6 Dragon Hunter Shield

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"Let me see. I need 50 cloud iron ingots, 35 mountain copper ingots, and three mithril ingots… I have all of them. I can forge them immediately."

Lin Xuan was overjoyed.

He happened to have all the materials needed for this blueprint.

The mithril ingots were refined from a mithril mine that only appeared below the seventh floor of the Giant Rock Cave and were relatively rare.

If it was traded at a safe station, a single mithril ingot would fetch 1,000 general coins.

After receiving the order, the forging table immediately began to forge.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The furnace melted the metal and the hammer moved by itself. After being tempered a thousand times, a huge black and heavy shield with an uneven surface that was enough to protect the entire body came into view.

Name: Dragon Hunter Shield

Level: Level nine Zero Realm

Quality: Precious Purple

Equipment Requirements: Constitution 20, Strength 18

Effect 1: Constitution+4, Constitution+5%.

Effect 2: Physical Resistance+45%, Magic Resistance+25%, Lightning Resistance+40%, Energy Recovery Speed -10%.

Effect 3: Any attack will reflect 50 True Damage and give the target a "severely injured" state for 5 seconds.

(Note: In a heavily injured state, the target is unable to recover health naturally. The target can only recover through medicine, but the recovery effect will be - 50%.)

Description: A huge shield specially made for hunting dragons. However, most of the time, it is used to deal with a certain nameless king. Thus, it has the name of Nameless Hunter Shield

Lin Xuan was overjoyed.

With this huge shield, the sense of security immediately rose.

He held the shield with both hands and tested it. He discovered that with his attribute points, he could use the Dragon Hunter Shield with one hand.

"How powerful am I now? Why don't I give the tenth floor a try?"

Lin Xuan had already tried it once. With his strength, he could move freely on the ninth floor of the Giant Rock Cave. All the demon beasts there were unable to break through his defense.

Now, he planned to go to the tenth floor.

There were ten mystic realm kings on the tenth floor. Lin Xuan decided to choose a simple challenge first.

He wore an evil ghost mask to block his face and arrived at the entrance to the tenth floor.

However, he helplessly discovered that all the mystic realm kings were currently being challenged. These teams were challenging them at their caves.

There was a special rule on the tenth floor of the mystic realm. When a team was challenging a mystic realm king, the other teams would be blocked by a special force. They had to wait for the previous team to complete the challenge, which was similar to the Boss Room in computer games.

There was a queue in front of every cave.

There were at least five teams lining up in front of every cave. This included the cave of the Fire Toad King, Flame Snake King, and Stone Lizard King…

Only the Earth Dragon King's cave was empty.

Lin Xuan also heard those wasteland reclaimers in the queue talking about the team that was challenging the Earth Dragon King.

"Which bold team dares to challenge the Earth Dragon King?"

"Who else could it be? It's Zhou Feng's Cloud Shadow Team. They've long announced that they want to attack the Dragon King."

"No one has been able to successfully challenge it for half a year. To be honest, they're a little arrogant for thinking that they can challenge it."

"The team that challenges the Earth Dragon King will either die or be injured. It will be difficult for everyone in the Cloud Shadow Team to survive later."

"It's none of our business. That guy has a good father as a manager. Aren't the other three wasteland reclaimers in the Cloud Shadow Team just playing along with him? It's none of our business."

Zhou Feng?

Lin Xuan recalled and had an impression.

This person was also from the Germinal Organization, but he was not a wasteland reclaimer. Instead, he was the son of a manager.

The hierarchy of the Germinal Organization was divided into high-level managers, mid-level overseers, and low-level wasteland reclaimers.

The managers were definitely the big shots of the Germinal Organization. Their strength, money, and status were all extremely high.

After sighing about the other party's background, Lin Xuan did not think further.

The Earth Dragon King was infamous outside. Lin Xuan did not know how powerful it was and did not want to directly challenge the Earth Dragon King.

A few minutes later, the Fire Toad King's cave throbbed, and a team walked out with injuries but happy expressions.

Before Lin Xuan could walk over, another team that had been waiting rushed in.

The surrounding martial artists did not manage to squeeze in and immediately cursed.

Lin Xuan smacked his lips. He seemed to have realized something.

He could not beat these people!

It was just as he had expected. As soon as the current team finished attacking, those teams that were long prepared would rush in.

Lin Xuan could not squeeze in at all.

"Wait, let's continue waiting…" he said helplessly.

At this moment, an intense battle was being carried out in the Earth Dragon King's cave.

A team of four people consisting of shield bearer, swordsman, archer, and medic was challenging the Earth Dragon King.

The Earth Dragon King's ten-meter-long and eight-meter-tall huge body rampaged. To martial artists, it was simply like a small moving hill.

Its thick skin was even more terrifying. When the bow and sword struck it, only single-digit damage was dealt.

Even when those people used their skills, it would only be able to increase their damage output by a few folds. It was simply infuriating.


The Earth Dragon King let out a deafening roar. The consecutive skills that the Archer was about to use were interrupted and he had to cover his ears.

The Earth Dragon King took the opportunity to charge again.

The martial artist holding the shield at the front of the team was directly sent flying far away. He spat out blood in the air and his chest collapsed.

The Earth Dragon King raised its front foot high and stomped down fiercely.

The swordsman beside him was sharp and agile. He grabbed the shield-wielding martial artist and rushed out. However, even so, the shield-wielding martial artist's right foot was still stepped on by the Earth Dragon King, and it was turned into meat paste on the spot.

"Damn, heal me! What, you can't? Did you forget to bring back the magic potion again? I'll kill you!"

The swordsman berated in exasperation.

"Brother Zhou, it's not that I don't have potions. I brought five large bottles of medicinal water and fifteen small bottles this time. I've used them all!" The medic at the back of the group who had been using his recovery skill all along had a sullen expression, feeling very aggrieved.

"Damn…!" Brother Zhou cursed angrily. "Retreat, retreat, retreat. We can't fight this Earth Dragon King!"

He took out a smelly object from the storage compartment, threw it behind, and ran with the shield-bearer.

The Earth Dragon King smelled this smelly thing and acted as if it was facing a great enemy. It no longer paid attention to the four martial artists and immediately attacked the smelly thing.

Only then did the four of them escape and return to the ninth floor of the Giant Rock Cave.

"Fortunately, there's a pile of feces made from the ant queen's excrement. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to escape alive."

Zhou Ge sighed.

That pile of shit was something formed by the excrement of the First Realm ant queen of the mystic realm demon ant nest. The wasteland reclaimers discovered that this thing had a certain effect on demon beasts below the Second Realm and could immediately divert their attention.

That swordsman was Zhou Feng, and the other three were wasteland reclaimers from the Germinal Organization. Because of their similar personalities, they had gathered together and formed a team called Cloud Shadow Team,

The ant queen excrement was given to him by his father. An ordinary martial artist would not be able to get this.

"Little Liu's injuries are too serious. We can only return to the safety station." The medic fed the shield bearer a bottle of Blood Recovery Potion, but the latter was still in a coma.

Zhou Feng nodded. "Let's go back first. We'll come back after his injuries recover. Don't care what others say."

The three of them carried their shield bearer and walked out of the Earth Dragon King's cave.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

A large number of wasteland reclaimers gathered over. Many of them had gloating smiles, but because of Zhou Feng's status, they did not dare to say anything and only whispered secretly.

"Are mystic realm kings that easy to challenge? Some people are too ambitious."

"All attributes+30%, and three precious purple skills. You're really brave to challenge a mystic realm king like this."

"There's someone there with a big shield. Perhaps you guys can form a team with that guy."

Zhou Feng's face was ashen and he was furious.

However, when he heard that there was another shield-bearer, he could not help but look over.

A martial artist wearing a black demon mask and holding a big shield entered his sight.

The huge exaggerated shield gave people a heavy sense of security just by looking at it.

Zhou Feng could not help but be somewhat curious about this person.

Martial artists without teams usually had high strength, high sensitivity, or high speed.

This person clearly did not have a team, but he insisted on using a shield. Could it be that he planned to slowly grind the demon to death?

Zhou Feng hesitated for a moment and asked, "Brother, are you willing to join us?"

Lin Xuan decisively refused.

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