1056 System Supremacy

"Shit, I'm too late!" Hazen screamed by the time he caught up to the Serpent Universe, watching it enter the System World.


Right as he planned to transmigrate into the System World and escape with at least Stencil, the Regression System arrived at the scene, blocking him, causing his actions to keep regressing.


Soon after, Zaira locked the space of the System World, preventing any entity from entering or exiting it without her permission. With that, Hazen was unable to save the people in the Serpent Universe.


"Now, we only need to catch you…" The Regression System said when it gawked in shock, staring at the figure of Hazen vanishing as if he didn't even exist at that point in time.


It regressed the timeline of the respective universe but failed to see him again, "What the heck was that ability?"





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