery speed.

He immediately learned [Iron Wall] and even wore the Protection Ring on his pinky. When he returned to the Germinal Organization, he only needed to take off the ring and place it in his consciousness.

"Two attribute points. I might as well add it to my Constitution."

His constitution directly increased from 8 to 10. With the addition of the Protection Ring, his body immediately felt much stronger.

If he used the Iron Wall again, his Constitution would directly increase to 13 points.

He nodded in satisfaction and immediately had hope for his future life.

"How can I increase the upper limit of the training period?"

Lin Xuan tried to increase his strength and immediately saw a notification.

[Do you want to spend 1,000 general coins to increase the training time limit to 4 hours?]

"1,000 general coins. Fortunately, it's not a lot. I'll just keep hacking." Lin Xuan nodded slightly and decided to just stroll around the safety station.

After walking around, he discovered that there were not many martial artists in the safety station. There were only a few logisticians who were in charge of medical care, food, and transactions. At this moment, they were working meticulously. As a martial artist who fell asleep in the corner, he was actually an exception.

In order to hide his embarrassment, Lin Xuan began to chat with a logistician who was forging equipment.

These types of martial artists were not good at combat, but they had skills such as planting, cooking, and forging. Thus, they were hired to work as logisticians at the safety station. Their treatment in the Germinal Organization was much better than Lin Xuan and the other wasteland reclaimers.

"Brother, why aren't there many people here?"

"It's not night yet. When night falls, more wasteland reclaimers will appear. At that time, we will also get busy."

Lin Xuan nodded repeatedly.

When the other party mentioned this, he recalled.

Although day and night were no different in the Giant Rock Cave, for some reason, every time night arrived in the outside world, the demon beasts would all go berserk and their desire to attack would increase.

Countless martial artists had used their lives as the price to learn a crucial lesson. When exploring the Giant Rock Cave, they had to pay attention to the time. Once night fell, they had to obediently lie down at a safe station and not attempt to test the situation near the demon beasts during their rampage.

At this moment, Lin Xuan's heart skipped a beat. He might as well sell off the ores on his body for money.

"Brother, do you buy iron ores and copper ores here?" he asked in a low voice.

The blacksmith uncle coughed lightly. "According to the rules, that won't do. Have your ores… been recorded by your collar?"

The wasteland reclaimer collars recorded the entry and exit of any items in the storage bag. However, the wasteland reclaimers had also thought of a way to deal with it. Since the collars only recorded any items that went inside the storage bag, it would be fine as long as they did not put the items in the storage bag!

As a result, such private transactions were formed over time. The higher-ups of the Germinal Organization also knew about this, but they did not punish them severely and only turned a blind eye.

To them, if the wasteland reclaimers traded these things, it would ultimately increase the strength of the wasteland reclaimers. In other words, it was equivalent to increasing the overall strength of the Germinal Organization.

Lin Xuan also smiled knowingly. "Of course not. I placed them somewhere safe outside the safety station."

The middle-aged man nodded. "Sure."

Lin Xuan walked out of the safety station and found a deserted place nearby. He took out an iron ore from his consciousness space and returned to the safety station.

"What's the price for this?"

The blacksmith uncle looked carefully and said in surprise, "This iron ore is very pure. It's rare at this depth. I can buy it for 30 general coins."

With that said, he said seriously, "If you have more of this iron ore, I can increase the purchase price a little."

Lin Xuan was overjoyed when he heard this.

As expected, the purity of the iron ores and copper ores the Gold Swallowing Lizard had dug up was very high.

The reason was actually very simple. In the mines that martial artists often went to, the high grade ores had already been dug up completely.

As for the Gold Swallowing Lizards, they never took the ordinary path. They only relied on digging. They went to places that martial artists did not often go, so they could naturally obtain many high grade ores.

Lin Xuan immediately nodded. "Wait."

He did as he was told and walked out of the safety station. He took out 25 iron ores and 6 bronze ores from his consciousness space and placed them in front of him before returning to the blacksmith uncle.

Uncle blacksmith said enviously, "You must have found a small mine."

Lin Xuan smiled and did not say anything.

"The purity of these iron ores and copper ores is above 40%. How about this? I'll give you 38 general coins for each iron ore and 58 general coins for each copper ore! Consider it as the price for our friendship!"

The blacksmith uncle said seriously.

Lin Xuan nodded repeatedly and directly placed the general coins he obtained from the transaction into his consciousness space without going through the storage space. In this way, it would not be recorded by the wasteland reclaimer collars.

In this way, his general coin balance immediately increased to 1478, which was enough to increase the upper limit of his training time.

After increasing the training limit to 4 hours, Lin Xuan spent a few more general coins to buy some food from the safety station to eat.

At this moment, it was also nighttime. Thinking about it, it was almost time for the wasteland reclaimers to flood into the safety station.

At this moment, Lin Xuan suddenly felt his feet shake violently, as if the entire Giant Rock Cave was trembling.

A deep and majestic dragon roar sounded from the distant ground.

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